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Admin Meeting Minutes

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August 6th, 2017




Opening Notes From Xalphox

Continue to exceed mission quotas.
Admins in red are close to being removed.
Stop being dicks to other admins in admin chat when that burning passion could be directed to addressing the new players.
Marauders are probably best faction alongside Engineer.
Fleet is dwindling.  Great.  Perfect.  PERFECT.
Marines are "doing their job".
Xal has taken over ownership of starshiptroopersrp.net domain from Ackua



Resigning from XA position.
Will maintain hold on advisory/development role. Ackua's experience with running communities will ensure position on community advisory board.
Will still hold access to the Remote Console/Desktop--can assist with server crashing.


Excited to be back and get to work!


Back from finals.

Hopes to be useful again.


Will work to improve admingeship abilities and become more respected, as were in past times.


Concerns about people making fun of others for trying to RP.
Specifically, had issue with people harassing another player due to their SecondLife affiliation.


Complaint about roleplay descriptions.
Trying to cut down on meming people.
Has reported that players are requesting more Garrison style events/drops.  Passive RP opportunities.


"Was going to say the same thing as Tony -- To add on, players have raised concerned over being rushed, or pushed around, during events. Not that I want to dictate how people run them, I myself don't want that, but a suggestion in taking care to let people roleplay. Even if you have 20, or 30 people, try give them space to rp and take actions."


"Been busy with finals last week and also finished graduating, so haven't been too active this week due to that. Also, going on a mini-loa this week as I'll be on vacation, so there's that.  Will be back this coming Saturday/Friday"


LOA starting Friday; back on the 27th.
Chosen Marauder XO == Jish; he is currently on LOA but will return Monday/Tuesday.


Psychic stuff is moving forward now that Tonic is more free.
Psychic Lore is posted.
Psychic Abilities is being worked on.
Direct/Useful lore will follow up Abilities; Lithium, Reaper, etc.
Absolutely no IC response due to puzzles starting on storyline>>treated as though the puzzles were not solved.


MI Biweekly Report

New MI lead after Franco has resigned from position.
Ranks are fine.
Aussie Internet sucks.


Engineering wise, faction is performing weekly trainings.
Believes that problem with certain people such as XXXXX, certain individuals don't wish to respect Bohannon.  Encourages admins to backup Bohannon and be open to discussion with him rather than bashing him.
Xalphox has responded with informing the admin team that a lack of interest in encouraging or enabling fellow admins, or actions that weaken the bonds within the team will result in removal from the team.


Nothing to say.

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