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Craig R. Smith

What I have left

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Tl:Dr Klauster Died, I don't know what to do now, considering appeal but doubting it, other emotions present.

For those who stayed around, Klaus died today when the platoon got surrounded by Neons and was shot dead as he threw lead into the east side. Nothing against whoever issued it, I know the guidelines and I got a fucking 5 on my roll. But for those who don't know, Klaus was my only char I played for the better part of the 4 years I've been here. After I left the server entirely over the summer a year ago he was the only reason I came back that August was that I wanted to see him through to the end, retirement or death.
Then he died.
Fucking yeah I feel weird saying that but when I read the event I just froze. I felt my heart pounding and just /nothing/.
No thoughts, no reaction, just staring at the red overlay on the screen, and the big letters "Cpl. Victor Klauster, 11/01/2299"

Even writing this like, 20 minutes after it happened I still have my heart just pounding and I have no clue what to do now.
I have other characters but I don't feel that connection I got from Klaus (Again, fucking weird to be saying), I'd play them for 20 minutes, get bored, and hop on Klaus or just log off if I cant even do that. 

I felt Klaus as just an extension of me (He started out literally just me, German, and physically fit.), the only person I knew to play, every time I'd be Tony, he'd become more and more Klaus'y until I just got bored and went back to Klaus.

Now that he's gone I'm wondering what I have left here, and what I should do.

I might just put an appeal in to fucking fight for that but if I do I know I probably wont win.
I know PKs are everyday and shit and this is unusual but I am just stuck here, no clue what to do.
If anyone got anything fucking PM me, not turn this thread into a mess.

But for now all I got is a very sudden death, and the memories of what he did years ago, and wondering what other people thought of him. Was he even known around the Murphy/Grant or just "Kraut #382"

If you read this all, Thanks, have a good day, and carry the fight on Troopers, I'll take on the bastards you already got.

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9 hours ago, Craig R. Smith said:

I felt Klaus as just an extension of me

the very reason this thread is a thing.


and y'all losers complain about me playing polynesians smh

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I don't recommend characters being made to be like you. The closest thing you'll get to me and my characters having a likeness is nationality and height, so when my first character after not playing for a year or two died, I didn't feel that bad, or appeal, I had the chance to be medevac'd and have a bio-tech cock but I didn't, I had McRann put me out of my misery. Understanding that your character can and probably will die is important, I understand your character has been around for a while but it is, for the meme, a 'hIgH pK fAcTiOn.' Everyone was startled IC'ly when Klauster died, no one really expected it, but the loss of a character is, for everyone. So come around and make a new one, and earn your spot back as Klauster 2.0

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Man, it sucks but it happens. I felt the same way when Bellic died - I was lost and didn't really know what to do after that, but think of it as starting new, from the first time you picked up SSTRP and relive it through another character's experiences. I think that could help you out, it sucks when you lost an extension of yourself but it also means you can expand it and try out new things that the old extension limited you on.

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I lost Wilkins today, fairly new character but he was quite self inserty. It does suck losing a character you feel connected to or close to. Wilkins was new-ish but I quickly grew attached. At the moment I have the issue of not knowing what to do now. I’ve done the different factions and NCO so now I’m not to sure on what to do. But, I’ll figure something out and I’m sure you will as well bud. Feel free to message my Steam or my Forum account if you wanna throw ideas back and fourth for new characters, I find that helps me make new ones. Gonna miss Klauster though dude. 

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13 hours ago, Arrow said:

tbh. i think ive lost the abbility to make chars that r not retarded or complete assholes xD


Back in my day, we called those “self-inserts”. 


I keed, I keed. XD


I know what you mean. The meme flows through me during character creation. 

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