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Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

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2ARS.gif  "If you want something done..."


 "Do it yourself"        giphy.gif



Amanda Jane Winters


Character Theme



Name: Amanda Jane Winters

Place of Birth: Iskander, Loreal District 

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 9 


Renegade ████ | ██████ Paragon






Weight: 63.5kg

Hair colour: Bronde

Eye colour: Blue



"Smile for the flash Fucker!" 3Spc Amanda Winters on her first deployment on Iskander against Black Cross.



"Final Transport is out, GET TO THE DROPSHIP!" MSpc. Amanda Winters at the EVAC on Terra.



"Throw up the black banner... time to show these fuckers." - Lt. A. Winters



"Nailed it!" - 2nd Lt. Amanda Winters commanding HAMMER Squadron



"Fuck off its blonde now!" Lt. Amanda Winters on the black market of the outer colonies.



Rank: Lieutenant

Branch: Engineering

Date of Enlistment: 12/03/2296

Years of Service: 3

Bounty Designation:

Queen of Hearts


Injury Record:

1 x Broken left thigh,

1 x Broken right leg,

1 x Broken Rib

2 x Broken Shoulder

1 x Broken Scapula

1 x Shattered Lumbar Vertebrae


Service Record:




utNYulF.pngMobile Infantry: SAW Spec.

lkbsTE3.pngMobile Infantry: Carbine Spec. 

jSkY4w0.pngMobile Infantry: DMR Spec.

vFVoHhi.jpgMobile Infantry: Long Range Radio Signaler Course.

WopzYq7.pngMobile Infantry: Officer Candidacy School


Akib2Y2.pngMedical: Combat Life Saving Training.


xhGDKPK.pngEngineer: Sapper School.

mJwYeMw.pngEngineer: Weapons Technican.

uXKzMzg.pngEngineer: Munitions Spec.

XMjIWc1.pngEngineer System Technician Spec.

c69Mr1p.pngEngineer MEC Qualification Spec.




Prupleh.pngSpecialisation ribbon.pngEngineering Service Ribbon.gifEngineering.pngVeterancy.pngLambda.pngMeggido.pngOmegaAward.png

Mobile Infantry Cross

Distinguished Service Medal

Good Conduct Medal

Purple Heart Second Class Award x2

Mobile Infantry Specialization Ribbon 

Specialization to Engineering Ribbon

Outstanding Service to Combat Engineering Ribbon

Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon

Operation Lambda Theatre Ribbon 

Operation Meggido Theatre Ribbon

Operation Omega Theatre Ribbon


Rct > Pvt > Pfc > 3Spc > 2Spc > Spc > SSpc > MSpc > LCpl > Cpl > Sgt > TSgt > 2Lt > TSgt > 2Lt



2 x Children

1 x Deceased Spouse

Characteristics: Happy go lucky, party hungry




Amanda was born to a happy family on Iskander, being raised on the Federal Values, she found herself becoming more patriotic towards the Federation growing up, always believing in the right of citizenship as she climbed her way to the top, excelling in everything she studied she appeared to be on some journey to go as high as she can go in the Federation.




Although enlisting in her first operation wasn't the best either being stuck at an outpost with the 103rd Morita Batallion she was attached to the engineering division on the base, to maintain shop with a few others, 3Spc. J. Price, Spc. H. Ganzalez, 3Spc. C. Martinez, although a rocky hell they found themselves stuck there until the mining colonies had been established, it soon became apparent that Winters would not remain idle...


(Outpost Gorgona)


Chapter 1: Big Expectations.


(Terra Neue 2297) 


Operation Omega

The defining part in her career Operation Omega was the first contact battle between Humanity and The Progenitors and Winters found herself stuck in the vanguard.


She soon found out why they had called this a massacre VERY quickly.


Drop-ship after drop-ship fell from the sky before her, but yet in the chaos she found comfort in her comrades, fighting and staying together throughout the war.

Winters found her judgement day come when the fields of Apilex were overrun and the retreating Infantry fled into the tunnels to pursue a guerrilla war against the Progenitors, with only forty men remaining of her battalion she rallied them all with prayers and remembrance to why they fight for the Federation never caving to a single thought of doubt as she continued her career, she found herself on the receiving end of a plasma burn to her right leg, if it wasn't for a certain Specialist Martinez, she'd never of have made it off the field that.


It was a long trip home with the Sephton, some last ditch attempt at escape, fighting tooth and nail for every resource they could desperately scrape together.

But we survive.

It is the need, the drive and the urge to fight for a tomorrow.

And that truly is what kept her sane for the years to come.



Chapter 2: Operation FUBAR


The fall of Terra.


"It was a silent night, when they came from the depths of the void, pressing their ever expanding claws onto the galaxy, I remember them more as a plague.

Sweeping across this Galaxy to make us docile and follow their every whim.

No more.

We've been getting pounded and it isn't stopping, we are moving to the Geneva Federal Building." - Lt. Jason Harrison

The Evac was tough on everyone.

Losing was a new concept and during the conflict, Amanda fought hard for her life but every victory she'd bring only defeat followed her other units.

For they could win every battle of the country, but lose the Continent.




Winter's was stuck in the Capitol of the Federation, Geneva.

While on EVAC and rescue duty for any Federal Personal still present, her unit were ambushed in the main Federal Square.

She took many casualties and some of her friends would never leave the planet.

But she pressed on, fighting and beating back Progenitor attack's that tried to breach the EVAC zone's.

 A hard fought battle but it was becoming desperate as roaming bands of civilians went out.

This began a looting spree in the chaos of a Progenitor Invasion, we maintained order but it was soon swept aside as clouds began to form off the coast.


The worst was yet to come.


The day Winter's saw her old ship burn up in atmosphere was the day she truly was about to give into fate.

The UCF-140 John F Kennedy.



The wreckage falling and taking out entire apartment' complexes as the Ark soon followed bringing its destructive firepower to bare onto the poor city below, thousands die every second and the attrition rate is NOT in our favor. The drones came out in uncountable numbers as we fought tooth and nail for the street's but little by little the beleaguered defenders pulled back.



The outline of EVAC was simply 
1. Prioritize the evacuation of VIP's

2. Ensure that L-Z's are safe and protected

3. All citizens and civilians get to the closest Chek drive capable ship

4. Get to Sanctuary at all costs



Its never as simple as they explain in the briefings huh?


"Get to the dropship!" - SSpc. Amanda Winters Terra, 2298


Coming Soon, Civil war.








Diary and Art-book of Amanda Winters.


Chapter one: Small flames become the fire to engulf the world.


"Hello, so dear myself I guess?"


Why am I using speech marks in a diary?


Off to a lovely start so...

I haven't wrote in this diary since I was a specialist so let me give you the DL me!

So You moved up in the ranks!

 - Master Specialist

 - Sergeant

 - Technical Sergeant

 - 2nd Lieutenant!


I passed OCS and I am officially a fully graded Junior Officer!

Its not an easy job.

My boss is the type of guy who will kill you if you mess up.

But I get swanky office and I have been ever grateful for the people I work with.



^^ Its awesome!


Anyhow its February 28th, 2299.

I think I am starting to hate this unit.


Chapter Two: Humble layings?



So I drew Lily when she came in,

and I can happily say she's a good friend, shes a trooper through and through doing her job to the best of her ability, I consider her quite close as I continue this journey.

Its weird, I am accepting salutes and this ma'am stuff is growing on me, I do my best but I feel like I am trying to prove myself like a puppy to everyone.

I am rambling but eh.


Chapter 3: A new friend



Dear Diary, 

Got drunk again in the ol' office.

Life is great it seems, missing him and dealing with all this shit is pretty GREAT!

Stuck from dropping.

But I have a great drawing of me and Zipora.

Gonna do the greatest job ever!

She's raised me up.

FUCK IT, we'll do it live!


Chapter 4: A long way from home.



Dear Diary.


Its been a couple weeks and I am slowly warming up to Major Bently, although if he'll ever see me as salvageable and such i'll never know.

Engineering continues forward, no relent, no stopping.

We keep overcoming all our targets it shocks me to think what we could be and where we can go.

We'll see.


Chapter 5: Its been awhile...



"Clean this mess up Winters!" 

"Yes Sir." 



So alot has happened, people have come and go. It continues as expected and I helped the General so I guess that's a bonus, went back to OCS and became an officer, now its back in the saddle and getting things sorted...

So still no closer to Lieutenant, I gotta prove myself to Bently and to my Division, I must do what I can to keep fighting.


It goes drags each day out, maybe i'll get through it.


Also now I am Larsen's clean up lady... That's great!


Chapter 6: The end...



"You think we dont have a plan?" 


Prison is fun, guess its that time of year again, Sky Marshals thrown us under the bus and now we face charges of treason, anyone who tries to fight it dies...

Emmetts gone, Jalones, soo many dead.

I keep fighting, we keep pushing and WE GET THE FUCK OUT!

Or die trying...


Chapter 7: Here we go again...



"I dont smoke..."

Traitors, Fugitives, outlaws...



You want me to be a traitor Ortiz?

So be it.

I will be the bandit you dream me to be.

I will prove our innocence.

All your dear hopes and dreams will burn once I am done with.

The Wolves of Winter shall come and dethrone you.

Nothing else matters but ORTIZ!





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Personal Relationships

Mobile Infantry:


Darius Hawke: A man I trust with my life, he's man devoted to the Federation. A man I can respect and follow anytime.


Zealious Odin: He's a man of principle and knows what to do.

Does his job and can have a laugh


Sebastian Bently: I found myself terrified to be around you at first, you were a legend and set a bar so I high I was scared...

Now I see him as one person i'll trust and maybe a good friend but he's always a GRRREEAAAAT Talker... but eh, him and White are happy.


Aaron Holtz: You still owe me a dinner.

Good guy and a staff sergeant and doing the best thing he can to help everyone, they see him as a parent figure.


Eric Shepard: He's an idiot, cut some seppy's ear off and had to 'martial him.


Tatsuo Okazaki: He's alright, good kid. Learned alot in his time and has some stars in his eyes.

Going out with Blackburn, He's a friend.

Sorry about Sierra, you can do better you asian beta male.


Noemi'Tidbit': A small woman, she came in at 17, wanted to get her service out the way and decided hell why not?

Now she's just floating around, quite innocent.

She's so kind and a great friend, sometimes just seeing her makes me smile.

She's got alot to learn but slowly she's getting there, Chase is a sketchy character if i've ever seen it.


Greg: He is one of the newer people on the Grant, he’s massive, hope he does come to engineers, feel I can steer him in a good direction.




Seraphine'Sunny' Von Strattmann: She's a trooper who's been through alot, she enlisted with her brother and I wish we could sit down and chat more.

That was the zero-gee walk of the century, you're a friend


Cinder Linh: Still stuck up as ever but love you to bits, good to see someone from the old wolf pack survived.


Joe Kalas: An engineer who transferred in, good lad and knows his stuff, so far he shows promise. 


Bradley Tanner: A chill dude who's going out with Bronson, good guy, seems to have transferred in, didn't see that coming a mile off before it hit.


Alice Carmine: So far they seem friendly and such, I do my best to hand hold them and make sure they are ready for the big steps, sorta like an older sister attitude but then again, Carlos died to protect her.

My Girl has grown up and realised how cruel this Galaxy can be.



Maxine Valentine: She's gone through alot and came out on top, she's there in case me and the tech kick the bucket, at least should death come for me, i'll die happy knowing she can be there to step up.


Cait 'Teddy' Donovan: She's a keen one she is, keeps up her good work and she'll make something of herself, Donny as I call her is a very good engineer taking the days as they fly by, seems they have a knack for getting into trouble. She's something else. 


Sam Carter: Laylands last apprentice, I miss the old man too, good kid, he's Bronny's apprentice, he knows his stuff. Gotta grab a drink on RnR sometime.


Hecle Phan: Good guy, new third spec', got ALOT more to learn.

Learning alot, kids getting the ropes faster than I realised.

He's alright, after speaking to him, he's gonna fit in well around here.


Atichat Saiphan: Good engineer who has proved himself, good lad.


James Reacher: Poor kid I had to save, was fun doing JAG for the poor kid.

He's a good kid who proved himself on the bug hell-hole, I trust him.




Erhart 'Runt' Strattmann: Good kid and Sera's brother.


Sheamus Leeds: Medical guy who got a rough break, good kid and all.




Noami Hawthorne: I trust this woman more than anything for what she did for Sunny,

I owe her a favor I better pay that back someday.


Mira Oberlin: She's a new one, great tech, rivals to Bronson, Cunningham likes her so its whatever and it seems I was wrong, she's a lively figure who has a personality.


Shane Emmett: A MIPOD operative who is very keen to shine, a bright light around the Grant he never fails to surprise me, for better or for worse.

You know something, Fuck you.


Victoria Rose: We operated together during a little golf trip and cuddling her to stop frostbite, yeah I know thats a story I am never telling my kids but she's a bright kid and knows her limits 

She was transferred out.




MIvuEbz.jpgJoshua Edwards:

Good guy, a guy I consider a friend on the ship who can be a good counsel and friend also can be an absolute fucker when he wants to be. Prick.




Sierra Blackburn: That bitch dumped Tat's over not having his limbs.


Amanda Whitfield: She’s a lieutenant in Fleet, good gal, has tea with me as we discuss stuff.

The Fallen, the discharged, the washouts:


(KIA) Leana Wells: She's the prophet of the church, she's funny and quite chilled.

Rest in peace you lizard lining crazy motherfucker, rest easy up there.


(Discharged) Lily Parker: She's an amazing friend, one truly a worthy trooper to serve, asked me for a girls night out, i'll consider it.

You left, it seems that promise never was kept, I am sorry.


(Transferred) Lowell Hartwick: A boy thrown into a war of the past, he's okay.

Transferred to Golf Company, kid grew smart and realised he wasn't cut out for 


(Discharged) Sofia Holloway: You need to stop staring at my ass.

She got rejected by Falco, Ouch. You can do better.

She did, she came, she left.



(Transferred) Tzipora "Zippo" Bronson: Carly saw something in her.

I dont know what but i'll see it with time, seems she's sleeping with Tanner.

HOWEVER it seems I was wrong, theres more behind this geeky over confident fuck.

She's great...


"Hey, this song is catchy Bronson." 

She's Gone


Grace Corbin: The Tiger ace I wish would join engineering, good medic and has repaired more body more than I can count.

Congratulations you fucking idiot.


Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


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6 hours ago, Eternal Light said:

Whitty if poss. ❤️


13 hours ago, Lilypad said:

Lily Parker when

 BAAM and the dirt is gone

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