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[IC] Cert Training Requests

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Troopers, if you wish to specialise, please fill in the following form. An NCO will approach you and offer training at next convenience.





Requested specialisation:

Existing (relevant) weapon training:





-Lt. Vickers

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Name:Max Smith

Requested specialisation Support Gunner(already have the SAW but i got it before training was required to get it,just here to unlock the sidearm that comes with it)

Existing(relevant)weapon training:None

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Name: Private First Class Amber Nelson

Requested specialisation: Marksman. DMR. Long Rifle. Or any recon specific training with assorted weaponry.

Existing (relevant) weapon training: Previous MK1 DMR. Marksman and recon training.


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Name: Vito Dominiko 

Requested specialization: Flame Trooper

Existing (relevant) weapon training: SAW, Grenade Training, plastic explosives, Belcher 

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