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I'll get straight to the point on this, I'll be taking back the Mobile Infantry as of the resignation of Pilotfish. I'd like to quick thank him for his time taking over and I'm quite happy with the changes he made during his run and plan to honor most of them. 


So, here's the fun part of this. 

From now until Friday I would like any and all players, admins, NCOs, Enlisted, anyone, to approach me (On the forums through PMs, my Steam is also available, https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kaelam/ or simply poke me on Teamspeak.) about what they like about the MI, what they want to see more time or effort put into, anything they want to see changed or things that they all around do not like. This can be stuff implemented in the past by me, or Pilot, or even as far back as Durango, anything at all. 


To give some examples on what you can raise, opinions on the following would be appreciated:

- Weapon Specialists

- NCOs

- Passive RP

- Shipside Activities

These aren't the only things however, any policy is capable of being changed, I just need to know what people want to see changing. 


Also, to answer any questions before they are asked.


Who is my XO? 

@Gazza (Jodie Cutter)


Will the MI Lounge remain a thing?

Yes, I'm not taking that away from you guys, I do love the idea of it being a social space since my God is it a huge room, thanks Xal. 


Anyone who has a question, simply ask on this thread, I'll answer them as quickly as I can. 


Over the next week more updates, polls, surveys and topics will be posted for people to give out their opinions but until then, I look forward to giving another shot at leading the Infantry, see you all on the server! 

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