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Argon elevated to XA

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Hi all,


For those of you who are unfamiliar - @Argon was an SSTRP admin until just a month or two ago when he unfortunately had to step back due to health and school reasons. He has held and continues to command a great deal of respect within both the admin team and amongst the playerbase who remember him, and for some time I have sought his council on a great number of matters. His honesty, his objectivity and his pragmatic no-nonsense approach to getting things done are qualities that have and I think will continue to serve the community well. In short, his blue name is just that - a blue name: he has all but held the role in spirit for some time now.


In his new role he will be responsible for the managing the story line of the Third Bug War alongside all the other managerial responsibilities that comes with being an XA. This hand over of responsibility from me to him affords me time to focus on development and averts the risk of my busy schedule becoming a bottleneck as it has done in the past.


I hope you all share my enthusiasm in welcoming him back.



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