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MSpc. Baader

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MSpc. Emilie Baader




Name: Emilie Baader

Nickname: Sheep (Called by Knoxx)

Age: 22

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Blue, grayish

Date of Brith: 5th of August, 2275.

Place of Birth: Germany, Terra 

Residence: Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany. 

Spoken Languages: German [Native], English [Profecient]

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Religious Beliefs: Christian Catholicism

Status: Alive, currently doing service in Mobile Infantry, 1st MI Div, 112th MI Reg



Wilhelm Klaus Baader - Father [Alive] Citizen, served in Mobile Infantry

Lisa Baader (Pfeiffer) - Mother [Alive] Citizen, served in Federation Fleet

Heinz Baader - Baby Brother [Alive]


Small Backstory

Emilie was born and raised in Germany in Frankfurt an only child, she attended schools like every other child at a young age. During her teenage years, she graduated High School and went on to go into college studying Politics and Law, pursuing a future career as a Politician. And then finally in her early twenties, having graduated High School and College, she decided to finally do her part in the Federal Armed Services and skip university, she'd enlist in the Mobile Infantry to get her citizenship and to start her career as a politician in the Federation, during her time of service she'd eventually apply for Internal Security to sort of follow her father's footsteps.



Master Specialist

Branch: Mobile Infantry Federation Fleet, Internal Security

Division/Regiment, Company: 1st Mobile Infantry Division, 112th Mobile Infantry Regiment "Sorrentino's Spartans", Able Company, 1st Platoon

Position: Internal Security Detachment, Executive Officer

Deployments: 10+

Medals & Awards

Purple Heart


Military Service History

  • Enlisted for Federal Armed Service, December of 2296
  • Graduated Basic Combat Training, April of 2296
  • Assigned to the 1st Mobile Infantry, 112th Mobile Infantry Regiment, 27th of April
  • Promoted to Private, First Class, 30th of April
  • Accepted and re-assigned into Internal Security, 30th of April
  • Rank replaced to Third Specialist, 1st of May
  • Wounded in Action, 4th of May
  • Promoted to Second Specialist, 6th of May.
  • Promoted to Master Specialist and assigned as Marine XO, 24th of June.



Mk. III Tactical Helmet coloured green

Morita Mk. 4 Rifle

Tactical Armour Vest coloured green

"Peacekeeper" Pistol as a sidearm

Electric-Shock Baton

Mark V Armour pads

x3 Metal fingerprint locked Handcuffs

x6 Flashbangs


Personal Relationships
Will do this soon.

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