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as some of you may or may not know and remember, I used to do a little side-thing on the server for jumpball. Purpose of it was to let you guys have something to talk about during passive as you sit in the bar. It started as semi-daily broadcasts via ingame fednet tv screens and, as the timeslots for me doing it have gotten smaller, evolved primarily into a forum thing. Then I lacked even more time and it eventually died off or turned into me only updating the results whenever I felt like it.

I once ran a mission revolving around rescuing a team from captivity and it was atleast canonically well received I believe as it was something exciting and different from an IC point of view.

Which made me think there's atleast some kind of "market" for this but it's severely lacking player interaction. Barring ingame-broadcasts (which take an extra amount of time for preparation and execution), what kind of stuff would you like to see or see more of?


For one, there's the quick info threads which I kinda update together with the results, there's the podcasts which I once did, there's the possibility of other stuff like analysis of a team, more statistics or even stories. What kind of content would you like to see, would you like to talk about in the bar with your MI mates?

I'm also eager to pass this on, it's free to all. If you want to write about something jumpball related, by all means, go ahead. if you need numbers or statistics hit me up i'll gladly provide them. There's a niche for everybody and hell, i would even laugh at a compilation of jumpball player's beards which become the new facial trend on the Grant in 2299. Looking for all kinds of help if you're interested in enhancing everybody's passive rp.

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