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Josev "Bitch Face" Lynch

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Face claim below







"Bitch Face' exiting his crashed drop ship during the disaster of Terra neu. - First contact war with the progenitors.



Last thing recorded on 'Bitch Faces' body camera before being shot in the face for the second time in his career with the marines.


General Information
Name: Josev J. Lynch
Nicknames: "Bitch Face"
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Weight: 198
Height: 6 ft 3.6 in
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Place of Birth Arizona, Western america. - Terra
Nationality: North American
Accent: light Southern Twang
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Personality:  A quiet figure, he mostly keeps to himself.
Reputation/Known Facts:  Part of the old Shaw Salad's crew on the Audie Murphy, Scarred across his entire body the most noticeable being his face which compliments his namesake being simply "Bitch face" a name which at the time it was given to him he had no facial scars. When rarely speaking to various people around the ship he tells the stories of many now long dead veterans of the 112th and prior or the stories behind his various scars heartily.
Occupation Before The M.I. : Terran Federation Airlines Pilot or so he says there is no records to support this. Listed as unemployed.
Known Languages: English.

Family :

[Father] Larry Carl Lynch - Twenty Nine, Dead - Farming Accident, New Mexico .

[Mother] "Momma" Marie Lynch -  Sixty Eight, Dead - Natural Causes, Sanctuary Colony Hospital.

[Brother] RTD. Samuel Reginald Lynch -  Thirty Seven, Dead - Penal Colony.

[Cousin]  PVT. James "Dumbass" Lynch - Eighteen, Dead - Napalm Canister Immolation, AQZ Mormon Extremist Colony Planet 214A.

[Niece] PFC. Misty "SmallFry" Lynch - Eighteen, Alive


Professional Information
Faction: Coalition Mobile Infantry

Previous Assignments: UCF Audie Murphy, UCF The Green Toadie, 
Current Assignment: Ulyssees S. Grant
Weapon Specializations:  Morita MK 1 DMR, MK2 SAW, Belcher Auto-Shotgun, M55 Launcher, 

Other Specializations : Marksmen Certified, Support Weapons Certified, Combat Life Saver certified, LRR Certified.

Previous Ranks : Alpha Marine Second Specialist,  Lance-Corporal, Private First Class,
Rank: Private First Class/ 3rd Specialist
Total Drop's Survived: 90
105px-Purpleheart.pngPurple Heart x2
Ribbon's/Theatre Ribbons

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Hesperus'
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Edenwell'
-Campaign Ribbon - 'Epsilon Eridani'

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Breadbasket'

-Campaign Ribbon - 'Omega'

-Citizen-Ship Ribbon

-General Specialization Ribbon

-Veteran's Ribbon


Previous roles : Federation Provost Marine (INSEC), Infantry.
Role: Combat medic.
OUTFIT: Standard M.I. BDU's - Military Grade Binoculars attached to belt - 1x Red Chemlight 1x Green Chemlight - M.I. BDU Patrol Cap (When Off-Duty)

Health & Status
Status: Alive
Mental Illnesses:  stable
Physical Disabilities: Alcohol Intolerance due to a long healed liver and kidney injury, chronic pain, Damaged facial nerves causing minor speech impediments.

Relationships (In order from first met at top to last met at bottom)
✟=Dead =Love Interest 




Aryanne O'Hara : "Damn we knew each other all growing up, All of us were damn near inseparable... Followed me and my brother through it all Hell you even dragged your cousin Alais with us sometimes. When i got the message from my brother that you had been killed i drank myself nearly to death for months becoming a shell of myself. It broke me apart when you were killed... I won't let any more of my friends pay for my mistakes. "

 Michael Fury : "When i found out you had made it out of that botched Raid i was truly glad that at least one of my friends had made it out that day. You weren't the smartest out of us but you were my friend all the same and as i continued reading through my brother's message that you had your head blown clean off by a Federation Officer named Captain Shaw, all because my brother dragged you into another one of his stupid as fuck idea's he lied to you to get you to help him -make alais pay- for everything she's done to him in the past. I won't ever forgive him for that and if I see my brother again.. i-i don't know what i'll do "

 ? Mikasa Alais : "Goddamn it please dont be dead wherever ye' are"

 ?  Aaron Holtz : "There isn't anybody left anymore son its a quite a sight to see wherever ye' went."

 Mikhail Ilari : "Ilari well didn't get much of a chance to speak to him other then a small conversation about my brother, He had called me "Raiderman" randomly. It shocked me, I had not spoken to anybody about my past whatsoever but he realised that i was in-fact not my brother.. had wanted to talk to him about all the stupid shit my brother had done during his short period on the murphy but never got a chance. From a distance, I watched as "Hopper" or whatever the hell the others called it smashed into him... i thought he'd pull through but then just like that he was gone"

George Jackson: "didn't know you much until we started talking one night whilst you were drunk out of your mind. I laughed my ass off when you started chasing the poor fleetie Claire about the bar until that is people actually thought you were trying to rape her that is.. I defended you starkly. Didn't stop you ending up getting slammed in the same brig you put other jackasses in. In the end, I had to guard your drunk ass all night long. After you sobered up a bit in the drunk tank we talked for at least two or three hours, perhaps it was meant to be. Hopefully they let you out of there."

Adam Dunbaal : "didn't know em much still dont to be honest at all but that's not important. It was only me and him on a wall during a goddamn bug ambush, I definitely thought one or both of us weren't going to make it. They were EVERYWHERE. me and Dunbaal cleared them off but during the assault one of the bastards stuck its talon right through my calf, As it fell off the side of the wall taking me along with it. Dunbaal the goddamn legend jumped down and ended its ass, He definitely saved my life that day."

Asmund Bjarke: " The Ninja-pianist who put me on my ass. hah right, Well from the very moment he started criticizing me and alais during a spar about our -technique- as he called it i thought of him as just another higher rank who thought he was a god. I made a poor decision indeed of giving bjarke a bit of attitude and challenged him to a spar. He said he was going to kick my ass and of course i did not believe him and boy was he right.. he kicked my ass.. TWICE. i respect the guy fully now and would like to get to know him a bit better in the future."

Olivia Claire: "Damn! when i said "ladies First" i didn't mean fuckin break me in two.. Hell i had to have the medic tell me why was in the med-bay feeling like i was hit by a truck. When i heal up we will have our rematch.. That is if you dont feel -too- bad about nearly killing me in one superhuman kick and now look at ya.. A goddamn ell tee but now your not as.. I dunno friendly as you were before.. i guess that happens to us all after awhile i suppose"

Cassandra Rhodes: " First time i ever actually talked to her was when i woke up in the med-bay after apparently nearly dying during a spar i did with Olivia Claire. She asked Moreau the other Medic who was attending to me why i was giving her a "Bitch-Face" when i woke up. For me it was because maybe she put some foul smelling.. uh salt? To rouse me out of my Catatonic state. I can still smell it every now and then in between the pain in my ribs and shoulder."


Naomi Vond - "I was fucking split in two on the ground my guts spilled and i could see my legs hang off a ways like some kinda cartoon... fuckin' blood pouring out of every damn place, I thought i was a goner .. Heh.. didn't stop me from digging out my IFAK and sorting that shit out while you handled that goddamn psychopath matene trying to Ay-six me with that goddamn spear of his.. You stopped him and then carted me off.. I should have died there vond.. I dunno where ye' are but i think i just might keep this 'ere lollipop you gave me until i see ye' again and give it back"

Cateline Moreau: " Met her along with Rhodes at the same time. They both made fun of the "Bitch face" i made when i woke up for what felt like hours she handed me some pills saying they'll stop the pain in my ribs an shoulder, Little did i know it would send me damn near orbiting saturn.. The last thing i remember was being placed in surgery and seeing her wielding a massive ass whaling harpoon. It then transformed into a Silver laser gun but once the walls began speaking to me i passed out for good after that. Perhaps the drugs hit me harder than i though they would... when i awoke for the second time i was sitting up drooling on myself like a mental patient."


Alice Vickers  : "Had a moment when somebody said ye' made it to staff.. that shit is just looney i think i might just take your words to heart now ye' "

Ryan Harbinger: " this guy right here been buds since he first landed on the ship, Watched em make his way from a recruit asking me for Directions. All the way to being Lance Corporal, A full Rank Ahead of myself. Hell i remember you asking me why we fight an now look at ya, Who woulda thought you'd be the one giving me order's now... You deserve it harb. But the amount of close calls me an you have had so far... one can only wonder how Long can our luck run?"


Dutch Bower- "Well we met uh when the entirety of the  ship except for a few tight ass medics started dancing like mad men and women for no real reason at all, After the mission that came soon after we shared some beers and he got too meet my Younger kid cousin  James... Wish he were still here but not everyone can live for as long as us in this life , We shared some beers... quite a few times. I think?.. cant recall. Anyway we eventually got to know one another fairly well, So far hes met the last of my motley band of family Members I am going to make damn sure Misty will make it through and not end up like james.. Or worse like me"


James "Moron" Lynch"Well he was my kid cousin not much to say there other than he was family, On my momma's side somewhere down the line. Betsy is gonna miss you along with your damn bastard kids, Don't worry baby cousin i will keep your idiotic love for Lucy to the grave, Watching you die and then taking a round to the mouth for myself was the worst feeling i still dont believe your gone after only your 5th fucking drop and Just like that gone... "


Misty "Small Fry" Lynch"Me and you watched James burn, At Least i know i did.. Fuck i wish i could unsee that bullshit I-I dunno what'll happen to me if i lose  you, You are the last of us, You know i cannot leave even if i wanted too, If i lose you i might just bite my own gun and end it there... At Least it'll be my way not theirs or those fuckin skitters tearing me apart."


Frank "Burrito Esposito - "Hell i Wanna say me and Frank met After my first Drop, Or at least somewhere around that time. We were hol' Up in this shitty base on some colony world i dont really remember its name, You called me Bitch face one of the first to do so after being royally fucked, i nearly knocked in your teeth but we hit it off just fine, During one of my drunken escapades i told you my reason for being in the service ... Too my own surprise you didn't throttle my ass right then and there., Always wondered where the hell you went. Been told your dead.. But hey They said the same about Holtz and i fucking believed them like an idiot, When i get out of this Goddamn Death shop of a hospital i think i might just see if they are wrong.


?Kaelem Sentoniel - "A strange boy but Goddamn son it ain't no damn secret i wanted to break your stupid fuckin face for making that damn'd impression of me but hell at least ya'  was wise enough and didn't make a fool ass comment on this 'ere mug else you mighta ended up knocked flat like so many of the kids round 'ere and i doubt dimov the sorry old mechanic woulda done a damn thang about it.. But all in all i've seen em' give idle commands now that he a junior en see oh n all and for how young he might be.. He aight in that sense ye' cant shake the funny feeling he probably queer either.. They call us the 112th rainbows now so.. Must be a reason i suppose." "Saw ye' on the wall... nobody told me nothin' so i doubt he dead on terra."


John Paul Bohannon "He lost his co pilot awhile back dumb ass red backs couldn't save em' i believe- Cant recall, Anyway getting tired of that..  he forced ravio to give us all more drinks on the murph'. Nearly blew my damn head off when a control bug got froggy on me -- I'll take a few more scars then go out being skull fucked by a bug- Ye'. "


Annabelle Thacker " Hell.. The first minute i laid eyes on ye' was when you were bleeding out before me and none of those motherfucking medics were doing a goddamn thing and fucking.. Fuckin' that clanton guy put a goddamn commie ass separatist's life over one of our own.. i will not respect that man ever again for tha' and if he diein on the floor i ain't savin' that sack of shit or any of the other goddamn useless sons of bitches that left you there by yourself to fucking die  in a corner not even paying you no mind.. -Hell i know how that feels- and i made damn sure you made it back girlie..  Glad ye' at least made it out again n all even if you gained a new set a scars the dumb way- Ye' shoulda realised how ass backwards this Civil War has made us into..Damn it girly why cant you just stay away from this life go an' live while you can, there aint no way in hell we coming out of this Civil- neon, skinnie bug war, smellin' like fresh cut grass- this is how it ends.. only a matter of time before the neons comeback and lay waste to the rest of our stupid ass damn race- We fightin' our brothers now.. And everyone tryin' to make propaganda for how much better then our brothers we are.. Its a damn shame- We all deserve to die at the end of this.. M.I. killin' M.I. hmpf- Atleast i got the rest of my family 'ere i suppose."


?Nikolai Dimov " How the hell you are still even alive is the most confusin' damn thing...Hell, I thought since watchin' that damn snow yeti grab ye' down you were done for.. Fuckin i remember fuckin diggin like a madman in that damn'd snow for ye' and then i got shot... From one of our own? i dont recall its happen'd a lot n all ye' ..but its a damn fine thing to see your still kickin' "  "Ah well."


Devin Saiphan " Lesson learned.. The hard way- i warned ye'."





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