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Wilds ban appeal (Ingame name Spotter soap barrell)

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Not too sure why i got banned, could it be because i said i could really go for castors ass during an event.


Wasn't provided with a kick reason, absolutely no idea why i got banned. Maybe if i was told, i would understand, but as i said at the time i was standing still. 


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You've been causing trouble, and pushing the envelope since I joined the server, and saw you acting a fool during the drop.

You were kicked (with a final warning, mind you) prior to being banned, and you continued to act in a way that was irreverent to both players and event runners who were trying to enjoy the event. You are not the first to post an appeal obtusely and not know why you were banned, and you most certainly will not be the last.


If you want to join the server again, you can do so in 3 days.


The ban stays, unless you can somehow convince me that your immediate reunion with the server would be a good thing.

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Thank you for replying in a more mature fashion than most of the other staff i spoke to
Guess i'll just go back to MVG warhammer


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