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Otis Wade

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Master Sergeant Otis Wade on a drop ship to the Sephton after the battle of Terra Neue (2297)



Height: 6'2

Weight: 236 pounds

Eye color: Green

Age: 30
DOB: 07/03/2269


Born in Buffalo, New York, Terra. Otis led an above average life. A straight A student all throughout his academic career and an exceptional athlete (Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse), Otis graduated his school as Salutatorian of the class of 2287 at Williamsville East High School. Otis enlisted in the mobile infantry with the hopes of earning citizenship to get a degree. After his two years of service, Otis returned to Buffalo, attending the University of Buffalo and graduating in 2293 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Two days after his graduation Otis re-enlisted, serving five more years in the Mobile Infantry before being offered a job as a communications officer upon an array situated upon an asteroid, spending a year there before an assault on the facility by The Black Cross in which the One Twelfth counter-raided the facility, wiping out The Black Cross operatives there and rescuing Otis from them. Otis was brought aboard the Grant and assigned as the communications officer aboard the ship and promoted to Major by Lieutenant Colonel Conchobhair.





Mira Oberlin: Haven't spoken to her much outside of us trying to get Odin and Saint-Laurent together, but she seems alright.

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