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alright sassy

Sassy Platoon Roster

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Sassy Platoon Official Roster



1. Pfc. Joey Bryant

2. Pvt. Paddy Holohan

3. Pfc. Yazmin Taylor

4. Pfc. Elias Laine

5. Pvt. Conrad Muller

6. Rct. Hideo Guan

7. Pvt. Lamar Phillips

8. Pvt. Alfie Monroe

9. Pvt. Jasper Northcutt

10. Rct. Steve MacNeil

11. CmA. Nick Labowski

12. Rct. Carl Wort

13. Pfc. Emily West

14. Pfc. Carwyn Evans

15. Pfc. Leonie Ried

16. Spc. Kyle O'Reilly

17. Rct. Caethes Morgan

18. Pvt. Nick Osipczak

19. Pvt. Guy Lauzon

20. Pvt. Jakub 'Funny' Lisiewicz

21. Pvt. Kenny Florian

22. Rct. James Perkins

23. Rct. Chen Ping

24. Rct. Jack Wooten

25. Pfc George McCarthy

26. Pvt. Hideo Pong

27. Pvt. Morgan Dickmond

28. Rct. Fox Jenkins

29. Rct. Phil Dunphy

30. Pvt. Anthony 'Yeet' Yeetus

31. LCpl. Jackie Knoxx

32. Rct. Willie MacDougal

33. Pvt. Ffanci Jenkins

34. 2Spc. Felix Jakobsson

35. Pvt. Alfie Mackenna







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17 minutes ago, alright sassy said:



17 minutes ago, alright sassy said:



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@alright sassy   I have a great idea. To fill that old memorial, you could go on and try to kill all your chars. You can document it and try to get all kinds of different deaths. One gets executed, one gets ffed, one gets blown by a DOTON, one jumps on a grenade and so on. Would be cool :D

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