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Neal Stevenson, The Eagle Ace

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"Nothin' like droppin' six tonnes of napalm on some asshole bugs."


Basic Information


Name: Neal, H Stevenson

Other Aliases: 'Eagle' 'Not-Stevie'

Place of Birth: Flira, Hombar State, Faraway 

Date of Birth: June 28, 2271

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11



Physical Description:


Neal stands at a solid 5'11, a few inches shorter and less built than his brother. But he was in no way weak, he kept himself fit and strong for if there was ever an event where he needed to fight for survival. He keeps his hair short and his face shaved for his duties. He usually wears his black flight-suit with his armor over it, in white letters on the front it says 'Stevenson' and has his rank embroidered on it. He wears a holster holding his peacemaker on his left thigh in the event he gets shot down he has defense. He always wears his fleet beret proudly, only replacing it with his flight helmet during missions.


Weight: 175lbs

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Visible Scars/Injuries:

- Large stab scar on his stomach


Military Information


Rank: Lieutenant Commander



Branch: Federation Fleet



Date of Enlistment: August 31, 2290

Years of Service: 9 Years.

Service Record:

Academy: Cdt - Cm

Service on the Dauntless: Cm - Po - CPo - 

Service on the Grant: CPo - SCPo - OCdt - Ens - FLt - LtCdr - FLt



 - Gallant Unit Citation

- Several Theatre Ribbons

- Various other service ribbons (none for fleet so I have to make due guys)


- Purple Heart x2

- Veteran Combat medal

- Distinguished Service medal

- Combat ACE medal x2


Personal Information


Father: FLt. Brendon Stevenson (Deceased)

Mother: Jacklyn Stevenson (Alive)

Brother: MSpc. Patrick Stevenson (Deceased)

Spouse: Ens. Amanda Whitfield (Alive)


Strengths: Skilled pilot, Experienced, Comedic, Strong-Willed.

Weaknesses: Does Stupid Brave shit, Risk taker.




Neal was born in Flira, Faraway to his mother and father. He was born three years after his brother Patrick and was often looked over by his older brother, but also Neal learned many lessons from his older brother with his father away often for Service in Fleet. Unlike his brother Neal joined the fleet, following his father's wishes. Neal went to the academy, though not getting as high of scores as others he decided to join TAC to follow his father's footsteps. After TAC school he was stationed on the Dauntless, serving there and through several campaigns gaining valuable experience. During the Civil War Neal was in the sixth fleet coalition, he gained many Air to Air kills and got dog fighting experience, soon becoming a well known ACE within the flotilla. After the Civil war during an operation on Percy's Landing his fighter was hit and shot down by Hoppers, his co-pilot and best friend died in the crash and he was assumed dead by the federation, and he went missing for two months before finally being found by Mobile Infantry, starving and malnourished. He was sent home for recovery before he was stationed on the Grant on personal request, where he climbed the ranks using his skill in an aircraft.



Personal Relationships


Love|Admiration|Considered Bro/Sis|Best Friend|Friend|Liked|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Disliked|Hated|Fears

(Request to be added, will not be added other-wise):

TSgt Tzipora Bronson:


"I don't know her all that well. I know she advanced the ranks up in engineering quite quickly and has earned herself a place there. I think my brother knew her way more than I did."


Sgt Lowell Hartwick:


"He's a good kid. For the long time i've known him he's seen to warmed up a bit more to me than he used to like me in the past. I know when we first met we didn't really agree on most terms and didn't get along but I'm glad we do now. I guess the thing you and the new girl have could be considered a fleet/MI union of sorts, hopefully it fixes relations."


FLt Carson Sawyer:


"I like her a lot, she's got looks and a good attitude, and is one hell of a pilot. Switches romantic partners a lot, but that's fine. She's already collecting herself some ribbons and medals, which is impressive considering the amount of time she's spent on the Grant. Where I've run countless missions and haven't been given shit. I envy her for being young and similar to myself in some ways back before I got rank and everything. I'm also, so, so sorry for what happened after our ship went down. I'm not good at showing emotion, but I feel terrible. I'm just happy you're alive."


The gone but never forgotten:


MSpc Patrick Stevenson:

"The Brother, the man. He was there since the day I was born, and always was there for me. We were raised together, and we were close as two brothers could be without gay shit. I loved him and when he died I felt a morale drop the size of a cruiser. But it's fate, and there is nothing I can do to stop fate. He was born and bred for the battlefield and I will always have a place for him in my heart."


Retired/Disappeared(If you happen to reappear, you will be re-added to the main section):




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hartwick faggot


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Tzipora Bronson

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