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Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

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Tzipora Bronson. Theres a 

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-Tzipora Bronson



Main Theme




Basic Information


Name: Tzipora Angelica Bronson

Place of Birth: четверть (Chetvert'), mining town owned by Sarns Industries on Sarns III

Date of Birth: 5/15/2272

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"



Physical Description:  A five foot eight woman with a large muscular physique, landing her around 163 Lbs. A large scar starts at the base of her skull and winds its way down her spine, with a tattoo of the Sarns system being drawn following the scar. The sun is displayed in all of its glory across her shoulder blades, and Sarns III being displayed on the beginning vertebrae of her lumbar. 6 planets are found in the system, with a gas giant taking up her lower back. She has darkish skin and a prominent nose, a slight jewish accent accentuates her speech. She possesses brown hair and blue eyes, the eyes coming from her fathers side. She is a mixture of Russian and Jewish decent, due to the nature of her living situation on Sarns III. Her legs are well defined and she has a body fat ratio of about 18%. She keeps her back upright at almost all times, a side effect of physical therapy for her spine as she had to keep it straight for proper healing.




[Example images]


Weight: 163 Lbs.

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: MSpc.

Branch: Mobile Infantry 

Date of Enlistment: 12/28/2298

Years of Service: Roughly 1/2 

Service Record: Work gets done quickly and efficiently, with little to no mistakes. Nothing too noteworthy as of yet besides her skill on the field with engineering



Personal Information

Family: Aleksander Bronson (Father) Asher Bronson (Brother) Elijah Bronson (Brother) Tzitta Bronson (Mother) Yiska "Jessica" Bronson (Sister)

Backstory: Hailing from the mining colony of Sarns III, Tzipora was born into a small Jewish community in the town of Chetvert' or 'Quarter'. Her goal in life was to get good grades, and so she worked as hard as possible to allow herself to get some sort of scholarship from the mining companies for college on another planet. With the colony being for mining and resource gathering there was no college there, and her dreams of living a different life on other worlds had to be fulfilled elsewhere. She worked her way up until she got what she needed and took an associates in Archaeology and a major in Crop Management. After about two years of college she got into a car accident, and at the age of 20 was paralyzed from the waist down, and her fine motor skills destroyed in her arms and hands. She spent the next two years getting her Major, but was still confined to a wheelchair. She then started a small tutoring business to raise money for her spinal surgery, and with help from her family she was able to meet that goal. After that she had much physical therapy and soon, her idea of getting citizenship. With that she would have much more free roam in terms of jobs, which can net her a nice home somewhere. So with her wits and proper muscle function, she joined the MI and plans either on a short tenure, or a career.

Characteristics: A very serious woman on the field. She keeps her head steady and is quick to react to problems that arise. Off Duty she is very much into either studying like a fucking nerd or serving drinks at the bar. She keeps to herself unless people talk to her, then she very much turns into a chatterbox. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: She excels in her work, getting tasks done in shorter time then some, reacting to issues quickly and rushing to engage her enemy when it is required. She doubts herself greatly, but on the field she'll take over in an instant if the need arises. She is terrible at leading, and even worse when it comes to being put in leadership roles, but when it comes down to it she learns and adapts accordingly. Off Duty she suffers from nightmares and is selfish when it comes to lovers. The only real way she can get sleep is either with sleeping pills or in the arms of a lover.

Other Information: Ethnicity is a mixture of Russian and Jewish roots, with an emphasis on the Jewish upbringing. She doesn’t much celebrate the faith but more of sticks with what she was raised with. Kinda introverted. 


Log Book Because Why The Fuck Not?






Words. So many words. Nah theres only eight



Item Log.


10x5’ Sabertooth Tiger Pelt 1x

Animal Bloodstained Hunting Spear 1x (Fashioned from wood)

Massive Alligator Teeth 6x

15x6’ Alligator Pelt 1x

Yellow bandana with a bandito holding an M55, with the word 'Amigo's' written over it 1x



Personal Relationships


Loved| Attracted  | Respected | Great Friends Friends | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated




Bradley Tanner


Bradley TannerThis guy, gotta say I'm glad to have met him. He was a good refresher for what I need after Claire. They keep a good attitude and honestly are just fun to be around. He's also pretty new to having relationships, as I'm his first. It may be my extreme mischievous attitude that wants me to ruin his innocence all around. Working on that, here's to hoping this relationship goes better


This guy sure knows how to leave an impression. We've hit it off quite well and the man helps me greatly. I wouldn't be able to sleep some nights if I didn't have his body to hold onto. Sometimes our words get jumbled up and we say something wrong but we correct it quickly. Also he has gotten very good with what he does, in and out of the sheets. I can strongly say, that I do truthfully love him, and I don't expect him to lose his way anytime soon. But if he does I'll just kick his ass in the ring. 2-1 so far.



@Silent William Saint-Claire: 



He's an ass. He enjoys joking about, being sarcastic, and whispering bad ideas into my head. I love it. He takes away so much of the serious aura many others place down and just keeps the mood light. But he is very jaded, and also pretty... pretty. He's cute, with all those scars and tragic backstory, god I'm a sucker for shit like that. In what other place would I find a man like that? He's also really sweet, and tender. Also he tastes like barbecue sauce. Ha, just joking. He doesn't taste like that. Anyways, I like the guy, and he really enjoys it when I'm soft on him. He just melts into my hands and enjoys hugs. I could ask for a better guy but fuck me if he isn't a good soldier. And a medic. And an engineer. He has a lot of years on him.


Guess who’s a fucking idiot! That’s right, me. The guy is hot but a fuckin ass I swear. Sure he has issues with keeping shit personal and intimate because of bad experience with relations, and honestly it’s my fault for thinking I could have something with the guy. So we’re “Good Friends” or in plain terms friends with benefits. We cuddle, kiss, and stick around for each other. Of course my fucking brain just keeps dumping ideas onto me and honestly I just want to survive a few more days, weeks, years. Is that too much to ask right now, to just have one day that doesn’t make me have horrible anxiety? 


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ok holy fucking shit me and him are signing the papers and shit like that. Also we exchanged I love yous and other things and nidhvijdsnhf bgnardbgdvyi geabgcbzcvbcnvk,cb f7icvxbit.


Ok maybe I was a bit too excited with that. Much calmer now. We decided to cuddle in the bunks, and fool around a little get a little frisky. Then he asks what he can do for the betterment of us. So I decided to put down the possibility of signing the forms and getting shit legal and all. He said "I'd love to" which felt like an incomplete sentence so I replied with "But....?" and he just chuckled and said something along the lines of 'but nothing' I forget. Then we exchanged 'I love you's and all that and now I pretty happy. Heres to hoping I don't up and die on him like his last lover. Fuck thats kinda morbid, maybe I'll just marry him out of the Infantry andbi nidsfdisuf. Stop, no, too soon. God dammit why brain.


You bastard. You complete fucking asshole. You chose being a Pathfinder over the woman you 'Loved'. Was I a vacation to you? Was I anything? Well Saint-Claire!? I'm pretty sure you'd never spend a single day of your life with me without being in the MI. You just told me all those lies of a future just so you could get a piece of ass, you good for nothing sack of SHIT. I enjoyed being with you, hell, I LOVED you! If you end up dying it won't be soon enough, and if you live until I can retire and you come to me- no. You won't. You meant what you said, you told me to find someone better. You gave me a little propaganda pin from when you joined as a memento then you dipped. You think I wanted anyone else? That’s not fair of me. You wanted this far before you met me. I was a blip in your life, nothing more. It’s selfish to assume you’d drop everything for me.



I'm moving on now. You showed a part of me that has been ruining my life for a while, in the most painful way possible. I'm gonna take this new relationship as slow as I can really take it. I don't think I want to see you again, if ever. 




@Arrow Chiyuki AsahiThis guy is somewhat of a lazy prick when it comes to doing work, thinking, and staying awake. But he is a solid marksman and soldier, if not a bit dense. He has the workings of an NCO and hell, maybe if he gets his shit together he can be more than that. He's a good guy and a decent friend when it comes down to it. I could ask for someone better but who am I to ask god for something I can't receive? 


Hasn't been around recently. Wonder what he's up to.



@Hearth Veronika HarthWhat can I really say? She's got spirit and she has potential. Though sometimes I wish she stuck with the group and didn't just wander off sometimes. She keeps her head straight and shoots as well, and looks to me as some sort of guiding figure when I've been here a month and a half. Anywho, thats all I really got to say.


Gotta say over the few weeks we've known each other she still hasn't forgotten about me, even when she now outranks me. She is still the fun loving, goofy friend that I like. She keeps her head straight, and now keeps with the combat line. I'm proud of her, glad she's now getting the recognition she deserves. Hope she soon outranks Hartwick, that would make me smile. Also she is a good hugger, nearly got me a few times in the Great Hug War, though I feel there may be some kind of revenge plan after I defeated her with a motherly embrace.



@Heresiarch Grimm Apukohai Tyberos: The guy worries me. He's fun to be around and he is infected with a zombie like virus and is taking meds to keep that at bay before FFRL makes a cure for that shit. His psychic abilities are mainly dampening other psychics abilities and he seems a bit unhinged since then. People like him, I like him, but I'm worried that he may be hitting the edge of what he can stand. Lets hope FFRL gets that cure out soon so he can possibly get back to his normalish self. 


Gotta say, having him around is good. We get one another and I think he finds my random facts entertaining. Most people just wonder how the hell I know, he just thanks me for the knowledge. Weird guy, gotta love him.


Haven't seen him around recently. Hope he's well



@Fitz lorilee ZemkeCurrent Fleet Commander. She asked for people to duel in fencing, so I stopped trying to get into Claire's pants as me and him walked over. He got out in less than a second and I got her out once, while she worked to try and get me out twice. The last time she got me out I had kneed her, and she chucked the masser at me. Nicked my arm, and we shook hands. Cool lady, apparently shit at fencing, which makes sense on how I made her work for it.


So the chicks been in Fleet for 7 years, working her ass off. She doesn't seem to like the Fleet Captain all that much. Her reasoning being, now I'm paraphrasing here, she became a captain in months because she sucked so much dick and barely did her job while it took her 7 years to be the second highest rank on the Grant. I can see what she means.


She's gone elsewhere I guess



@StevieJr Patrick StevensonHe's a good guy. Keeps his mind on the battle and keeps shooting. We don't talk much at all and we get along just fine. He's a marauder and some people don't like them, I like them just fine.


As stated before, good guy all around. Also he is immune to hugs, but not pokes. I don't know a human alive who is immune to pokes. Maybe Tyberos, I'll have to see. Anyway, we talk, exchange small tales, keep each others backs during drops and keep in good terms.


So your dead as well. First you die then Claire leaves. What a fucking weekend



@rarewatch Vito DominikoWhat can I say about this guy? He has a decent sense of humor, extremely good soldier, and very much loyal to his men. Wouldn't say we're friends or anything but hey, with most of the others here I trust him with my life.


Where you at?



@nikb Lowell HartwickStill not a great fan of the guy, but I understand him. He's got his own duties to take care of and with my current rank I have my own. Just hope the guy doesn't get himself killed over pride or power.



@Coleision Maxine ValentineEngineering lady, decently chill and a lesbian. Barely know her.



@Coleision Naomi HawthornePsychic lady who seems pretty trustworthy. Good in combat and decent lady all around



@Ymot Tommy Wort Cait DonovanAh, 'Short Stick' Donovan. She's been in here longer than me and she's still a Third Spec. Good gal, get gud.



@Litcoins Elaine AsperShe's Staff Sergeant now and does a good job. I respect her heavily and love to follow her on a drop. When she gets conflicting orders or when Martinez once again goes out of his way to track that fucking hacker she remains calm and gives her warning, and advice. She's good at what she does.



@Silent Shane L. EmmettI feel bad for the dude. He tries to do his job, give advice, but is just piss poor with the latter. He goes against orders, questioning the word of superiors and the only thing keeping him alive is his psychic ability. He would have been A-11ed weeks ago if not for that. I worry for the kid, though he always means well for those he deems good people. Guess that includes me. Heres to being a caring human person.



@aphasic Rowan Burke: She's a lively, skilled medic who deserves a lot of love and praise for what she does. She calls me 'Best Frann' which is weird but adorable. Hope she does well



@Cipher Amanda WintersThis lady has put a lot of faith in me. I'm still dazed about how I got this position, but she made it happen. Apparently my work ethic and plain initiative to not die has impressed her to the point of promoting me to Master Spec. Guess doing my job is all I need to do. I respect her a lot, though I feel she has put far too much faith in me. She is in need of other teachers, as Asbjorn and others are barely around when I'm always a call away. I hope I can help others do better than me, because apparently the main issue is people not looking over a situation and planning a course of action.



@foxy Sofia Holloway: She needs to stop staring at Winters so much. Get your fucking job done you horny bitch. I like her



@Wewai Charlie TimmsGood guy, keeps his head upright and gets the job done. Been here longer than me and can probably give me some good pointers. Hope he respects me even though I'm now that I'm Master Spec.



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2 hours ago, NorseTheNomad said:

That duck will eat you alive and kill your family, those little bitches get stomped and they are dead, DEAD

also false

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On 1/13/2019 at 1:28 PM, nikb said:

Lowell Hartwick


14 hours ago, Coleision said:

add maxine valentine, my guy

Added, though I don't know why as I barely know you fucks

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