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Lowell Hartwick

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Personal Info:


Name: Hartwick, Lowell

Age: 19

Height: 6'4

Weight: 180 pounds

D.O.B: January 6th, 2280

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Planet of Birth: Strelitzia

Hometown: Paraiso Streli

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Build: Mesomorphic

Skin tonePale-ish


Background and Info




Familial Connections

Father: Madox Hartwick (Alive)

Mother: Amanda Hartwick (DECEASED)

Siblings: Kurt Hartwick (Alive), Stephanie Hartwick (Alive), Natalia Hartwick (Alive)




Log #001 "Poor timing": The feed opens up to Hartwick sitting in the NCO office at a computer. He doesn't say anything for a second, trying to think of something to say. "Uhhh, shit, where do I start. Life in the Mobile Infantry is going alright, Bently replaced Vickers and it's been a smoother, less up-tight time. I've been doing well at Corporal and the Major gave me acting Sergeant until tomorrow to prove myself. I don't think I've done the worst but it's been rough with Mom's passing." He pauses for a moment, letting out a sigh. "God that really sucks, I couldn't do anything to stop it, fucking alcoholics." He looks down at his feet, rubbing his hands together. "I'm trying to keep my head up, Going through the tumble with people, kind of fucking annoying honestly. I...I'm gonna go take a walk." He reaches forward to the camera, shutting it off with a *Click*. End Log // 2JAN2299




Personal Relationships



Loved | Like Family | Friends | Trusted | Liked | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Despise 





- Mobile Infantry -

-Corporal Veronika Harth: She transferred in during the last campaign, but in all honesty the best person I've ever met. She's a great trooper and great friend.


-Master Sergeant Jodie CutterA good person overall, besides her tendency to 'Jinx' everything. I trust that she'll do a good job as the XO.


-Sergeant Aaron Holtz: A really great friend of mine, can't say really much else.


-Staff Sergeant Elaine Asper: A great Staff Sergeant, She does her job really well, can't really say much else. I should try and befriend her, probably for the best.


-Lance Corporal Angela Clark: We were the trio, Her, Saint-Claire, and I. Saint-Claire got shipped off to OSW and she doesn't come around that often anymore.


-Private First Class Oliver Graham: I didn't think someone could show less emotion than Hawthorne but holy fuck is this guy a robot. He's an ex-marine which is why him conflicting with NCOs doesn't surprise me


-Private Rowan Burke: A new transfer, she's really fucking cool though. She's got a bright future.


-Sergeant Joshua Edwards: The fuckin' boy, we're the dynamic duo on the field and ship. We keep shit real with each other and he gives me a lot of advice on shit.


-Lance Corporal Iris Blanka: Blanka is cool, gave her a sticker. Hope to see her around more and work with her more often in the field.





- Military Intelligence -

- Major Travis Young: An OSW Operator I have a lot of respect for, shame I can't see him in combat but he gives me a lot of advice on shit and I get along with him well I think.


-Lieutenant Naomi HawthorneWhere do I start? She's super fucking cool, I dig her a lot but I don't think she feels the same. I wouldn't know since I'm not psychic. I hope things work out but I feel like it's a lost cause. I'm kind of losing interest






- Engineering -

-Specialist Naomi Reel: She's an interesting character, but I appreciate her company. Overall good engie and person and I think she's headin' the right direction.


-Specialist Tzipora Bronson: She's pretty cool I guess, besides ripping off Young's BT.






- Medical -

- Specialist William Saint-Claire: This guy is a legend, We get a long really fuckin' well and I couldn't replace him with anyone honestly, A true bro.


-Warrant Officer Arryn Falco: This is the realest motherfucker I know. A true homie with a lot of experience and probably my greatest friend on the ship. She gives me a lot of advice on shit and I really appreciated, Ave Cheesar.



-Specialist Katrina Geier: Geier is...Alright. She's a bit older than me it seems, she's been in the unit for longer but still has yet to experience battlefield things that I thought were common, she's a good person though and I wouldn't mind being friends with her.




- Fleet -






- Marauder -

- Master Specialist Patrick Stevenson: Alright guy, alright tin can. He's reliable.

He's dead, god fucking damn it.







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