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Erhart Von Strattmann

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"What a man does for pay is of little significance. What he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the world's beauty, is everything!"

- H.P. Lovecraft -




General Information

Name: Erhart Von Strattmann

Aliases: Runt, Eri

Place of Birth: Berlin, Terra

Date of Birth: 03/10

Age: Twenty Two

Gender: Male

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Weight: One hundred and Thirty Pounds 

Blood Type: AB-




Familial Information

Father: Alfons Von Strattmann [Deceased]

Mother: Luna Von Strattmann [Deceased]

Siblings: Seraphine Von Strattmann [Alive]

Extended Family:

Cousins: Armin Strauch [Unknown]

Sofie Strauch [Unknown]




Occupational Information

Previous Occupation: Carehome Nurse

Current Occupation: Mobile Infantry

Rank: Senior Specialist

Current Posting: 31st Morita Regiment, 4th Mobile Infantry Division, 112th Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon




Unit Relations


- Familial Love - - Romantic Interest / Significant Other - - Best Friend - - Close Friend - - Friend - - Known - - Acquaintance - - Unknown - - Distaste - - Inquisition - - Hate - - Enemy - - Deceased -



Seraphine Von Strattmann

[Big Sis]



Meine liebeschwester... You've been there for me since I came into the world, you were hard on me but that's the law when it comes to siblings. When times got tough, you got tougher to pick up my slack when I couldn't. Now we've joined the M.I. and are serving in the same platoon which is always a bonus, maybe one day I'll be there to help you rather than vice versa. You're the coolest person I know, dad would be proud.


We've really been through the grinder lately, haven't we? What matters is that we're still here. Things haven't been easy, things haven't even been easy between us; god only knows why you decided to pick up a bottle again. We're fighters, we always have been always will be. Things can't go back to the way they were, I know that you know that but that doesn't mean we should give up no matter how bad things get. We'll make an impression if we haven't already, and if the time comes for us to go? I'll be content knowing that we'll go out in a blaze of glory because you can bet your soul that if you leave? I'm coming in right behind you, you're not leaving me alone, not again... you're all I have left.


Well we went from heroes to villains in a matter of days, funny how that works out huh? You've been doing well for yourself, Chris has brought back the old you, the you that raised me while mum and dad were off fighting the big bad space bugs. You're getting better and I'm proud of you, This treason shit will blow over once we clear our names, then perhaps you can finally live that dream. 




Sergeant Lowell Hartwick

[Overbearing Father Figure]



By the sun I hate you sometimes. You push me around, you force me to do things that I don't have to or want to. You constantly belittle me but... In the end, you're there for me. I know that you just want what's best for me, to stack me up into your ideal version of myself. I'm sorry that I wimped out of being an Engineer to 'build muscle' but I just wasn't suited for it. I'll make it up to you somehow.


Where'd you go? Why did you go?




Mikhail Kuznetsov

 [Competent Noncom]


I can't say I've really gotten to know you all too well. My first actual interaction with you was during the VR Sim. You lead the round before me and we came out on top, beat the trial with all the bombs defused and the HVT secured. I can put faith in you on the field after seeing how you acted during the sim training, without a doubt, I can trust you more than the corporal.


  Grace Corbin

[Supportive specialist]



From day one she's given me help, from showing me the ropes when it came to medical training all the way until I'd gotten my Third Specialist marks. Outside of that she's been a pleasure to talk to, she mocks me sometimes but I'm pretty sure it's in jest, even if she is the mastermind behind my not at all de-humanizing nickname/callsign, whichever you wish to call it; endearing, pfff. She's stifled a few giggles during our small talks, I think it's my accent? I can't be sure. Either way, I appreciate her, I've got more to learn and I'm sure that she's going to be at the forefront of my training going forward.


What can I say? Corbin's my best friend, the best friend I've had since Seraphine. We banter, I've settled in really well and you're there for me. I've never had that from a stranger before you. You pick me up when I'm simply too weak to go on and I'd like to think that you can trust me to do the same for you, pick you up when you've fallen. You've helped me climb the ladder, the only reason I've made it this far is because you're a good teacher and a better companion. But... that drop changed me, I want to trust you, dear god I do but; I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm sorry that this 'Dag' came back for you, he told me things that I've never uttered to another soul, not even Sera. He knew just how to break me down and get to me. Those things you said about me, it was the psychic, you're not putting on a facade, you didn't really mean it... right?


God... I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. I had so much to do, so much to tell you but I just couldn't. You were my guiding light and the hope in the dark, probably not the emotional shit you'd want to hear but it's true. It was a mistake to doubt you, you were just under influence. You were our best, now here I am alone again. I swear to you I'll live up to the legacy you've left behind. I hope you and Emmett are doing better up there.






[The (somewhat) gentle giant]


Oh my gosh. I don't think I've met anyone quite like Greg. I would try to call him by his actual name but I fear it would break my tongue. What can I say? He's big, He's strong and he's pure of heart. Greg's too good for the M.I. and I truly and honestly believe that there's good things waiting for him. He's a bit simple but that only adds to his charm, going from being my partner during one of Corbin's training sessions to lifting up a table with five people on it, including myself! A remarkable human being, damn I love you Greg, No homo.


They took Goose, I know you won't let them live for that. Raise Eddie JR like you did Eddie, he'll grow strong and when you're ready? I'll have your back when we clear our names. You don't deserve to get shit on and we'll put .308 through the bastards that falsely accused us.



[The enemy of my enemy]


You're a psychic, so I don't trust you. Being able to dig into people's minds is unnatural, it's the only safe space one person can ever have. But you did save my sister, dragged her back from whatever it was she was in and got fucked up because of it; So I respect you. I probably won't be talking to a big fish like you again any time soon unless something comes up. You're alright.




[Sympathetic CO]


I don't know what this woman's deal is, never before in my life had I spoken to her outside of a drunken exchange that probably went bad. But she starts preaching about how it's her fault that Sera got messed up, that she was to blame. I'm not looking for anyone to shift blame onto nor anyone to witch hunt after what happened. I've put my trust in you and you pulled through, I hope you can keep it up. I'm sorry about what happened to your husband.


Tatsuo 'Zaki' Okazaki

[Good man, terrible eyesight]


We started off at the bottom, lowly privates in a squad together on my first drop. Since then you've grown into a mostly brilliant leader, an NCO I can look up to in times of need. We've had our disagreements in the past but we worked it out as men, we're friends at the very least, or at least I'd like to think so. I'll be sure to take you up on those chats sometime. You're an amazing man but for the love of god, stop walking in front of friendly firing lines!



Shane Emmett

[Big brain boy]


Without a doubt, you're the most chill MIPOD I've ever met, you don't have a stick in your ass and you're actually pleasant to talk to, there's no cloud of edge hanging over you so thick it could cut you by simply standing there. You're good on the field and you know what to do and when to do it... most of the time. Not to mention you've got your little sensor skill, that's a load of help in fights, I'm proud to call you a friend, even if others don't have quite the same disposition towards you. Go get 'em, tiger.


They got you too, taken out by a fucking train... I'm sorry I didn't get to know you any better, I should have tried harder, done more. You were a good friend for what it's worth and I can find solace knowing you're in a better place than this ragged shit hole we find ourselves in. Look after Grace for me/


Cait 'Donny' Donovan

[The wasp that doesn't sting]


Donny! Now that I think about it, we haven't talked that much or perhaps not as much as I'd like, you're a cool cat... cool cait heh. Anyway, you're good friends with Grace and that's good enough for me, as well as being an ex-medic? Can't hate you for leaving but it would have been cool to still have you. I'm sure I'll get a much better opportunity to talk to you soon, learn a bit more about you. You're trustworthy and reliable, that's good enough for me, keep on keeping on wasp!


I'm sorry that Reece is leaving, I promised myself I'd chat to you more but all I've done is give you fleeting conversation, making sure you're all right before moving on. With Grace gone I should make an effort to interact with you, I know you two were good friends.



Fredrick Stokes

[Up and coming CO]


You've got a good head on you Stokes, I haven't yet seen you break under pressure and you've been around for everyone that has. You talked to me when no one else would, gave idle conversation between hours of agonizing silence and I'm thankful for that. You're back in the saddle now and I can't express how sorry I am about Morello and Simons. I wasn't there to help the former but I tried all I could to help Wade, he was just too far gone. I've no doubt that there's a CO position waiting for you in the future, especially with your skills and leadership. We need to have more talks, I miss them.


Guy Larson

[Boomer actual, the lawnmower]


Guy Larson, what a man. I've known him since I was a recruit in the M.I. and we've only grown closer since. He appears to be getting on in age, I took a peek at his file and it pins him at 30! He signed up for medical after spending a while in the infantry, longer than me at least. I'd say that made our bond stronger, working together. He's got a strange accent, quite difficult to understand at first but once I got used to it, it's fascinating really. I'd like to think we've become good friends, we have good conversation amidst the jabs we throw around, good banter by all. He's coping with the death of Morello and Simons well, I'm proud of him for that, not to mention that the man is exceedingly smart, much more so than he lets on. He picked up medicine in a heartbeat climbing the ladder faster than me! I'm happy that Guy's around, he makes everything a lot less tense. I'm going to do my best to keep him here.


Atichat Saiphan

[Asian thunder]


Sai, you're a curious one. Such a strange man with a strange disposition, hell I didn't even know you were Asian until recently; I'll have to find out what -ese you are, or if you're even from Earth at all. You're one hell of an Engineer and a good lad over all even if your radio chatter is... strange to say the least. I'll be looking to talk with you more, definitely. 


Seamus Leeds



You went from sitting quietly in the med bay lobby to becoming one of us, you've been good so far and you've not disappointed me... yet. There was that thing about injecting people with water and I hope to God that was a joke. You're a big dude with a bit of brains behind you, strong fighter and I suppose I'm taking you on as my not-so-little Schützling, you'll be an experiment for me. *Mad German cackling.*


Christopher Miller

[Pretty boy]


I suppose we're not dissimilar you and I, both underestimated by our peers until we proved ourselves. Hard to believe I had a thing for you back when my naive brain thought you were a woman. You're with my sister now which is good, you're an anchor to hold her to reality, remember what I said to you because if you thought I was joking, you are so terribly wrong. Keep being you Chris, hopefully we can talk more when all this bad stuff gets fixed.


Steven Hartcourt

[Friend indeed]


I'd talked to you a few times prior to that incident, but the day we dragged you from that rubble was when we really got on good terms. Penetrated with rebar and you're right arm turned to bone soup. Greg paraded you around like a hero as we escaped that bug hive, I got you into surgery and... may have accidentally spooked you with some poor bedside manners, sorry about that. Your rehabilitation and physical therapy was good, fun even! We got to talking, I helped you past that thought blockade that got your BT working as intended and now here you are. I'm glad to see you and Reece are doing well for yourselves even if I'm devastated that you're both leaving. We'll meet again some day soon, I've still got a favour to cash in.


Jessica Miller



I really don't know what to say about you. You're an enigma, on one hand you're brash, childish and at times downright idiotic; Yet here I am, finding myself enveloped in the other side to you, the one that's sweet, caring and... adorable. Maybe there's something wrong with me? Perhaps time in the M.I. has just fried my brain, logically I don't have a reason to like you, but again, here I am. Thank you... for being here, the nightmares don't seem as bad with you around. 



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