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Hi all


To assert - Pilotfish's successor will not be chosen by poll; it is not a popularity contest, it is about who would do best for the faction. I appreciate that Optic clearly has quite a following and that will be taken into consideration but ultimately the decision lies with us as admins to pick somebody who can best advance the interests of the MI and the server.


Harvey (Pilotfish's XO and nominated successor) has stated that whilst he is happy to serve as interim leader (which I am thankful for) he is not enthusiastic at the prospect of taking up the role long term (not entirely surprising as it it a challenging role that comes with its own unique set of significant burdens - "it is lonely at the top"). That being said until such a time that a new MI lead is appointed, Harvey will have full authority over the Mobile Infantry. I will expect and insist that whoever succeeds him will honour Harvey's decisions (within reason). We'll probably make a decision on a permanent successor this Sunday.


It is a tumultuous and disorderly time. Drama is an unfortunate inevitability in any GMod community - fundamentally there will always be conflicting interests. The truth of the matter is that this is the crescendo in a storm that has been brewing for some time, but I think this act of communal blood letting will prove to be cathartic. SSTRP works best when the admin team are on the same page, and I think if there is any silver lining to this scenario it is that we can now expect a staff team who are better aligned, more collaborative, and on the whole a more productive team who generate higher quality events more frequently. It is better we get our shop in order now rather than later as we have some significant plans for March (pending the completion of a handful of other, secret developments) similar in scale to the 2018 Civil War and the 2017-2018 Progenitor story arc.


That is not to say I am not deeply grateful for the contributions made by Pilotfish et al. Their contributions over the last six months (especially Pilotfish's) should not be taken for granted nor diminished or devalued. I think we all owe them our thanks.

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