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Constant LOA

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just to make it extra sad




As some of u know i've been a lot less active recently and prone to leave the server and probably ive been getting angry more often. 


Well i've decided im going to slowly stop playing gmod till i get on like once or twice a week. Maybe not at all. It'll probably be slow or I'm already doing it.


Reason is I can't let this server and Gmod ruin me. Can't let it be the reason I stay up and the reason I go to bed. Can't be the reason I wake up etc. Etc.


I've been lacking in school bc its my first year in high school and just today I realised this matters. What I do here actually matters and I got to make the best of it. It was fun and shit and im not dissapearing ill just be a lot less active.


I decided I'm not going to let my self turn into another pointless existance. Going to work hard to make myself matter and see if I can actually matter to some people in more then a way of just being the local meme lord or the loveable idiot who's there to make people laugh. It was fun and shit and I got mad and shit...And shit. but I need to focus on school. It's midterm of third quarter rn and I'm rly slacking and I need to get mah head in the game and shit. 


Not to mention idk what i even want to be when i get into collage. I was thinking I would join the military and I think that's what I want to do but idk. There's a lot of time still and I need time to figure it all out. 


ily guys and its been fun. I'm not gone. Just not here too much :D

Dw im not depressed or anythng. My life is amazing but how long will it stay like that :D


Also forgot to add this. Go ahead and remove some of my chars that r in divisions if u havent already. Like Marauders and Engineers.

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Good luck on your chosen path and keep up the positive attitude :)


Playing with you on the server has always been funny and eventful, I hope you can come back on here and there. Just do what I do and treat it like a game, I only play if I feel like hopping on and do not play if I don't feel like it much (Otherwise I just bitch and moan xD).


See ya around Arrow.

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