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New Possible Squad System


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So, I've been thinking on this idea for a while and wanted to present it to the playerbase for feedback/thoughts. 


The idea would be quite simple. Giving people the option to take their IC friend groups/circles and make them into squads or teams. Encouraging people to make their own custom arm patches, wear their own camo or all specialize in the same weapon types. 

For an example:

Three people are good friends and want to be a squad. They call themselves the Cobras. The three of them have Admins give them the group name as nicknames, I.E: John 'Cobra' Doe. 

The three of them then make their own custom patch to wear in PAC. 




The main reason to do this would be to deepen IC friendships and relations and to give people a deeper sense of brotherhood in the unit. 


Anyone who has ideas on how to improve or alter this system, leave responses. I'm eager to see if people like the idea or not. 


Should the idea be appreciated and people want to see it, I'll sit down and put more work into it and make some official posts on it. Most likely creating a group on the Forums for people to post their groups, the members, their own custom rules, criteria to join, initiations and the likes. 

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Aslong as it is loose, it could work out, but it promotes elitism. If it's just a band of PFCs who call themselves the cobras, sure, why not, that's cute

But in the history of SSTRP we had so many squad systems (sergeants forming their own squads which players have to join) that it's getting a little silly. The logistics are the main issue here, what do you do when only one person of your squad is online in a mission.


I'm sort of against letting Corporals and above join or be part of a squad due to obvious favoritism and elitism issues; but it could be fancy for privates and co


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I believe it would create an issue during drops because if we have two teams but the members of one of the squads are split they could complain immensely which would cause more problems. If they were to all stay together then what's stopping all the Engineers from making a squad? Or all the Medics? Then you'd have no actual diversity in the fireteams without immense amounts of complaining.


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1 hour ago, Fluid said:

what's stopping all the Engineers from making a squad? Or all the Medics? Then you'd have no actual diversity in the fireteams without immense amounts of complaining.

Regarding drops, Drop leads aren't forced to pick an entire team to be in their squad. The 'Team/squad' system is mainly for passive. A prime example of this was Bently's group of friends from last year, where they weren't always put in the same squads, they didn't force themselves to be together. It was simply a group of close friends who wanted to make themselves identifiable as a group. This managed to create so much interesting Passive RP. It gave a real sense of being brothers in arms, and meant that there was this dread of "what if one of us dies" and the whole group coming together in the MedBay if one member was injured. 


1 hour ago, El Excellente said:

If it's just a band of PFCs who call themselves the cobras, sure, why not, that's cute

That's sort of the main idea. It's to give Enlisted something to do mainly. Have a group of people who may not feel important come together and make themselves important. 


Again, this squad system isn't required for drops. NCOs don't HAVE to pick an entire team to be in their squad. It's still Squad Leads choice. This saves the issue of having 6 Engies come together, making spreading out squads impossible. 


Of course, Squad leads can also take into account 'Hey, these three Pfcs are a group, they probably work well together, I want all three of them with me' But, obviously, evenly splitting squads should always happen. It's up to the NCOs to keep that in mind and take it into account. 

2 hours ago, nikb said:

Sounds clique-y to me, hm...

That's the point. Not all cliques are bad, in my opinion. When you look at the MI at the moment, you don't really see any close knit groups of pals. You don't see a small group of people who have their own little hang out spot in the Mess Hall, or all bunked up together in the Barracks being pals. It'd mainly be to add another layer of the 'Brothers in Arms' vibe that you'd see in Military units that is, in my opinion, sorely lacking. 


@Mighty Mouse Not sure how accurate the above statement is, but feel free to give your own views on the system, if it's reasonable or makes sense. 

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I can see it causing complications on drops to be honest, not only that but it reminds me of them clans people make on shooter games like Call Of Duty. Also I can see this ending badly and causing lots of circle jerks and elitism. I can imagine groups being like "Hey there, we are Faze group, we specialize in Snipers," Whilst wearing weird colour-ful camo, and I can't imagine anything worse than that. I will take ERP over a scenario like that, and I hate ERP.


We will see what happens I suppose. If the idea does happen, I will try and be open minded about it.

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You know what?

Yeah, I'd be down for this.

Sure, it might cliquey, but fuck it, what's so bad about that? You say it might cause problems on drops, but why? It's not like they've got to be in the same squad all the time.

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My issue with this is it becoming more ooc then actually IC, it could cause less passive rp for someone who isn't in a group or doesn't actually know anyone to be in a group with.


I don't know, I feel like this will break apart the community in to all separate groups instead of us being one platoon, though saying that, it shouldn't matter as much if it was enlisted exclusive and mainly revolved around passive.. Im just personally worried about it becoming an ooc thing, which is unfair for people who tend to stay out of touch with other players oocly. 


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