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Carlos Martinez - Bandito El Explosivo

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  Only two types of Cabroné's in this galaxy... Explosive Experts and Amputee's  "

TSgt. Carlos Martinez




Basic Information


Name: Carlos Hiswanól Martinez

Place of Birth: Mexico

Date of Birth                  


Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 6

Status: KIA



"To the Engineers."

"I guess we'll never just sit down and watch the jumpball again huh?"

"Alright that was poor from me, but I wanted to deliver it personally,"

"Your new lead whoever they are, will have the hardest job in the world trying to prove they are a worthy successor to me."
"Try not to give them a hard time..." 
I would never fail you all, I know that you're all gonna do your best out there to prove yourselves and get the job done."
You were all my family, although not blood related, you proved to me time and again why I feel proud to have served with all."
It was the biggest honor to be working with people like Donny, Zippo, Valentine, Carmine, Dragovic, Jorn, Timms, Hughes and so many others behind the scenes
you guys don't even know about to ensure we did our best, I mean we won the war against the progenitors, we beat back the bugs time and time again."
"You all deserve the best life and to aim high in life as I am terrified to think that you all are gonna be citizens one day."

"A question every trooper ask's themselves is 'Why do we fight?' and its a good question."

"I fought for all of you, to see you safe and to do your best for the Federation and to find joy in the fact we serve
something SO much bigger than ourselves."

"It was truly an honor but now it is your time to shine."

"Yours with the most sincere of heart.
Carlos Martinez, 112th Engineering Division."


Voice Claim


Carlos Interrogating a Separatist  circa 2295



Physical Description:


Weight: 126lbs

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Hazel



Military Information


Rank: Technical Sergeant

Branch: Mobile Infantry, 1st Engineering Corp.

Date of Enlistment: 23/03/2294

Years of Service: 4

Service Record:







Personal Information

Family: 1 x Wife, 2 x Children





Characteristics: Quirky, forward thinking, down to Earth.

Other Information:


The "Collection".


Sometimes some convincing is needed to get information.


"So Carbróne... Where are the morita's?"

A shore leave that decided to screw me.



A new way to kill our men?


"They made plastic sensor based I-E-D's?!?!?"


Catching up with the old guard.


"I remember when you fucking forty miked a tanker while closing that bug hole!"

Every fucker when they find out the explosive they are defusing is a remote device...






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Personal Relationships

(add me to yours and then you will be added)


'Zippo': Bronson is an engineer who does her job, good talker.


'Snacxine': Max is a weird case, Sergeant one moment, Gunny next, good to have some experience I guess?


'Donny' Donovan: She's Dom's chick. Alot of knowledge pumped into her.


'Kid' Sofia Holloway: She's new and sleeps in the bay... 

I think we forgot to tell her that we have bunks.


'Bastard himself' Bently: Bently is a weird one, to say the least, He's an honest man just getting caught up in officer politics and bullshit has deteriorated him.



Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated



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On 1/24/2019 at 6:06 AM, Cipher said:
  Only two types of Cabroné's in this galaxy... Explosive Experts and Amputee's  "

TSgt. Carlos Martinez




this aged well

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