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Admyral Joe

Recruitment drive in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

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In the far edges of Outer Colony News, a small side article on FEDNET is visible.


A Recruitment drive has started for the Outer Colonies of Ulm & Novoid. Sitting at a collective population of under 100,000. The two planets have announced that they're expanding the incentives given to new colonists.

The offer seems to be part of a new drive by the system to populate the outer colony planets which has a population combined smaller than most colonies, leaving most of the population in the two main Cities. Haithabu of Novoid, and Nye Drammen of Ulm.

Immigration to the two systems has been increased since the results of the first Season of the Jump Ball League, where the Trappist Titans shocked many by beating significantly larger and more established colonies such as Wiaria, Pallas, Faxx & Cassandra and reaching the Playoffs in their first season.   

Whether this leads to another increase is to be seen, however with the destruction that occurred with the assault of the Progenitors, the offer of a new start is a tempting offer.


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