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Carlos Martinez - Bandito El Explosivo

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  Only two types of Cabroné's in this galaxy... Explosive Experts and Amputee's  "

TSgt. Carlos Martinez




Basic Information


Name: Carlos Hiswanól Martinez

Place of Birth: Mexico

Date of Birth                  


Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 6

Status: KIA




"If you're reading this then I am dead, it may come as a shock but this letter is signed and sealed by the office of will's and testaments section 2-35bravo."


"So, lets get this started, hola mi amigo's... I guess re-enlisting was a bad idea huh?"


"Haha... agh Manni's gonna kill me.."


"So Manni, Manni, Manni... Since the time we looked eyes on that R-N-R on Iskander, you were the one i'd knew i'd fall in love with, bright blue eyes that were as deep as the ocean, I'll never forget that time on Federation day where we first kissed, hot chocolate under the night sky as fireworks glittered the sky... good you looked so beautiful.

Now I am rambling on and on but you know I loved you, take care of the kids, give Cezar and Julian a kiss goodnight from their papi...."

"War made us Manni, we are defined by our experiences and I lived a good life, I killed my fair of people that deserved it, and I was soo close to this guy on Scarvis, I'll probably tell you about it when its done but just incase."

"War is 


Voice Claim


Carlos Interrogating a Separatist  circa 2295



Physical Description:


Weight: 126lbs

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Hazel



Military Information


Rank: Technical Sergeant

Branch: Mobile Infantry, 1st Engineering Corp.

Date of Enlistment: 23/03/2294

Years of Service: 4

Service Record:







Personal Information

Family: 1 x Wife, 2 x Children





Characteristics: Quirky, forward thinking, down to Earth.

Other Information:


The "Collection".


Sometimes some convincing is needed to get information.


"So Carbróne... Where are the morita's?"

A shore leave that decided to screw me.



A new way to kill our men?


"They made plastic sensor based I-E-D's?!?!?"


Catching up with the old guard.


"I remember when you fucking forty miked a tanker while closing that bug hole!"

Every fucker when they find out the explosive they are defusing is a remote device...






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Personal Relationships

(add me to yours and then you will be added)


'Zippo': Bronson is an engineer who does her job, good talker.


'Snacxine': Max is a weird case, Sergeant one moment, Gunny next, good to have some experience I guess?


'Donny' Donovan: She's Dom's chick. Alot of knowledge pumped into her.


'Kid' Sofia Holloway: She's new and sleeps in the bay... 

I think we forgot to tell her that we have bunks.


'Bastard himself' Bently: Bently is a weird one, to say the least, He's an honest man just getting caught up in officer politics and bullshit has deteriorated him.



Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated



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