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[CCG] 04: Character front-end

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Connecting the dots

Part 3: Your character


Now that you know who you're playing as, let's puzzle the pieces together. With a certain colony in mind, you'll probably have ideas of who your character could be. Lacking a good name, though?


1. Naming the character.

This is really simple. Go to this page, utilize the top bar "Real Names" and pick a namelist that appeals to you. If you're from Elixaeberna, you might want to look into Danish or Norwegian names, if you're from Scarvis, perhaps Swedish is more your thing? For Shoreridge III, I've used Amish and Colonial American names. It's all about mix and matching with the colony you're from. Hesperus is primarily Southern European, so you might want to look into Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek names (and not mexican). If you're looking for more generic names, try just the English ones. If you want it to be a little more conservative, use Edwardian, Victorian or Elizabethan namelists.


2. The character biography, of course.

Now we have a pretty name for our pretty character. Before you go use the next-best supermodel instagram-actress-chick which as your so-called "faceclaim", why not try something generic? It's always super cringy when Private Hooladoola runs around as Trump's wife because her "face fits my character so well" and "I couldn't find anything better". Frankly, that's either a lack of effort put into your character or it's a really bad excuse for having a character solely created to cyber with other people. And again, it's really cringy watching a movie and seeing an actress while having to think of some really dumb SSTRP character.


Now, what do we do? Check out this link.

Click the link and refresh the page until you have a fitting picture for your character.

Note: These people do not exist. While many pictures seem scarily (very) realistic, they are not. They are AI-generated portraits. They are not real people. It becomes apparent the more you use the generator, but this generator will totally suffice for your next character. Unless of course, you want to run around as a supermodel in the infantry.


I think this is very appealing because you're simply not stealing the face from somebody. Isn't it super awkward when you take a picture from somebody's homepage and put your characters name on it? Imagine someone took a picture from here and called them Xortax the Destroyer on some Star Trek RP.


Lastly, of course, sharing is caring. I don't know how unique these pictures are, but I've yet to see duplicates, meaning they are possibly somewhat real-time generated. So if you have a good-looking picture which does not fit your character, feel free to upload it here anyway. It might fit somebody else's character and is just what they had in mind!


Would you like to know more?

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You would like to know more.

Faces Database.

Because sharing is caring.

Random generated pictures (see link above) will be posted here shortly. If you wish to share, post in this thread. Pictures in this post are up for grabs, first come first serve et cetera.

Your random picture:





White Chicks








Black Chicks




Old Chicks






White Dudes




Black Dudes




Old Dudes




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