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[IC] TAC Equipment.

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This is a list containing the current number of craft available to the TAC Pilots on the Grant.(Correlates ICly)


F-76 'Thunderbolt':

Active: 8

Reserve: 4

Total: 12

Our 'TAC' fighter. Easy to replace, but the pilots aren't.



VT-2 'Caracara':

Active: 4

Reserve: 2

Total: 6

This craft is very valuable. Losing it is a massive pain in my and the Captain's ass to replace. So please do not fly like a maniac in these things.





These stats I am going to have correlate IC, I feel it will cause RP, and make it more logical that if we lose a lot of fighters/vtols things will be needed to be done to prevent more loses until they are replaced. Losing expensive aircraft will make it feel like the things we have are more valuable and are not easily replaceable or at least not quickly replaced.

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