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Carson 'Fox' Sawyer [RETIRED]

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Sawyer, showing off her new facial scar. 28/05/2299









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Name:  Carson Delaney Sawyer
Alias(es): Fox

Rank: Wing Commander

Age: 20
Hometown: Newcastle, Britain, Terra
Affiliation: UCF
Specialization: TAC Pilot
Psychic Affinity: Not even empathetic 

Awards Granted:


   Ace Ribbon count: 7



Fleet Silver Cross count: 1


Combat Action Ribbon count: 2



Purple Heart count: 2



Prisoner of War count: 1







Father: James Carson Sawyer - 57 - Alive - Retired Fleet Captain of the Bainbridge
Mother: Annika Chenelle Sawyer - 57 - Alive - Retired Fleet Lieutenant - Navigations on the Bainbridge
Siblings: James Carson Sawyer Jr - 23 - Alive - Staff Sergeant Serving in Infantry - 44th 

Spouse:  N/A





Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" 
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Mesomorph
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Cybernetics: Right arm - elbow down




Mental State: ███████

Alignment: Neutral
Personality Type: Cheeky
Strengths: Smart, Quick on her feet, Piloting Skills, Combat effective.
Weaknesses: Mouthy, Arrogant








  [You Know The Drill]


Mobile Infantry


█████   Sebastian Bently - It's odd, how a few casual encounters and an emotional outburst can bind people together in the midst of despair. I've come to think of Bently as one of my closest friends and confidants. **He was in a coma, and now he's not. But his memory of the last few months is near gone. It saddens me. I feel like I have lost a friend entirely.  Bently. I miss you. It was nice seeing you the other day. 


██████   Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz - Greg is by far one of the tallest people I've ever met. I heard Shaw made him cry once- Greg though, he's like a big bloody teddy bear. Bloke is dumber than a box of rock, but would give you the shirt off of his back, and I can appreciate that. He's positively darling overall. 


██████   Jane Evans - She's one of the Sergeants- helped me deal with a Medic when I was injured. She totes around this little hamster now, he's become a mascot to the infantry. I like her, I think I want to speak to her more- it's so hard to have a private conversation these days. 


██████   Kendall Florian -  This kid has balls. He asked to sit near me and flirted pretty openly. Balls.


██████    Lowell Hartwick - We've talked. I suppose I'm no longer angry at him- just- sad. I really did care for him and he pushed me away. We talked again- he seems to care, seems to want to help, but I can't help but feel he doesn't understand what's happened to me, or how lost I truly am.


██████   Darius Hawke - I don't know anymore. I missed you so very much- but you've left me again. 


██████   Aaron Holtz - I tried to apologize. You lectured me and continued to rub my mistakes in my face.  I made a mistake, a singular mistake that I regret and for some reason, you believe yourself a paragon of all that is good and you judge me. At this point, I don't care- I used to, but no more.


██████   Tatsuo Okazaki - He's jovial and I like that about him, but I honestly don't know him very well. I know he's lost someone recently, I hope he's able to move past it.


██████   James Reacher - I'd like to say I know who he is, honestly. I might if I saw his face. But I honestly can't remember- is he a Corporal or Engineer or something? 


██████   Robert Shaw - When I first met Shaw, he was a Colonel, in the thick of it, he demoted himself to Warrant. We've chatted a few times, and each time is a little more enjoyable than the last. He's definitely someone I could fathom being friends with.


██████   Oliver Stanley - Who? I've no idea who you're on about.




██████   Sofia Holloway - I miss her.


██████   Hecle Phan - I'm sure he's an Engineer, I've met him a few times. He seems nice, I suppose. I don't know that much about him.


██████   Amanda Winters - She's less annoying at the moment. I don't mind her so much, though she tries to mother me sometimes. 





██████   Kristina Sigrun - She's fucking massive- like- a foot taller than me. She is also quite funny and has good bants.  




██████   Doctor Carter - I don't want therapy, just paracetamol, because everyone on this ship makes my head hurt. Thanks. 

██████   Naomi Vond - I'm sure she finds me insufferable and I was told she sees me as a threat- Honestly, I'm just cautious, the timing of her arrival seemed all too perfect. I'm not the only one that noticed this. I'm just the only one that's not played nice about it.





██████   Jennifer 'Blaze' Helstrom - She's fun to be around and a damned good pilot. I can't help but feel bad she's lost Oberlin the way she has. Losing your wingman is a terrible feeling. ** She's been promoted to my right hand, or wing? I'm not sure. I am sure I can count on her. 


██████   Alvaro Lupinacci - Everything happens for a reason, I suppose. What started off as playful banter on the bridge of the Grant turned into a close friendship. Now, our friendship blossomed into this wonderful thing that has brought life back to my heart. His touch awakens my soul in a way I thought only flying could. I cannot recall a time in my life where I have felt so completely connected with another person. He is mon ciel étoilé. ** I can only hope he sees how deeply I truly care for him, enough to put everything I want aside, so that he can step forward. / He has been at my side through everything- I cannot explain to him with words what he means to me, or how much I need him.


██████   Rohan 'Rafale' Mandella - My new burst of fire. I had my doubts when Blaze told me he was a good pilot, and then I got to see him fly.  He's the newest edition to my TAC wing and I couldn't be happier. *He's proven himself to be a rather adept pilot, though his attitude is a problem at times.


██████   Jeremiah Mazzoni - My heart has been broken into a million pieces and I am not sure I'll ever be able to put them back together. I will make sure your death meant something.


█████   Jeremy Nash - He's a cheeky cunt, but I enjoy being around him. He knows his shit and doesn't fuck about when it comes to his duties. I have found a good friend in Nash, the more I get to know him, the less bothered I am but his inability to knock before entering. *Nash knows me better than most- He is one of my dearest friends. I thought I could trust him. Apparently not. 


█████   Roksana Nejem - The holier than thou attitude has worn my patience completely thin. We all make mistakes. I've admitted to mine and worked to fix them, yet she keeps making the same one again and again. Perhaps a good, long look in the mirror might be in order. She's betrayed his trust and hurt him so much. I'm not sure I can ever forgive her for that. *She broke his trust and blames me for her actions. His anger with you has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.  I hope she keeps talking, she's going to end up losing a whole lot more than a tooth. I apologized to her. She seemed amicable. I'm not looking for friendship- just a truce, for Alvaro's sake. It won't do to have the two people he cares about most acting the way we do.


██████  Jacob 'Viper' Oberlin - I am so sorry- You had so much potential. 


██████  Arenea Saint Laurent - I don't know why she did what she did. I learned a lot in my short period of time serving under her. I miss her friendship. 


██████   Andrea 'Wolf' Schultz - The Wolf to my Fox. Eye-patch included. I love her - maybe some homo.


█████   Rangi Setu - He's a massive bloke. Makes me feel incredibly small. I've a fair amount of respect for him. He's spent quite a bit of time on the ground with the Infantry recently, I'm glad he's not been locked away in the comfort zone that is the bridge. 


██████   Neal Stevenson - After all we've been through, I can't be mad at him anymore. I don't have it in me. 


██████   Lisa 'Cobra' White - Part of my squad- I love this chick- no homo. **Sorry not sorry about the dress. It looks good on her. 


█████   Amanda Whitfield - She's married to Stevenson. I really like her, she's super nice, like I think a big sister should be. 





██████  Shane Emmett - I didn't hate this kid, watching him get decimated by the train wasn't pleasant in the slightest. He didn't deserve it. 

██████   Naomi Hawthorne  - I can't help but feel she judges me. Though, in the position I'm in, I can't do anything but trust her.  







Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins

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