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Player Competition #3

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Hello everyone. 


Welcome to player competition #3 where players will have to write and create a mission storyline.


The winner of this competition will be able to run their mission if they wish to do so and win 50 dollars like the last competition. Every player entering this competition MUST have an admin agree to sponsor their mission when they submit their mission storyline entry.


Here is the format that every player must complete in order to have a sufficient entry to compete in this challenge.


Name: (Your name)

Sponsor: (Admin sponsor)

 Map: (The map you'll be using)

Storyline: (The background of mission, the mission objectives, the mission briefing)

Extras: (Any extra things you want to include such as a map, images, etc)


You will have from this day till January 28th to develop your missions and send them in a private message to myself, Orwell, Franco and Xalphox. 


Good luck to everyone who enters!

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