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Lick Me I have Leprosy

Seraphine Von Strattmann

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"Desperate people lose the thing that makes them human beings. They lose their heart. Anger and hate fills them so that they act like animals."

- Arlene J. Chai




General Information

Name: Seraphine Von Strattmann

Aliases: Sunny

Place of Birth: Berlin, Earth

Date of Birth: 16/07

Age: Twenty Five

Gender: Female

Height: Five foot Six

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Weight: One hundred and Forty Five Pounds

Blood Type: AB-




Familial Information

Father: Alfons Von Strattmann [Deceased]

Mother: Luna Von Strattmann [Deceased]

Siblings: Erhart Von Strattmann [Alive]




Occupational Information

Previous Occupation:  Industrial Sector

Current Occupation: Mobile Infantry, Engineering Detachment

Rank: Master Specialist

Current Posting: 31st Morita Regiment, 4th Mobile Infantry Division, 112th Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon

Notable Achievements: Notable Resistance Fighter during the Progenitor Invasion




Unit Relations


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Erhart Von Strattmann




"What am I supposed to say? We grew up together, fought side by side together and now we serve here together. I did everything to protect you but I know that one day you'll have to stand on your own two feet. Whatever happens, know that I am proud of you. Sun protect you, little brother."




"I try my best but every time I try, I seem to fall deeper and deeper down the hole. I wish I could find the confidence I need to wake up every morning and do something-- It's hard. Of course it is. You didn't even know half of the stuff I did to keep you safe but... Yet you still stay by me. Your colossal shipwreck of a sister. I've taken a hit, more than a few since we've arrived here and I know that it's not the end... For you. Maybe that psychic shit made me realize just how little time I have left. I hope one day, you'll get out of here without a scratch on you and you can go and live a new life away from death and destruction. It's not a life I can go back to but... If there's anything I can do to make sure that you get there, I'll do it. That's all my life's for, now."



Lowell Hartwick

[Big Boomer Actual]



"Sarge is a good sort, sure likes to kick Erhart around but I know why he does it. I don't actually know who the hell runs this 'Boomer' thing we were inducted into but he's got the highest rank out of all of us. I'll respect and follow him, nonetheless."




"Where the hell did you go?"




"Left with not even a word. It's nice to have you back and all, sure but... Why'd you just leave without saying anything? As everyone died, you seemingly just managed to escape it all... Should have been here. Maybe if you were, people wouldn't have died."



Frederick Stokes

[Stoic Boomer]



"The quiet man on campus. Always never really has much to say and typically stays in his books. Perhaps not the most interesting out of the bunch but on the field? He's capable, more than capable. I have a feeling that he'll go up the chain incredibly quick. Only time will tell, I suppose."




"He's a Corporal now, guess I was right. One of the few of our group left. Still quiet as ever."



Guy Nelson

[Prime Boomer Specimen]



"Guy is... Something. Always has an energy drink in his hand, listens to music I'd expect grandfather to have listened to and sometimes I can't even understand what on Earth he's saying. Still-- Character is a good thing, right?"




"So, I guess I'm your translator now and you've become a medic. I can only imagine how things go in the medical bay. Surprised anyone can understand you."



Shaun C. Merillo

[The Boomer Brain]



"The man who started it all. I don't know where this all came from but all I know is that it all came from his head... Fuck it, I'll roll with it."




"Heard you went out a hero, saved everyone else. You died, yeah but... You died standing. I'll look after the boys for you, make sure they keep going even with you gone. Least I can do."



Christopher Miller

[The Confusing One]


"I know why people stare at him, Erhart gets the same thing-- I can see past it and don't really care. He's actually very nice and does his job very well-- Suppose I should thank him for the advice on meditation at some point, it's helpful."




"Well, that... Went better than expected. I don't actually know what the hell to write down here about him. Is it that he's different? Is it that he seems so... Pure? I don't know. I'm sure he knows how much of a hassle I can be, how much of an overprotective psychopath that life's just happened to shape me into but-- Well, even after laying all of my flaws out on the table and feeling like I was on a one-way trip to an early grave with the only unknown being when, he turned around and did the absolute unexpected. He said yes. Honestly? Part of me is happy, perhaps the happiest that even I, the most royally fucked up human being in existence, can still find something in this pile of dogshit. The other part? The other part of me is absolutely terrified because I have absolutely no idea what the fuck I'm doing... Neither does he, really. How the fuck did I manage this?"






"Congratulations, Sera, you didn't fuck it up. Maybe things are turning around after all."


Amanda Winters

[Engineering Boss]


"She's the one that calls the shots for my detachment. Can't say that I know her too well on a personal level but-- Well, she taught me a majority of what I know now so I have her to thank for that."




"You know? She's a good boss. Seems like she's looking out for me and going above and beyond to do it. She'll keep investing in me and I'll keep getting her results. Sounds like a fair enough deal to me."




"Who knew that you could have a deep, meaningful conversation atop the Grant's hull whilst doing EVA training? Well, that's what we did. We spoke of the things to come and I asked her to make me a promise should the worst come to it. She trusts me and I trust her, it's a good working relationship-- Even one that I'd say is a solid friendship when we push the professionalism to the side. Keep guiding me, Winters, show me what you need done and I'll put my all into it. Carlos, even if I didn't know him, would be proud of you-- Remember that."


Grace Corbin

[The Savior]



"Corbin is kind, caring, supportive. I suppose those are all very good traits in someone who I expect will be patching me up in the near future. I should talk to her more, get to know her better. Then again I suppose that goes for everyone."




"Guess I have a lot to thank her for now. Doubt I'll ever be able to pay off the debt. I can try, though."




"You got me this far. You pulled me up from the dirt and built me a new platform to stand on. You took what was the worst part about me and turned it into something better. You were something of a true friend to me and Erhart and hearing what happened to you...? It shouldn't of been that way. Taken from us for something that the papers slandered about. Nothing can be done to save you but-- Going back to how I once was would only break down everything you helped me accomplished. I'll keep going, for your sake. I'm sure Emmett misses you. I know I do."




[The Unit]


"Oh Greg, you're too pure for this place. Built like a tank but have the heart of an angel. You really do care for me and-- I wish I could truly give thanks to you like I wish I could everyone else. I might not be able to repay the debt of your help but... I can try."


'Lieutenant Hawthorne'

[The Conflicted]


"You may have helped me-- You may have saved me from whatever might have happened if I had remained in that state but... You're a psychic. If it wasn't for people like you, perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about incidents like what happened on that station. Psychics are just... Wrong and it will take a lot for me to trust one. I can be respectful, you are a Lieutenant after all but-- I'll be cautious around you. Around any psychic but I know what you're capable of... And it scares me."




"Put yourself into a coma to save me. I-- Wish it didn't come to that but circumstances left me no choice. Even with how uneasy I am around psychics and their powers, I perhaps feel a little better knowing that you'd put yourself upon the line willingly to fix me. It's not entirely smoothed over, I'm still wary about you and the whole psychic thing but... Thank you. Perhaps this is the road to rebuilding that trust; the start of it anyway."


Sophie Jonsson

[The Doppelganger]


"Well, she looks like me-- Scarily similar. Thus our ultimate ploy of calling each other cousin works perfectly-- She's a good laugh, I guess. Perhaps I should really talk to her more-- Mood's been shit, though, makes that difficult. Maybe one day, though."


Hecle Phan

[The... Guy?]


"Hecle is a decent enough dude. I've spoken and worked alongside him plenty of times-- Even listened to my whole story and tried his best to give some sound advice. I just don't know him that well, I probably should get around to getting closer with my fellow engineers. One step at a time, I suppose."


Gwendolyn Reece

[The Boomerette]


"She's a decent enough sort, talk to her every so often. Don't really know what else I can say other than that."


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