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Bradley Tanner

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Face Claim:



[Bradley Senior Year Photo, circa 2297]


"It's good to be back!"


Basic Information


Name: Tanner, J Bradley

Other Aliases: Peanut

Place of Birth: Paso, Iskander

Date of Birth: May 23, 2280

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9



Physical Description:


Bradley is not a tall man, standing at a height of 5'9, but is fairly well built and fit from his activity and mobile infantry duties. He has black hair when it is grown out, but keeps it short due to mobile infantry regulation. He has dark blue eyes. He wears the mobile infantry uniform for his day to day activities with an MI cap when off duty.

In combat he sports the standard Mk.3 helmet and Mk.3 Morita, along with the armor and rig to keep ammunition and other items needed on the field. He keeps a combat knife for close encounters and general need, as well as his shovel for digging trenches. He keeps a gasmask on his hip for quick access.


Weight: 170lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Visible Scars/Injuries:

- Bullet Wound on right bicep

- Burn marks on right thigh

- Stab scar on left thigh



[Bradley Combat Gear, 2299]

Military Information


Rank: Third Specialist


Branch: Mobile Infantry Engineers


Date of Enlistment: November 15, 2298

Years of Service: 0.6 Months.

Service Record:


112th Moritas: Rct - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt

Transfer to 112th Engineer Detachment: 3Spc







Personal Information


Father: Cpt.(Ret) Mason Tanner | Age: 57 (Alive)

Mother: Rebecca Tanner Age: 51 (Alive)

Brother: Lt. Daren Tanner | Age: 21 (Alive)

Sister: Alyssa Tanner | Age: 16 (Alive)


Strengths: Out-going, Youthful, Athletic, Brave, Dedicated, Loyal.

Weaknesses: Cocky, Minimal Life Experience, Ignorant of many things.




Tanner was born to a wealthy ex-MI Captain turned Estate owner named Mason Tanner and his loving wife Rebecca after his older brother and before his younger sister, he was the middle child. His father was strict and hard on him throughout his entire life, but he didn't let that break his spirit, if anything it just enhanced it. Tanner went through highschool a smart and quick to learn kid, playing an old sport called 'baseball' throughout his life it showed him teamwork and sportmanship and kept him in shape. After Highschool Tanner spent a year prepping to take over his father's estate after he retired, since his older brother was career MI and could not. Unfortunately for him, his father told him that he needed to join the MI and 'become a man'. On a quest to seek his fathers approval as he had been his entire life. He enlisted as soon as possible, trying to prove his worth to his father to take up his reigns.



Personal Relationships


Love|Admiration|Considered Bro/Sis|Best Friend|Friend|Liked|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Disliked|Hated|Fears

(Request to be added, will not be added other-wise):


TSgt Tzipora Bronson


"She's cool, she gave me gummy worms once which I really enjoyed. I haven't really gotten in a decent conversation with her yet though, I should really do that soon, considering she might be pretty cool to have as a friend."


"So we've hung out the last few days, we have a lot in common but also not a lot in common. But I can confidently say she's the closest person I am to on the ship and I can trust her with lots of things probably and she wouldn't say a peep. I'm hoping that we can survive all this one day and go on being friends or something more. It's too early to tell, but I know I can say I'll stick to her at all times if she wanted me to."


"She's the coolest person I know, and I love her to death. She's hard in public for sure, but in private she's so sweet and gentle. I really hope we can make it through all of this and then we can go further with what we have, for now I don't know if I could handle losing her if she gets killed, I might never love again."


Pfc Shane Emmett:


"I really like him, he's green like myself. What he lacks in combat prowess he makes up for in his personality. He's kinda dumb but in a way so am I so I can relate considering I am generally a very ignorant person. He seems to not have too many friends though, which he's said to me himself, and I feel like it's my duty as an NCO, but also as a human being to be friends with him, and stand up for him when he needs to be stood up for."


Maj Sebastian Bently:


"The head honcho! The major! He looks like he's been through a lot of shit, like a lot more than I could ever dream, he's wise and nice to those who do good and mean to those who do bad, one of the most fair people, he doesn't remind me of my dad at all, despite this, he has a way different demenour and it is way better. I believe I can really show him what I am capable of, on and off the field."


Spc Sofia Holloway:


"She's also one of the bros, in this case one of the chicks. She's cool and a good cook, maybe a little gluttonous after stuffing all that chocolate down her throat, but I like her and she's cool. I think one of the coolest things about her is that she knows what a joke is and can take one, all in all she's a good friend."


3Spc Michael Benson:


"He's really green, like me. I dunno if I really spent a lot of time with him, but I know I like him and I really want to get to know him more. He went from MI to engies which makes me a little sad, but I will try my best to make sure he gets out of this alive, because I know in the past I had to cheer him up after a hard operation."


SSgt Aaron Holtz:


"He's a sergeant aboard the ship in my unit. I've taken a liking to him because he really puts himself out there for our well being and stuff and listens to what we have to say. I'm hoping I can learn a lot from him and maybe try and be an 'apprentice' of some sort, I'm going to learn all I can from him, and hopefully he will teach me. He's gotten to calling me 'Peanut' because of some fun we had in the bar, I love the nickname and will cherish it."


MSgt Elaine Asper:


"The Senior NCO we all wanted, but didn't deserve. She's a really good leader, after serving under her command several times I can say this confidently. Not only on the field though, she does lots of good things on ship too, and she's put trust in me to be a good corporal, sticking her neck out for me to prove myself, and I promise I won't let her down."


Pvt Lance Twombly:


"One of the bros. We hung out in the lounge for a while and watched a movie with a little group that I like to call my friends. I know I can rely on him for things and he's pretty fun to joke around with. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS FOOL!"


Cpl Jackie Knoxx:


"I've talked to her a few times in the bar! She's pretty cool and chill and I liked our conversations. I know I messed with her and teased her when she was calling me gay and stuff. That was funny and I loved her reaction, I hope to get to know her more since we work together now as NCOs, and we can become friends."


Cpl John Williams:


"I can't say I really know the dude all that well! He's cool and a natural leader. But I haven't really gotten to know him yet, I wish I could find time to but I seem to not find time for much these days. I like him though and I hope he goes far in this unit."


Pfc Oliver Graham:


"I don't really know about this dude, I mean I like him and I think he's alright, but he's just so robotic and by the book it's scary, I imagine if you made him an NCO he'd gut you for a single infraction. I like that he's trying to make an improvement but I wouldn't really trust him on anything with how he works."


Spc Cait Donovan:


"My first experiences with her aren't the best. She's obviously not very smart and likes to be noisy in the middle of briefings, and also denying regulation. I don't want to dislike her, but god is she a bit of an idiot."


The gone but never forgotten:




Retired/Disappeared(If you happen to reappear, you will be re-added to the main section):



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