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Hi all,


As many of you will have noticed, the new psychic abilities are now on server, however they should be considered to be in beta as we iron out bugs, lag, and any gameplay issues that arise.

The hope is that these new abilities will finally give psychics a role that is not only unique but also universal (in that they are of practical value on all events rather than the 1/50 events specifically tailored to psychics), in such a way that it doesn't rely on an admin actively intervening on your behalf. And thus the goal is that psychics will emerge as a division of equal standing to the medics, engineers, and the marauders.


With these new freedoms comes new responsibilities however:


  • MIPOD as a faction should limited to 8 active members. Orwell and Kris (on Verbeck) are excluded from this count - Orwell not only because he is the leader of the faction but also because he is the XA entrusted to make sure things don't get out of hand, and Kris as a reward for his multi-year commitment to roleplaying Intelligence even when it wasn't quite so sexy.
  • Of those 8, at least 4 must be players (or must have been players at the time of joining).
  • MIPOD members may not join other factions (engineers, medics, marauders).
  • There are no limitations on what rank MIPOD members may hold. 


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