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Mira V. Oberlin - AWOL

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[Mira, pictured above in her family's home in Valrinth, Kredia. Taken May 2nd, 2290]





Basic Information


Name: Mira V. Oberlin

Place of Birth: Tillamook, Oregon - Terra

Date of Birth: May 15th, 2272

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"



Physical Description:


Weight: 160lbs. 

Hair Colour: Dark Brown/Black

Eye Colour: Green-Brown


Related image

[Pfc. Mira Oberlin pictured above, being 'chewed out' by Sgt. Miles Gillette. 08/21/2294] 

"Look, I swear, I wasn't one of the.. C'mon, seriously? I don't even fuckin' KNOW the guy!"


Military Information


Rank: Warrant Officer

Branch: MIPOD

Date of Enlistment: 6/21/2292 --- 6/28/2294

Date of Re-Enlistment: 1/04/2299

Years of Service: 2.

Service Record:

07/04/2292: Arrived at Camp Gallagher to begin her Infantry Training. 

08/29/2292: Graduated at Camp Gallagher, Corrvika.

09/03/2292: Arrived at the 87th Mobile Infantry Battalion.

09/09/2292: Promoted to Private following her first deployment.

10/08/2292: Promoted to Private First Class.

12/01/2292: Awarded the Combat Action Medal.

01/26/2293: Promoted to Lance Corporal.

02/18/2293: Awarded the Veteran Combat Medal.

05/21/2293: Promoted to Corporal.

07/01/2293: Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

09/12/2293: Partook in Operation Foxhole.

11/11/2293: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.

01/21/2294: Promoted to Sergeant.

03/04/2294: Demoted to Corporal.

04/13/2294: Promoted to Sergeant.

06/21/2294: Entered retirement with her citizenship.

09/05/2294: Joined the local police force in Valrinth, Kredia.

09/21/2295: Shattered right femur via 12-Gauge Buckshot, point-blank.

10/12/2295: Honorable Discharge from the Police Force due to injuries.



Post-Military Employments


01/10/2296: Employment with 'SilStar Industries' after funding for rehabilitation and surgery.

Rank: LCpl.

BranchStandard Operator for QRF - Charlie Five.


04/12/2296: Deployed to Kredian Storm Sector D-8.

05/28/2296: Joint Operational assault on Arbecta, effectively clearing the city of pirate presence (JTF made up of SSI Operators (QRF) and Planetary Defense Forces).

07/02/2296: Operation Silver Eagle commences, JTF consisting of the 72nd Mobile Infantry and ten QRF squads, one MSF unit from SSI. Valrinth retaken and placed under Federation control, making it the strongest foothold on the planet for the UCF.


10/13/2296: [REDACTED]


11/29/2296: Reassigned as MSF Unit PS-02designation "MonolithOperator, ranked Sergeant. Based at station Aesthicia-6 for training.

01/07/2297: MSF PS-02 sent out for Tier III Outbreak Containment at Beluros-9.

03/14/2297: [REDACTED]

05/19/2297: [REDACTED]

08/04/2297: [REDACTED]

10/17/2297: [REDACTED]




Data Requisition in progress....









01/04/2299: Re-Introduced into MI, directed to MIPOD at the rank of Master Specialist.

01/26/2299: M.I.P.O.D. Handler Program complete, concluded Tier VI Psychic.

02/11/2299: Enlistment into the 3rd PsiOps Detachment, ranked Technical Sergeant.

03/19/2299: Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for actions in the field.

03/26/2299: Promoted to Warrant Officer.



Image result for Video game

[SSgt. Mira Oberlin pictured above moments after a Re-Containment Call, 02/09/2298]

"We've got five minutes to pack our shit, and stop this fucker from getting down to Chevvorik. Move it!"


All Awards and Commendations





General Specialization Ribbon



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon



Purple Heart




Combat Action Medal




Veteran Combat Medal



File:Good conduct.png

Good Conduct Medal




Distinguished Service Medal


Personal Information



Elania Oberlin, Mother, 49. [DECEASED]

Arthur Oberlin, Father, 51. [DECEASED]

Vera Oberlin, Sister, 23. [UNKNOWN]

Ens. Jacob Oberlin, Brother, 23. [ALIVE]



Mira was born during a family vacation to Terra. Specifically, Tillamook, Oregon of North America. Her family was relatively well to do, as both parents worked for the Mining Company 'Zalgot'. Both held corporate jobs, with the largest facility based on Kredia. Oberlin worked minor jobs, be it bar-tending, or working at the nearby diner. Once she turned 18, she enlisted into the Mobile Infantry, followed by her sister two years later.




Mira found herself almost five years later back in the spot she left in the MI, only this time, with a strange set of skills at her disposal. She worked with OSW for some time after the required training was put in place, due to both her ex-MI status, CQC expertise from her time in SSI, and her aggressive Psychic prowess. After participating in a number of operations, she found herself transferred into the 3rd PsiOps Detachment aboard the Ulysses S. Grant.



Related image

[Mira Oberlin shown above during her psychic therapy on the planet Iskander.]

"I can't go back. You and I both know that's the -fucking- truth, so don't lie to me like this. Whatever the fuck happened -isn't- leaving me anytime soon."


Personal Items


Death Grips - Exmilitary CD ~ It appeared a number of initials were written on one side of the CD.

QRF C-5 Badge

MSF PS-02 Badge

SSI Issued Lighter

One Light Blue Sobraine Cigarette



Personal Relationships


Interested | RespectedTrustedClose Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed Hated 

 = Sanity | = Deceased |  = Retired/Transferred

[Ask to be added]


 Leana Wells 


DATE: 03/04/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Alright, we've finished everything else on the list for today, so I'll make this as brief as possible. I know you're new to the unit and everything, but I want to know how you're doing. Socially, at least. Sometimes, what we did can stunt peoples social capabilities.


Oberlin: Yeah, yeah, let's just get on with it.


Lt. 0000.: Oberlin.


Oberlin: Sorry. Can we get on with it, -Ma'am-?


Lt. 0000.: *Audible sigh* First one. Sergeant Leana Wells.


Oberlin: Second platoon turned first? Yeah. She's cool. Kinda fuckin' psycho, but REAL efficient in the field. I can get behind a woman like that.


Lt. 0000.: Don't you feel she can be a little 'rash' at times?


Oberlin: I wouldn't call her rash. It's more like she's just not a little bitch. Got more balls than any male NCO we got.


Lt. 0000.: Anything else you'd like to add, Oberlin?


Oberlin: Nada. Haven't talked to her save for her request to fuck me. Don't worry, I said no. I would never cheat on you.


** A brief pause ensues, before finally, Lt. 0000 speaks up in a rather frustrated tone. **


Lt. 0000.: Oberlin.


Oberlin: -- Yes, Ma'am?


Lt. 0000.: Do I have to ask for you to be transferred out over harassment?


Oberlin: Jesus, it was just a joke. Sorry.


Lt. 0000.: I'll consider this the end of this logging. You're dismissed.



DATE: 03/25/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin


Lt. 0000.: So, Oberlin. I'm sure you've heard the news by now of Sergeant Wells' injuries, and medical discharge.


Oberlin: Yeah. I have.


Lt. 0000.: How do you feel about this?


Oberlin: I mean, we lost a solid trooper. Sure, they didn't die, and I'm happy for 'em that they got to go home 'n all. But, it'll be a lil' different with them not around. You know?


Lt. 0000.: Yes. I understand what you're saying. Do you have anything else to add, Oberlin?


Oberlin: I hope she doesn't make the same mistake I did, Ma'am. I'd hate to see some chick like -her- turn out like -me-.


Lt. 0000.: What exactly do you mean by that?


Oberlin: They should stay down. Don't re-enlist, don't go to some backwater fuck-off PSC place, just because they're 'bored' like I was. Just stay down, and enjoy the retired life. It's not worth it.


Lt. 0000.: Are you saying you regret your decisions that led you here to the Mobile Infantry again, Technical Sergeant?


Oberlin: Yes, Lieutenant. As a matter of -fuckin- fact, I am.


Lt. 0000.: Oberlin.


** A heavy sigh is heard from Oberlin as a metal chair squeaks. **


Oberlin: Apologies, Ma'am.


Lt. 0000.: This will be the end of our logging, Oberlin. I expect to see you soon enough.



Lowell Hartwick


DATE: 03/05/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Right. Now, let's dive right into it. We've got no time to waste. I'll start you off with Sergeant Lowell Hartwick.


Oberlin: Hartwick? Dude's okay. A little on the retarded side, but other than that, he's not brain dead in the field. Better than some of the other NCO's out there, for sure. Just needs a little push in the right direction. You feel me?


Lt. 0000.: Anything else you'd like to add?


Oberlin: I got nothing else, Looey. Am I free to go now?


Lt. 0000.: No. We've got more to go through.




Shane Emmett


DATE: 03/05/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Private First Class Emmett. Or, Second Specialist. Whichever you prefer.


Oberlin: I wasn't aware the Federation had child soldiers in their ranks, Ma'am.


Lt. 0000.: And what makes you say this, Oberlin?


Oberlin: The dude was childish as hell when I first met him. God knows how he made it through bootcamp. He's gotten... Better? Kinda. Not really. He's still pretty retarded. I can't tell if he just needs beaten harder by some NCO, or what. He makes a LOT of stupid decisions, and at one point or another, he's gonna get someone hurt.


Lt. 0000.: Anything else to add, Mira?


Oberlin: Nope. I got nothin' else, Ma'am.




† Otis Wade 


DATE: 03/05/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Major Otis Wade.


Oberlin: Yeah. I met him back when I worked with the Pathfinders for a few months. He's actually the first person I ran into. I mean, who wasn't OSW.


Lt. 0000.: And what were your thoughts of the man?


Oberlin: One of the few Intel Officers I find bearable. He HAS to be ex-MI, or something like that. There's no way he isn't.


Lt. 0000.: Anything else you would like to add, Technical Sergeant?


Oberlin: Nope. Nothing else, Ma'am.




Rowan Burke


DATE: 03/13/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Specialist Rowan Burke.


Oberlin: Burke... The medic, right?


Lt. 0000.: Correct.


Oberlin: Never seen her actually work on anyone, save for some guy with diabetes when me and her got stuck in the hangar. Not to bad of company, though. Not a total slag, either. Do I know much about her? Nope. Is she 'ight? Mhmm.


Lt. 0000.: Anything else you'd like to add, Oberlin?


Oberlin: She's fairly innocent. Hasn't seen that black underbelly yet, it seems.


Lt. 0000.: Black underbelly of what, exactly?


Oberlin: [REDACTED].


Oberlin: I've got nothin' else, Ma'am.


Lt. 0000.: -- Right. Yes. You are dismissed.




Avacyn Moon


DATE: 03/18/2299

P: Lt.0000, TSgt. Oberlin



Lt. 0000.: Warrant Officer Avacyn Moon. What are your thoughts on the woman?


Oberlin: Moon? Shit, we got along from the moment we met. You know when you see someone and it's just like -- Click -- You just know you're gonna be friends?


Lt. 0000.: And why is this, exactly? What makes you believe this?


Oberlin: I look at it like this. We both hate the same things, and both like making fun of Hartwick. It's like we're sisters.


Lt. 0000.: -- Right. Anything else you'd like to add, Oberlin?


Oberlin: Nada, Ma'am. That's all I got.




Jacob Oberlin


DATE: 04/01/2299

P: Lt.0000, WO. Oberlin


Lt. 0000.: Good morning, Oberlin. Congratulations on the promotion.


Oberlin: Thank you, Ma'am. Who's the next one on the list for the 'PR' stuff?


Lt. 0000.: Ensign Jacob Oberlin.


** Silence filled the room for a few moments before the Lieutenant's voice was heard again. **


Lt. 0000.: Miss Oberlin. Are you going to answer the question?


Oberlin: Is this like, some sort of attempt at mocking me?


Lt. 0000.: Why do you say that?


Oberlin: You people KNOW already. I told you EVERYTHING.


Lt. 0000.: I simply wish to record you and your siblings current relationship, Miss Oberlin. Do not get frustrated with me.


Oberlin: Let's run through this again, then. I know who he is, because that little fuckin' birdie in my head remembers him, but I don't KNOW who he is. I've never MET him, but I -know- I have. I didn't even recognize him by sight. I felt his whole gay-ass aura-presence bullshit when I turned the corner. I've never even seen his fucking FACE before. I--


Lt. 0000.: Oberlin. Slow. Down. You know him. He's your family.


Oberlin: What point are you missing? Did you just fucking skip over the whole 000000 00 0 000000000 00000 part? I don't remember ANYONE. Fuck, you people haven't even given me jack fucking -SHIT- on where, or even fucking WHO my fucking parents are. My -PARENTS-. All I have is this bullshit fuckin' medical note, and a dumb-ass necklace that I don't even remember how I got! Nor have you answered any of my fucking questions like you said you would. I don'--


Lt. 0000.: Oberlin!


** Silence once more overtook the room, before the Lieutenant spoke once more. **


Lt. 0000.: Another session of psychic therapy has been scheduled per month. If you speak like this again, I cannot assure you it'll be taken as lightly. Consider this the end of your interviews today.



Sophie Jonsson


DATE: 04/11/2299

P: Lt.0000, WO. Oberlin


Lt. 0000.: Good Afternoon, Oberlin. I hope the last session of MPT went well?


Oberlin: S'like all the rest of'em. Who're we doin' today, Looey?


Lt. 0000.: A Sergeant Sophie Jonsson. I'm sure you know them by now.


Oberlin: Oh shit, Soph. She's like, the only fucker around I actually like. No offense, Ma'am. You just like, don't have the same humor as me. Or. Like, any humor. At all.


Lt. 0000.: Oberl--


Oberlin: -- Sorry Ma'am.


Lt. 0000.: *Audible sigh* -- Right. Anything else you'd like to add?


Oberlin: She's cool as fuck, in my books. Honestly, she's probably the only person around I can call my friend. Banger as fuck, and nice to have around and all. Y'know? -- Shit, do you people up in the CIC even have friends? I sure as hell didn't when I worked in the Pee Eff department.


Lt. 0000.: Right. You are dismissed, Miss Oberlin.


Oberlin: That doesn't answer my question, Ma'am. Do you like, go out for drinks or shit like that? How do you people even like, survive up there? Boggles my fuckin' mind how I did for so many fuckin' months. Shit, you wanna go get drinks sometime, Miss? It'll be on me, I swear. I'll actually pay. I promise.





Hecle Phan


DATE: 04/12/2299

P: Lt.0000, WO. Oberlin


Lt. 0000.: Good morning, Oberlin. Sleep well?


Oberlin: Nope.


Lt. 0000.: Any reason for that?


Oberlin: Smackdown, Ma'am.


Lt. 0000.: Excuse me? What exactly is 'Smackdown'?


** Five minutes of Oberlin trying to talk Lt. 0000 into downloading the game 'Smackdown' before they finally moved on.


Lt. 0000.: -- No, I won't... Oberlin, we have things to do. We're continuing.


Oberlin: *Disappointed sigh* Fine. Who's it today?


Lt. 0000.: Specialist Hecle Phan. Engineering.


Oberlin: Yeah, the guy I trained. Or, more precisely, beat the fuck out of in the sparring ring. But don't worry. It was for training.


Lt. 0000.: -- Right. Your thoughts on the man?


Oberlin: Oh, he totally wants to fuck. I don't need to be a big brain to know that. Shit, I'm surprised he didn't pop a boner in the ring. That'd've been funny as fuck, if you ask me. Beatin' a fuckin' dude up so hard he pops one.


Lt. 0000.: *Sigh* Anything else you'd like to add, Oberlin?


Oberlin: Nada, Ma'am. That's all I got.



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what very [REDACTED] person, i really think she can be a [REDACTED] to the platoon. I really hope in the future she can [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

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So wait your saying that [REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED] Which in turn followed [DATA EXPUNGED] causing a tier 3 [DATABASE CORRUPTION] because of one [EXPLETIVE] with an amulet? Crazy

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1 hour ago, Medic said:

[OSW has locked this file due to REDACTED. See your commanding officer for more Information.]

OSW can [REDACTED]  my [REDACTED] and put their [REDACTED] in their [REDACTED]  those [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] they really  [REDACTED] [REDACTED]


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1 hour ago, El Excellente said:

OSW can [REDACTED]  my [REDACTED] and put their [REDACTED] in their [REDACTED]  those [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] they really  [REDACTED] [REDACTED]


[REDACTED] you have violated Article [REDACTED] of the Federal Code of Military Justice. Report to your nearest [REDACTED] and submit for [EXPUNGED] or [REDACTED] will be enacted. - [DATA EXPUNGED]

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1 hour ago, Rhode said:

[REDACTED] you have violated Article [REDACTED] of the Federal Code of Military Justice. Report to your nearest [REDACTED] and submit for [EXPUNGED] or [REDACTED] will be enacted. - [DATA EXPUNGED]


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14 hours ago, Rhode said:

[REDACTED] you have violated Article [REDACTED] of the Federal Code of Military Justice. Report to your nearest [REDACTED] and submit for [EXPUNGED] or [REDACTED] will be enacted. - [DATA EXPUNGED]

You little [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED] I'll have you know I graduated top of the class of the [REDACTED] and I am trained in [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] you little [REDACTED] watch how you are talking to me because im trained to [REDACTED] you in 20 different ways i have been deployed to [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  and [REDACTED]  ill have you know i will come over to [REDACTED] and i will [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  you you little [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]

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this chick only has [REDACTED] views because i keep making [REDACTED]  jokes about her [REDACTED]  [REDACTED]. People don't care about your character, they just think i'm [REDACTED]!

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