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Benjamin Taylor

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[Benjamin's ID Photo, taken 27th of April, 2295] 




Basic Information


Name: Benjamin Taylor

Place of Birth: Chesterfield, England, Terra.

Date of Birth: March 18th, 2275.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"



Physical Description:


Weight: 160lbs. 

Hair Colour: Brown 

Eye Colour: Blue



[Sgt. Benjamin Taylor on Patrol. 04/06/2298] 

"Of course it's fuckin' raining." 


Military Information


Rank: 2Spc.

Branch: MIPOD

Date of Enlistment: 12/04/2293.

Years of Service: 5.

Service Record:

13/04/2293: Arrived at Camp Wallis to begin his Infantry Training. 

29/07/2293: Graduated at Camp Wallis, Chesterfield.

03/08/2293: Arrived at the 109th Mobile Infantry Battalion.

09/08/2293: Promoted to Private following his first deployment.

11/10/2293: Promoted to Private First Class.

03/01/2293: Awarded the Combat Action Medal.

07/09/2294: Promoted to Lance Corporal.

18/02/2295: Awarded the Veteran Combat Medal.

14/03/2295: Partook in Operation Firewall.

19/03/2295: Promoted to Corporal at the end of Operation Firewall.

25/05/2295: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.

15/06/2295: Demoted to Lance Corporal. 

30/07/2295: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon.

20/02/2296: Promoted to Corporal. 

17/06/2296: Partook in Operation Sledgehammer. 

09/07/2296: Promoted to Sergeant after Operation Sledgehammer.

24/10/2296: Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

08/05/2297: Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal.

27/12/2297: Partook in Operation Meggido, the Fall of Terra.

15/02/2298: Transferred to a PDF Unit on Iskander.

03/08/2298: Transferred back to the 109th Mobile Infantry Battalion. 

16/04/2299: Officially Transferred to the 112th Mobile Infantry, joining the 13th Marauder Detachment. 

23/01/2299: Shifted back to the Mobile Infantry, taking the rank of Sergeant back. 

10/02/2299: Officially made a member of the 3rd M.I.P.O.D Detachment. 





[LCpl. Benjamin Taylor before a Drop. 15/09/2294] 

"Deep breaths, you got this..."


Personal Information

Family: Mary Taylor, Mother, 43. [DEAD]

Jack Taylor, Father, 46. [DEAD] 

Alice Taylor, Sister, 18. [ALIVE]


Backstory: Born and raised in a lower bracket middle class family on Terra, Benjamin was raised by Mary and Jack Taylor, two ex-Mobile Infantrymen. He had a fairly calm, peaceful upbringing, loved a lot by his parents, even acting as a role model to his younger sister, Alice. 


He joined the Mobile Infantry at the age of 18, eager to be just like his parents and serve some time there. Once finished in basic, Taylor was sent off to join the 109th Mobile Infantry Battalion, serving there for his Military career up until the start of 2298.


With the dawn of the Civil War, Taylor saw no want to fight against his fellow man after such a crushing defeat during the battle of Terra, so he transferred himself to join a Planetary Defense Force Platoon on Iskander to help keep the peace, avoiding the Civil War as best as he could. 



[A picture of Alice Taylor, taken by Benjamin while on Iskander. 28/02/2298]

"Come on, Alice, smile will ya?" 


During his time on Iskander, Benjamin lived in a small apartment with his sister, Alice, the only member of his family to escape Terra alive. They relied and depended heavily on each other during his time there, though Taylor would do his best to hide how much he really needed her to keep going for her own sake. Even after his return to the Infantry, Ben did his best to help Alice back on Iskander, sending his paychecks to her so she could look after herself with out him. 



[Sgt. Taylor during the Progenitor Assault on Iskander]

"How many men have we lost..?"


Upon the end of the Civil War Benjamin would find himself back in the 109th, serving with them until the start of 2299, when he was reassigned to the 112th to be a Marauder. 


After going on several Drops and spending a few weeks working as a Marauder he felt the Infantry calling back to him. He knew that the Marauder work style just wasn't for him and requested to be moved back to Infantry, being given the rank of Sergeant back by Major Sebastian Bently. 

Personal Relationships


Interested| Close Friend| Friend| Liked | Neutral | Disliked


Veronika Harth: She seems alright, yeah. First person I really spoke to while waitin' on my meetin' with Byrd. She's a chip stealin' bastard though. 

I think she may be my closest friend around here, I like her. A lot. She keeps me company here and there and is always a treat to talk to. I hope she gets through that shit she's dealing with, and I hope I'm able to help her somehow. 

Not really uh... sure. I reckon I need to talk to her, just... got a lotta shit on my head right now. 


Patrick Stevenson: Lad gave me a bit of'a tour of the Bay and chucked me a bed to stay in. Even said I can keep it when I get back, which is solid. Seems alright though, a bit off but I dunno yet, we'll see. 

Well, he died apparently. Shame. 


Charlotte Byrd: She seems alright, really. Our small chat gave me a fairly solid understandin' of how she operates and I can't see much issue in it. I think we might get along. 


Aaron Holtz: A fellow Sergeant and all around solid lad. I like 'im a lot and hope to hang with him more. I feel like I piss him off a lot but in that playful kinda way. Hopefully he don't actually hate me. I think we work well together, or at the very least decently. If not, I'll look to him to figure out how I can improve. Only time will tell though, I guess. Keep bein' cool though, Aaron. 

I think he's a pretty great guy, ya know. After time hanging out here and there I think I can say we're real close friends. I've got this man's back no matter what. 


Naomi Hawthorne: She's a Psychic Tech Sergeant who's leg I had to cut off when we first met. She seems alright though, we chatted a little since then. I quite like her though, I wanna chat with her again. I'll try to seek her out soon. 

Hung out in the bar, she's pretty cool. We were takin' the piss outta Hartwick for a good hour or so. 

Guess she's kinda my boss now? I uh... I wanna talk to her soon and get some help, this shit is freakin' me out. 


Carlos Martinez: Probably one'a my closer friends on the ship. I went to him for help with this Psychic shit and he's been pretty supportive. I appreciate it a lot, and him as a mate. 

I'm gonna miss ya mate. A lot. Rest easy. 


Aranea Saint-Laurent: She's a Lieutenant Commander now and she's pretty awesome. I like her. She's fun to chat with and hang out with, wouldn't mind chillin' with her more and get to know her better. 



[Sgt. Benjamin Taylor at gun point.] 

"I said get the FUCK out of my House." 

"I can't do that, sir. Please, put the gun down." 


[2298. Iskander. The Progenitor Attack]



Taylor got the call earlier that day, being awoken from his nap in his apartment. Infantry were scrambling to Iskander, reports that the Progenitors, the Ark, the mighty force that crippled and brought Terra to its knees, his home, was coming here; To Iskander. He'd gotten up straight away, rushing out and down to the PDF Main base in Iskander's Capital, Virgil's Point. He rushed in to be greeted by his Lieutenant, who was already gearing up. 


"What's the reports?" Taylor asked, getting to work at putting his light Kevlar on. 

"Ark's heading here, gonna be here any minute." He sounded worried, something Taylor wasn't used to. He'd been on Iskander for a few months, working quite closely with his Lieutenant, Marcus Branner, and felt that the pair had a strong bond over that short period of time, however in his Months here, fear was something he'd never seen in his boss and close friend. This only made Benjamin more anxious. 

"And our tasking?" Benjamin asked, taking his Peacekeeper and loading some rounds into the half empty magazine sat on his desk. 

"Mobile Infantry are en route, closest ship to us is the Ulysses Grant, holds uh- the 105th? 113th? Something like that. They'll be here soon." Branner would say as he collected a shotgun from his office, loading in buckshot as he walked back to stand in front of Taylor, watching him holster his sidearm and look up, ready for his orders. 

"We'll be helping fight off the attack. Our focus is on evacuating as many Civilians as possible, minimalising casualties where we can. There's a squad ready for you." Marcus would Taylor in the eye, giving him a nod. "See you out there, Sergeant." 


And with that, Taylor took off to meet up with his squad. They deployed into the Downtown area and were some of the last groups to take contact from Progenitors. Taylor had seen these creatures before, fought them up close on Terra. He had, arguably, the most experience of his squad. Though, this meant he held the most fear for the glowing beasts.

The squad had gotten the call mere minutes ago, firefights breaking out on the West ends of the city, a few blocks away. Mobile Infantry reported that several groups of Civillians had been sent inside but needed extraction. That's where Taylor came in, leading a group of 15 troopers through the streets, laying low to avoid contact as they pushed through, eventually getting to the street they were looking for; Ray Street. Then, with out warning, his squad was attacked. Ambsuhed. Taylor would watch as one by one his fellow squad mates were gunned down, torn apart by plasma bolts as they whizzed through the air. Those who managed to survive long enough to get an understanding on the situation would realize they were surrounded. Progenitors on all sides unloading on the Troopers. They all ran, ducking for cover. Taylor and three others burst into an office building, returning fire with their Moritas. 

"Hold the door, I'll find us a way through!" Taylor yelled, raising his Carbine and turning to look down the dark hallway leading deeper into the Office building. He'd walk through, flashlight on, the faint illumination of muzzle flashes from behind him briefly illuminating his surroundings. He sweeped right, gun up and caught something duck out of sight. Slowly, cautiously, he pushed forward, gun still up. Behind him, he could still hear the chaos outside. Explosions, gunfire, screams of terror or pain. He could only imagine the state of the rest of Iskander if such a simple, downtime street were taking such damage. 'Was this it?' He'd find him asking himself. No, not again. He wouldn't let the Progenitors take another planet from his species, not while he was still standing. 


Filling himself with any courage he could muster he'd push on, pursuing whatever had rushed out of sight down the dark hall. 

"Iskander Planetary Defense! He'd call out, gun still up. "Are you alright?" He'd yell again, halting and keeping his rifle aimed down the hall. Then, he heard a woman call out. 

"Help me!" She'd scream, the sound of heels running echoed down the hall, getting closer. 

"Ma'am? I'm this way, follow my voice!" He'd wait, keeping his gun ready, finger off the trigger. Then, he heard something else. Stomping. No, running. Heavy footsteps drawing closer, faster. A bloodcurdling scream of terror came from around the corner before the woman was sent flying, her body severed in two, blood spraying along the ground as her torso slammed into and went straight through a window, her legs colliding with the floor and splattering blood everywhere. Taylor flinched, stumbling back as a Progenitor Thrall stepped around the corner, its body an inky black, red lights glowing from between the chunks of mangled tumors and bubbling flesh. In one hand, the hulking creature held a glowing sword like weapon. It turned to Benjamin, staring before charging the man. He'd tense up, pulling on the trigger of his Morita and opening fire, filling the creature's body with .308 rounds, five rounds, ten rounds, twenty. It dropped, slumping over at his feet. But he didn't stop shooting, filling the corpses' back with lead. Twenty five, thirty. He'd hold fire, staring at the motionless beast for several seconds before slowly, anxiously, stepping around it. He shifted his gaze up, looking down the dark hall and reloading his rifle, slowly walking towards the corner that the woman and Progenitor had emerged from. Perhaps there were more survivors? 


Benjamin could still hear the fighting as the battle for Iskander raged on, explosions and gunshots echoing down the office halls, coming from outside. He'd halt, the fires of a nearby explosion casting light through a window, illuminating the entire room before him. Blood. There was blood everywhere. Chunks of human flesh, arms, legs, half of a torso, littering the floor. They all seemed to have been carved and cut to pieces. Ripped apart by the Progenitor that the Sergeant had been able to gun down. He felt the contents of his stomach launch up his throat and, being unable to hold it back, puked them up all over the floor before him, chunks of food mushing up with the gallons of blood around him. Taylor tried to compose himself, wiping the puke from his bottom lip and looking around again, cringing at the awful sight. He'd slowly step forward, shuddering a little when he felt his boot crunch under a mushy, fleshy substance, closing his eyes and inhaling through his nose. 

Suddenly, from behind him, Benjamin heard it. Stomping. He'd spin around, gun raised in time to catch the hulking mass charge him. The Progenitor, the Red beast from before, it was up again. It swung its sword at the man, causing him to fall back as it sliced through his Morita like butter, cleaving it in half. Taylor landed on his back, a splattering of blood coming from beneath him as he quickly, frantically, began to crawl back, desperate to escape the creature as it advanced on him, swinging its sword again, barely missing his face by a mere inch, the very heat of it making his face sting. He'd spin around onto all fours, crawling away frantically, hearing those feet stomp behind him. Then, it grabbed him by the back of his Kevlar, launching him across the hall and into the wall, slamming into it with a heavy crash. He'd cry out, falling limply to the ground, coughing and wheezing for air while it stormed towards him, its attack unrelenting. Slowly, Taylor tried to get up again, falling back against the wall and getting a good look at the approaching being. It was limping, clearly wounded by his bombardment of ammunition before, clenching its large fist and sending a punch for Taylor's face which he would narrowly avoid by ducking. The hand slammed through the plaster wall, getting stuck forearm deep.


Fight of flight kicked in for Benjamin, and he chose to fight. Quickly he reached down to his holster, yanking the Peacekeeper free and reached up, pressing the barrel of his pistol into the creature's abdomen and unloading rounds into its stomach, several going into the body before one came flying out of its back, slamming into the opposite wall. Taylor quickly rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the Thrall’s foot as it came down to stomp on his battered body. Quickly, Ben scrambled to his feet, slowly walking backwards as he raised his pistol and steadied his aim. He'd watch the Thrall rip its hand free of the wall and turn to look at Taylor, starting to limp towards him, still filled with an apparent eagerness to kill the man. 

"Just fucking die already!" He'd call out before opening fire, emptying the final dozen or so rounds into the creature's chest and head, one round after the other, not hesitating or halting between shots, filling its writhing, grotesque body with bullets until the gun ran dry. The Thrall stumbled a little, driving a backhand like swipe into Taylor to knock him into the air. He’d fly back several feet before colliding with the floor, coughing harshly as he heard a sickening ‘crack!’ Slowly, Taylor dragged himself back a few more feet, trying to get as much distance as he could. He’d place a hand on his presumably cracked rib, watching the Thrall take a few more steps closer before stumbling a little. It glared at Benjamin, looking around for some sort of weapon before opting to rip a pipe straight off of the wall, red hot steam spraying into the Progenitor’s own face. Taylor blinked a few times, sitting himself up through gritted teeth, agony filling his body. 

“Y- You’ve gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me...” He mumbled as he reached for his belt, ripping free a hand grenade and pulling on the pin. He’d watch the creature stomp closer, waiting a few moments before throwing the grenade. Quickly, he raised his arms to cover his face as the hand grenade flew down the hall and detonated, no more than ten feet away. The blast consumed the Thrall’s upper body, as well as Benjamin himself. For a brief moment, Taylor felt pain. A roaring sense of agony in his legs, chest and face. Then, before he could even flinch and look away from the explosion before him, he blacked out.


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