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Welcome to MILACTS


Mobile Infantry Leadership and Combat Training School


MILACTS is an initiative brought alive by Lieutenant Vickers and Major Bently with the goal of offering a training environment for Mobile Infantry personnel to increase their combat competence and educate new leadership personnel. Veterans of the Infantry will have the chance to hone their skills while being subject to command of junior leadership or enlisted personnel. Major courses will, come next week, be held every Thursday, with minor courses being held sporadically and spontaneously during your offtime on the Grant.


Courses are therefore ‘split’ into two categories:


Leadership Schools

Leadership Schools are grand wargames held every Friday on places throughout the Federal galaxy. They will be long maneuvers or multiple, short firefights (~2 hours), all offering a unique scope tailored to the location. Typically, two junior Troopers will be given command of a squad of their choosing and then they will take the field and battle it out, followed by a short (~15 minutes) tactical analysis of the games. The latter iis the only part you would necessarily link to the word ‘school’.


Combat Training School

CTS is little different from the leadership schools, but the goal makes it distinct enough to ‘seperate’ these. CTS-courses are held throughout the week whenever available. Again, junior personnel are given command of Troops, but this time it is only to give them a ‘minor’ leadering experience. These courses are destined to purely increase combat skills, communications and efficiency, increase morale and to give the Mobile Infantry a ‘time off’ without needlessly hammering themselves in the bar. CTS-courses are therefore shorter, mostly revolve around ‘Team-Deathmatches’ or lasertags and are lacking indepth leadership analysis.

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So this gives chance for leadership to Lance Corporals and Privates?



I’ve been stuck at PFC for a while now, why would I bother joining for this?

Because MILACTS targets exactly this group of players. Often enough, you have Privates joining for, and leaving directly after missions. If you are one of those, look no further. There is likely very little opportunity of leadership for you and you may be frustrated over the lack of progress. On the other hand, it can be a compound of issues which have lead to this rank freeze. For one, it’s unlikely to give command to a Private unless it’s an early mission with no leadership personnel online. Secondly, you might have been skipped in favour for someone who simply has more experience. Or you just have been overlooked because you play a silly character but you are actually decent at leading combat troops. This is your time to catch up in experience and your time to shine.


I’m a NCO already. What’s in it for me?

For one, you can directly influence and shape the NCOs of the future. You will be assigned to a squad and will be subject to this Enlistedman. While you will, in no way, take command from him, you have the chance to suggest alternative paths, lead your Private to victory and potentially earn them a promotion. Or you can hang back, listen to what he wants to do, shut off your brain and gun down the opposing team.


Additionally, during Leadership courses, there will be enough downtime between the wargames, which calls for NCO support. You will have time for some downtime, physical trainings or regulatory stuff (such as equipment check).


How does this differ from the trainings we have on the Grant already?

For one, these are directly aimed to increase leadership experience. On the Grant, you usually have these lasertag matches in condensed space. Trainings in the VR room are not so much about leadership but more about fun and shooting things up. The scale will make the difference. We will travel to different maps and each squad will receive an objective they’ll complete, much like a real mission with no real possibility of ‘fucking up’.


I’m a missy prissy fleetie, what do?

Ask beforehand - some maps may or may not support TACs or dropships. Some maps have a base in which you can passive RP. But in 70% of cases it’s best to change characters to a MI.


Travel to different maps?

Correct. For Leadership Courses, we will travel to an array of maps I have handpicked just for this experience. They are maps which are either very symmetric or fit into a certain scheme (gamemode) I had in mind for them. We will not go to random maps for this, but again, maps which offer a solid fighting experience. No, cscdesert is not one of them. The maps are way better for this purpose.


Scheme? Gamemodes?

There will be different gamemodes all tailored to the map we are on:

Team Deathmatch

This will likely be the bulk of courses. It is plain, it is simple, it can be fun. With symmetrical, mirrored maps, this will be fun and they offer various approaches to defeating the enemy team. No respawns until the round is over.

Capture the Flag

There’ll be an object in the middle of the map. Take it, bring it to your base. Simple. Again, the maps featuring this ‘gamemode’ offer multiple paths to your goal which allow you to employ a multitude of tactics. Respawns will work with timed teleporter gates. Every thirty seconds or so, the gates will open for a few seconds and teleport you to your team’s base.


I’m especially proud of this one, as it is a mix of CTF and TDM. With respawns enabled, you will fight over control of a map. With two bases and an entire map between them, you will capture control points. You can only capture the point adjacent to the one where you are at, like a tunnel so to speak. Eventually, you will make enemy contact. First team to reach the enemy base will win. Respawns will move with the checkpoints.


This is a combined arms approach to wargames and is a broad term for different objectives. Usually, one team will have respawns, the defending team will not. Objectives can go from actual naval invasion of an island to escorting an armoured vehicle through urban environment and so on. The balance will be slightly tipped as the defending teams gets access to rocket launchers or other helpful weaponry. They are expected to employ guerilla warfare; the maps work in their favour for this.



When, every friday?

The time will be a secret. For one, I’m a lazy sack of shit and might simply not feel like running something at 8pm but 10pm instead. Secondly, this will leave you guessing for your chance to shine. Maybe you preemptively join on a friday and stay for some passive before we take the field??


Is there a required amount of players?

No. I have a lot of maps ranging from small to huge. Aslong as we have a somewhat solid playerbase (6 players), we should be fine. I know that changing the maps will lure a lot of new players anyway, but I’m very flexible when it comes to maps. Nevertheless, some gamemodes may require more players. If we have 10+, we can talk about running Frontlines. With 20+, Invasion will be an option.


What’s the difference between LS and CTS?

LS typically takes more time and gives two random enlisted (LCPL or PVT) a lasting leadership experience. CTS will be less stretched out but more dynamic. It will most likely be TDM only (not fixed!!!), where every round a new leader is granted a squad.


Promotions based on FPS performance? Are you kidding?

No, actually not. Despite the sound of it these gamemodes in conjunction with the maps are designed to isolate the leadership elements, trust me on that. While yes, the team with people who play First-Person-Shooters frequently or are “simply good at shooting” will have a slight edge. This will always be the case, I’m sorry about that. But it will become apparent that a team consisting of solely potatoes losing narrowly might have a tactically sound concept. Think about it this way, if you’re barely winning against people who can’t aim, what do you think of that? Add to that that I consider myself to be one of the few admins with an all-seeing-eye, so your efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Suggestions or complaints?

Go here.



On tournaments

If you’re an NCO, you likely have little interest in the Leadership School part. That’s ok. You can still face off against other people in TDM-tournaments. Like I said I have many great maps specifically for this, we can host matches on the secondary server. All you need is atleast two more mates to form a squad and off you go to challenge other registered squads. Climb the ladder, claim the fame.

Squads can be bigger than three people, but bear in mind it will be difficult finding other 10-man-squads on the server. 3-man-squads can definitely challenge 5-man-squads

Squad wins will be tracked in a table and displayed here.


Team name:



Send info here.

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On 1/24/2019 at 4:08 PM, El Excellente said:


I’m especially proud of this one, as it is a mix of CTF and TDM. With respawns enabled, you will fight over control of a map. With two bases and an entire map between them, you will capture control points. You can only capture the point adjacent to the one where you are at, like a tunnel so to speak. Eventually, you will make enemy contact. First team to reach the enemy base will win. Respawns will move with the checkpoints.

Takeaways for next time:

  1. Restrict weapons better
  2. Either turn it into some sort of single-point based attack&defend gamemode or include timeouts so leading Privates don't get overwhelmed by having to capture 4 points 'at once'

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Within 6 days, this program saw the rise of 1 character to Corporal and 1 character to Lance Corporal - a character created (recruit) on the 24th of January ( 2019-01-24 08:49:57.0).

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I'm sorry to inform you that the events on the 15th will be cancelled just like they were on the 8th. This is due to me having an exam on saturday 16th at 8am. I might run something on thursday, I might not.

Friday the 22nd will be as usual.

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For those who haven't noticed: This has mostly happened the last thursdays, so I'm formally moving it to the thursday slot (mainly because of complaints about the friday primetime event being a training?)

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