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Aranea Saint-Laurent

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Face Claim:



-Commander Laurent on shore leave-


Theme song: 




Voice Claim:


Female Voice shown, [Spoilers for FFXV]


Physical Information:

Name: Aranea Saint-Laurent

Alias(es): SL, Laurent

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Birthday: 10th March

Birthplace: Vigil's Point, Iskander

Ethnicity: Multi-Ethnic
Height: 5ft 7 inches

Weight: ~120lbs
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye colour: Green
Skin: Pale


Military Information:

Faction: Federation Fleet
Rank: Commander
Role: Head of Staff for the Ulysses Grant - Weapons Division Head Officer - Chief Technical Officer
Specialisations: Weapons, Helms, Relay, Engineering, Command




Citizenship Citizenship Ribbon

FleetSilvercross Fleet Silver Cross - 1 Bronze Star

Fleet DistServ III Fleet Distinguished Service Medal - 1 Silver Star

FleetOfficer Fleet Service Ribbon - 2 Gold Stars

FleetDistServ Combat Action Ribbon - 2 Gold Stars

GoodConduct Good Conduct Ribbon - 1 Bronze Star

LargeCraft Large Craft Pilot License

Smallcraft Small Craft Pilot License

Navigation Navigations Ribbon

Mediumcraft2 Warfare Ribbon

FedDef Federal Defense Ribbon


Educational History:

Primary Education: Attended Trexis Square Elementary School

Secondary Education: Lady Loreto Girls High School

Higher Education: Vigil's Point University - Pre-Academy Fleet School



- Finished Secondary School with 11 GCSEs at an A or higher

2 - A

9 - A*

- Attended a multitude of Extra-Curricular Courses and Activities

- Achieved a DDD In her Higher Education







(Request to be added)

Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears


-Mobile Infantry-




Lowell Hartwick
"Seems like a good guy, seems interested in me but I don't share the feelings, guy's more of a brother to me."


Aaron Holtz

"Another good guy, also another Sergeant. Seems really nice too and we had one or two good talks, both including Star Wars, which is great to meet someone else interested in it."

"Slowly becoming one of my better friends on the ship, got one of those nice bonds with him and definitely someone I can really on to help me out if I need it, in exchange for having the guy steal my bed when I'm not looking. PS. You funk up my bed and I'm stabbing you."


"Eh, you don't talk to me anymore."


Benjamin Taylor

"Yet another one of the MI sergants I've come into contact with, seems like a really sweet guy and we have some nice talks every so often, sometimes over a drink and sometimes over a fancy meal, microwave burgers. But hey- He's great company and I'd love to get to know him more." 


Jackie Knoxx

"Not a bad gal, often comes across in a bad way with how she acts but I can tell she means well, wouldn't be too bad to know her more and see what she's really like."


Zealious Odin

"Yet another Sergeant, not too bad. Can be a bit of a cock but other than that he seems pretty sweet."




-Engineering Division-




Tzipora Bronson

"She's pretty nice, don't know her all too well, good to have someone to talk to when the bar's otherwise empty."



-Medical Division-




Rowan Burke

"Nice girl, seems to be more in touch with her feelings than others, but she'll do well I bet. Comforted her a bit in a sisterly way."


-Federation Fleet-




Neal Stevenson

"My colleague in TAC, often me and him share a few words or two, mostly personally as our professional lives do not intertwine as much as they seem they would, though his wife is my subordinate which makes a friendly relationship easier."


Amanda Whitfield

"One of my fellow Officers in fleet, haven't had the chance to have a real conversation with her but she seems nice enough, can't complain about working with her on the bridge really."


Sierra Blackburn

"New bridge member with a lot of potential, pretty cool chick to talk to as well, not much else on her though."

"PS. Cherry is better than Mint."




-Military Intelligence-




Naomi Hawthorne

"Some chick, Who I'm assuming is psychic, who I met once or twice. Made her laugh pretty hard with a joke at Hartwick so she's not a complete prude it seems."





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