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James Zielinski - Service Record

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James Zielinski


Recruit Zielinski in boot camp, during close order drill

Basic Information


Name: James Richard Zielinski

Place of Birth Vigil's Point, Iskander

Date of Birth: May 9th, 2276

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weight:  80kg (176lbs)

Height: 184cm (6' 0.8")

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eye colour: Green


Military Information




Rank: Warrant Officer

Assignment: Warrant Officer  - Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry 

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: January 5th, 2298

Term of Service: 1 year 2 months

Service Record:


  • Graduated from boot camp on and given temporary assignment to 1st Battalion, 1st Iskanderian Mobile Infantry Regiment. After further training, received orders to report to Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion.
  • Rapidly climbed the ranks, earning a promotion to Corporal mid-December of the same year. In the process, he earned the Mobile Infantry Cross for gallantry during an operation in Washington on Terra.


  • Promoted to Sergeant and briefly transferred to the 112th Engineering Detachment, receiving sapper training and M55 launcher qualifications.
  • Promoted to Staff Sergeant in January of 2299.
  • Served in Operation Spiritus Sanctus on Terra, leading First Platoon through the first day. Severely wounded on the last day of the Operation.
  • Assigned as Warrant Officer, transferred to Alpha Company.


  • Mobile Infantry Cross
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Purple Heart



Personal Information


Richard and Rachel Zielinski are James' parents. Rachel Zielinski died in 2280, leaving Richard as sole caretaker.

James has two known siblings: Reece Zielinski (b. 2273) and Jane Zielinski (b. 2278). Both are alive. Reece is a former Mobile Infantry corporal, while Jane is a student.

Backstory: Classified background required. 

Strengths / Weaknesses: Brave, loyal, dutiful, responsible / Reckless, impatient, short-sighted, gullible



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