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Marauder Fact Sheet

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13th Marauder Detachment




General Information



As an elite task force Marauders are Mobile Infantrymen specially trained in the use of heavy armor and weapon platforms.

There are many variations of Marauders in canon, though on the server we have two distinct types; The Aegis Mark II, a personal suit which can be equipped with an arsenal of heavy weaponry; and the Bipedal Walker, a large mech loaded with an entire arsenal of weaponry and sensors.


Due to their specialized training and equipment costs Marauders are expensive assets to any battalion.

These men and women have served a minimum of two years in the Mobile Infantry, and have also been picked and selected for the training program based on their performance and adequacy for the role. A single Marauder is able to turn the tide of a fight, taking and dealing back a substantial amount of damage compared to normal Infantry. As such they are more likely granted biotech limbs and should be supported and protected when on the field.



Chain of Command



On Ship:

Marauder ranks up to 'Master Specialist' are considered as 'enlisted'. Only the division's Lieutenant and Technical Sergeant have power (Technical Sergeant being equal to a Staff Sergeant). Marauder promotions up to 'Specialist' rank, NJPs or otherwise by MI NCOs can be carried out as normal, but these changes should be forwarded to the XO and/or CO of the division A.S.A.P.


During A Mission:

Marauders can lead and give orders as long as they are in command of a squad. Marauders can hold NCO ranks up to Sergeant. Marauders may not surpass Sergeant, if offered a Staff Sergeant position or higher the Marauder must relinquish their spot on the Marauder Roster and join the Infantry.


If the Marauder is not in command of a squad, the only command Marauders have is over their suit, and ensuring it returns home in one piece.

Despite whatever rank they may have all should follow the command of whoever is placed in charge. This means that even the Tech Sergeant should follow a Corporal, if said Corporal was assigned as their drop or squad leader. The only exception to this is when the most senior Marauder on the drop exercises their right to call their other Marauders back or belay an order. However, this should only be done when the need for it arises.


I.E. The highest ranking Marauder may recall their comrades to take an alternative route from the Infantry, around otherwise impassable terrain, such as a swamp, or a path that is too narrow / belay an order which may needlessly endanger their Marauder or render their suit irretrievable.



Additional Notes


Support Role:

Although a Marauder unit can be equipped with a large arsenal of heavy weapons, often used as sentry guns to hold the line and deliver firepower, at the end of the day they are primarily a support faction for the standard MI trooper. As such Marauders should focus on thinking up ways to aid the mission effort, from simply carrying heavy equipment to providing assistance with mobility and shielding.


Repairing / Replacing Equipment:

It must be noted that Marauder equipment is expensive and made to order, so when a piece of equipment is damaged it is often very difficult or outright impossible to 'just replace it' on the fly. Unless specifically requested no supply drops ever will just 'happen to contain' a replacement minigun, part, belts, Y-Racks or even armoured plates. If a Marauder does somehow happen to get replacement parts it would also take time to disassemble and repair the suit.


Scuttling suits:

Needless to say a lot of money goes into the suits and mechs, which is why the Marauder is trained and tasked with not only being in charge of them but also bringing them back in one piece. This means the decision to scuttle a suit should not be made lightly. If it can be picked up by friendly units and returned, even in pieces or heavily damaged, Marauders should simply remove the power pack and secure the suit for pickup. If it is absolutely unable to be retrieved the power pack (or alternative) should be used to detonate it and deny the enemy a valuable asset.



Aegis Mark II - Overview




The Aegis Mark II is an air-tight and heavily protected exoframe capable of allowing the user to survive in both space, and underwater for a limited time. The suit is made as one unit, except for the helmet, which can be unlocked and removed. The user enters and exits the suit via the chest plate, which opens up as a hatch. Heavy plates are mounted around the collar, breast, shoulders, and thighs. A winch is also present on the chest plate for dragging/lifting objects, other suits, or providing infantry with a line.




The Aegis MK II is well armoured and doesn’t have to worry much about light fire/light arms, (a few people, side arms, etc.) medium fire/medium arms however will pierce the suit given the opportunity. Sustained fire should be avoided at all cost, and cover should be taken from the likes of the Morita, or the Separatist equivalent, as this will damage the suit and user. Heavy fire/heavy arms should be avoided entirely, the likes of gun emplacements, armour piercing rounds, or in fact any weapon that the marauders themselves use will damage and potentially kill the user with only one or two rounds.


As such, the Aegis can offer up cover for light fire, but must find or create cover (feel free to move things around to create cover rather than become the cover yourself) for large groups of assailants, or large weaponry.


Explosives should be avoided where possible. Small explosions, such as hand grenades, can and will damage the suit and/or injure the user in close quarters, but Marauders can be closer to these explosions than the MI. Anything bigger than this will damage the suit and injure the user.


Suit Weight: 1 tonne / 1000kg / 2200lbs (About a pallet of bricks or a sports car)

Strength: Can -directly lift- up to their own weight. Can push or pull slightly heavier weights.

Oxygen Supply: 2 Hours

Power Supply: 2-6 days (Useage dependant)

Winch Length: 100 feet



Aegis Mark II - Equipment







Rank: Third Specialist

Damage: 35

ROF: 660 RPM

Magazine: 240 7.62×51mm round belt. Automatically swapped and fed via the Suit.


A standard six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire. It features Gatling-style rotating barrels, wired to the suit's power source, and is belt-fed from the ammunition pack with a spin-up and spin-down time of roughly one second. The weapon is carried separately from the suit, allowing easier maintenance and the ability for the Marauder to switch should the need arise. Each barrel and component can be individually removed and replaced.


SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Infantry Flamer




Rank: Third Specialist

Damage: 472 damage per second of holding the trigger.

Tank: 90 seconds without reloading.


A standard support flamethrower. When triggered it creates a 30 foot cone of fire, or alternatively a wall of fire directly in front of the user, 10 feet thick and 30 feet wide.

It expels is a flammable viscous, gel-like substance that sticks, which being an oxygenated mix can burn for roughly 5 seconds in a vacuum, and because of the gel property can float and burn on water much like Napalm.

For maximum effectiveness against the Arachnids, burn them from above. The top of their body is less resistant to fire, making for a quicker kill that requires less fuel.



The ‘Atlas’ Heavy Machine Gun




Rank: Second Specialist

Damage: 32

RPM: 732

Magazine: 100 12.7mm Caseless (.50) belt-fed magazine


Manufactured by the Brunham Ballistics Incorporated, the minds behind the Twin 50. Machine gun, bring a new and improved Heavy Machine Gun for the Marauders to use. Designed to replace the Spitfire, this Rifle boasts a larger magazine as well as multiple rails to attach various attachments to the weapon, including a self loading 3 round 40MM Grenade Launcher, various scopes and sights, laser sights and grips, stocks, barrels and even suppressors. 


As to be expected with any weapon firing rounds of this size, recoil is high. However, using this weapon in a Marauder suit makes the recoil almost non-existent. 


The name, 'Atlas', was coined during the pitching of this weapon. It was said that the weapon would be good enough to "Single-handedly hold the safety of the infantry on the shoulders of one Marauder." Much like the Titan, Atlas, who held up the sky. 







Rank: Specialist

Damage: 75x8

ROF: 103 RPM.

Magazine: Six shell drum magazine. Fires 000 .36” buckshot rounds.


A pump action/semi-automatic shotgun. The EVA-8 does high damage, the buckshot able to tear through most lower caste Arachnids. This is due to the size of the buckshot, 000, which holds eight .36” pellets. These pellets being launched with such intensity that they can tear through a Warrior’s chitin and kill the creature in one shot. (Two shots to kill a Tiger.)

However, the low rate of fire and small magazine size means that its effectiveness is nullified when taking on large numbers of Arachnids. Best used as a support weapon, focusing fire on any Arachnids that get too close to the Infantry.


Spitfire Heavy Machine Gun



Rank: Specialist

Damage: 80

ROF: 429 RPM.

Magazine: 200 14.5x114mm belt-fed magazine.


The Spitfire Heavy Machine gun is a large hulking weapon, big enough to put strain onto even the Aegis suit in terms of size and weight. This monster of a weapon fires gigantic rounds, capable of tearing apart an Arachnid Warrior in a mere handful of shots, and killing a human combatant in a single shot. Because of its devastating capabilities, no Marauder under the rank of Specialist should be given this weapon, and Specialists themselves should undergo heavy training to minimize possibilities of Friendly fire.






Rank: Senior Specialist

Damage: 83

ROF: 360 RPM

Magazine: Twenty-Five round, belt fed magazine of 20mm Micro-missiles.


Due to the high fire rate, the Sidewinder is has poor accuracy. However, this also means that the 25 Micro-missiles can wipe out a squad of soldiers quickly.


The size of the missiles makes this weapon next to ineffective against Arachnids, meaning this weapon is to only be used against human combatants. Typically killing a human in one or two shots, the explosive radius can also deal grievous bodily harm to anyone caught inside the small explosion. This means that extreme caution is to be held when using this weapon, meaning it should only be trusted to the more elite of the Marauders, due to its ability to, if used poorly, wipe out multiple friendlies in quick succession.






The Aegis Mark II has an integrated helmet and display sight system, complete with air filters for when the suit's internal oxygen tanks are not in use. The visor's HUD provides information such as:


- Temperature (Both internally and externally).

- Range finding for Y-Rack usage.

- Supply levels, such as power, air, and ammunition.

- Vital signs.

- Thermal Imaging**

- Night vision capabilities***


Additionally the helmet has an in-built camera and blackbox for recording engagements, which at the end of each mission are removed and securely archived in the Marauder databanks for future review. Unauthorized tampering with this equipment is strictly prohibited, and will be taken as a criminal offense under Destruction Of Federal Property and possibly Spoliation of Evidence.


** When activated thermal imaging can give a rough bearing of an assailant (i.e Sniper) although buildings, populated areas, and the climate can reduce the effectiveness and make it more difficult (Ultimately this is at the event runner's discretion). Range: 50km


***Flash bangs do not have any effects on the HUD while Night vision is activated or otherwise. The HUD visor processes faster than human eyes, and corrects the flash prior to the Marauder seeing it.


Power Cell




Mounted just above the shoulder blades, tucked safely within the suit itself, the power cell of an Aegis Mark II suit provides enough power to the exoframe, helmet, weapons and boots to run anywhere between two and six days (depending on usage).


The Meta-Stable Isomer - Americium-241 Multi-Source Nuclear Power Cell is the standardized power cell used by every piece of portable equipment large enough to require more power than an internal battery could provide. As such, the MSI-AM241 and practically all portable military equipment has the same FED-STD connection port, meaning that any power cell is compatible with practically every piece of portable equipment, such as; the AEGIS MKII Marauder suit, the MA-96 Gargoyle Main Battle Tank, the GK-22 Gecko Armoured Personnel Carrier,  and the standard issue Long-Range-Radio pack.


The MSI-AM241 is technically a miniature reactor and not a traditional battery. The main bulk of the power is generated by a series of cold fusion reactions in the 36 chambers in the center of the cell using Palladium and Deuterium as reactants. A metastable isomer lattice of Americium sits atop a device at the top of the power cell with adjacent layers of P-type and N-type silicon where ionizing radiation penetrates the junctions and creates electron-hole pairs. This relatively small amount of energy generated is enough to be able to trigger decay as needed, effectively acting as an on/off switch for the cold fusion reactions going on elsewhere in the cell.

It should also be noted that the MSI-AM241 is 100% safe and it is impossible for any of the reactants to enter a critical state due to the nature of the reaction taking place.




Mounted just above the shoulder blades jump jets provide Marauders with a means of scaling 1-story heights or softening high falls. Due to the weight of an Aegis Mark II suit, however, they offer no horizontal movement. They are not strong enough to propel them on top of entire buildings or over chasms. Excessive and continuous use of the jump jets will quickly deplete the power pack, shortening it’s life span.


Storage Compartment


An air-tight storage unit mounted on the back just below the bulk of the Jump Jets. These storage units typically contain a Morita Mark 3, a set of Mobile Infantry armor, and standard helmet should the operator be forced to abandon their suit (ie. It becomes immobile). Other items may also be stored here, such as extra ammunition, repair tools, or survival supplies.


Magnetic Boots


Fitted with magnetic stabilizers an Aegis Mark II suit can anchor down on any metal surface when needed. This can provide stabilization during combat, increased resistance to knock-backs, or can enable them to stick to a metal surface in zero-gravity environments. Extended use of the Magnetic stabilizers however can and will deplete the power pack more quickly.


Emergency Release


Two emergency release levers can be found both internally, at the groin, and externally, underneath the ammunition pack. Once pulled it irreversibly forces the chest piece to detach and the power pack to shut down, immobilizing the suit and freeing the operator. For safety and security the internal lever is guarded by a slider which must be removed for it to be pulled, while the external requires a secure metal panel to be opened in order to reveal it.



M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ - Overview




( Reference: https://prnt.sc/g5y3y3 )

Operating on a newly developed chassis the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ is designed as a lightly armoured weapons platform, with four standard hardpoints capable of mounting different weapons, configurable for various mission roles from all-out-assaults to support and reconnaissance. A polar-opposite of the heavier M8 ‘Ape’ with a longer-ranged punch and greater agility, though being unable to stand up to lot of punishment in comparison. Like other Marauder exoframes the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ is environmentally sealed and can survive the vacuum of space for a limited duration. As one of the newer Marauder projects, the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ is also outfitted with more up-to-date surveillance technology and a longer-lasting power pack.



Being a light weapons platform the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ is under-armoured compared to its brethren. Although it can still brush off light-to-medium, any sustained and/or or heavy weapon fire (i.e. emplacements or anti-material) will damage it. Likewise, anti-personnel grenades and mines will brush off the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ and heavier anti-armour weapons will damage and possibly destroy it outright. The same occurs when facing arachnids; Attacks from Cliffmites and Blasters can dent, though Elite's acid and a Tanker's flames will most certainly destroy it. If brought in close combat no amount of armour the M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ possess will stop an Arachnid’s talons.


Suit Weight: 8 tonne / 8,000kg / 17,600lbs (About an unloaded, car-sized excavator)

Strength: Can lift an additional 0.75 tonne / 750kg / 1,650lbs

Oxygen Supply: 4 Hours

Power Supply: 8-12 days (Usage dependant)

Winch Length: 100 feet



M9 ‘ChickenHawk’ - Equipment



Sixgun Rotary Cannon


Y-Rack Missile Launcher


Hel Flamer


Jump Jets


Sensors, Radars & Equipment





(Non-Player / Event Only)

M8 ‘Ape’ Marauder – Overview




(Reference: https://prnt.sc/g5y3ty )

As a precursor of the Aegis Mark II the M8 ‘Ape’ is one of the oldest and most well-known Marauder projects, deriving its nickname from its elongated arms and slightly hunched hull - One that is both environmentally sealed, able to survive the vacuum of space for a limited duration, and very well armoured. It contains a variety of weapons and systems designed specifically to combat Warrior bugs and related sub-species, though lacks the range and hard-hitting power to deal with larger Arachnid classes. Another drawback is mobility: Tougher than the Aegis Mark II, and equipped with much larger weaponry, the combined weight and size of such puts stress on its older exoframe making it less mobile and unable to lift as much.



Being a hardened walker the M8 ‘Ape’ is exceptionally armoured, so nothing short of repeated sustained fire from heavy weapons (i.e. emplacements or anti-material) would dent. Likewise light anti-personnel grenades and mines can be brushed off, with only heavier anti-armour weapons able to damage it. The same occurs when facing arachnids to a degree; While the armour can brush off fire from Cliffmites and Blasters, an Elite's acid or Tanker's flames will still damage the 'Ape' and endanger the operator, albeit more slowly. Finally, although the M8 ‘Ape’ armour can survive one or two brief encounters with an Arachnid’s talons, it will eventually give out under prolonged and/or repeated assaults.


Suit Weight: 10 tonne / 10,000kg / 22,000lbs (About a small truck that’s fully loaded)

Strength: Can -directly lift- up to 0.5 tonne (About a metal safe or a small boulder).

Oxygen Supply: 4 Hours

Power Supply: 2-4 days (Usage dependant)

Winch Length: 100 feet



M8 ‘Ape’ Marauder – Equipment



Claws & Ape Special

T.B.F. (Reference: https://prnt.sc/g7695f )

Derringer Light Rotary Cannon


Hellseed Y-Rack


Jump Jets


Sensors, Radars & Equipment



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