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Sophie Jonsson - Professional Smackdown Player

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"So, you nervous?" - Sophie's Boyfriend, days before she shipped off to Basic.


Voice Claim:






Basic Information


Name: Sophie Jonsson

Place of Birth: New Madrid, Karrus

Date of Birth: 19/05/2277

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"



Physical Description:


Weight: 145lbs

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Brown



Military Information


Rank: Sgt.

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 01/06/2295

Years of Service: 3

Service Record:

  • 01/06/2295: Arrived at Fort Kandre Boot Camp on Karrus.
  • 12/09/2295: Graduated as a Private, joining the 97th Mobile Infantry Division.
  • 15/09/2295: Awarded a General Specialization Ribbon.
  • 20/09/2295: Promoted to Private First Class
  • 24/09/2295: Awarded the Combat Action Medal and a Citation for Meritorious Service Ribbon.
  • 29/09/2295: Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 04/09/2295: Awarded a Citation for Meritorious Service
  • 08/09/2295: Awarded a Purple Heart
  • 15/10/2295: Promoted to Corporal
  • 22/10/2295: Awarded the Veteran Combat Medal
  • 04/11/2295: Demoted after the failure of Operation Claymore, six KIAs in her squad. Also awarded a Purple Heart.
  • 20/12/2295: Awarded a Citation for Meritorious Service
  • 11/01/2296: Promoted to Corporal
  • 12/03/2296: Awarded a Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
  • 20/03/2296: Awarded a Purple Heart
  • 18/04/2297: Awarded a Good Conduct Medal
  • 19/04/2297: Promoted to Sergeant
  • 20/05/2297: Captured by a Separatist Faction.
  • 22/05/2297: Rescued by a sister Platoon, awarded the Prisoner of War ribbon.
  • 02/06/2297: Awarded a Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon
  • 23/06/2297: Awarded a Distinguished Service Medal
  • 05/07/2298: Awarded a Citation For Meritorious Service
  • 06/07/2298: Promoted to Staff Sergeant
  • 15/08/2298: Awarded a Purple Heart
  • 20/11/2298: Awarded a Meritorious Service Medal
  • 26/03/2299: Transferred to the 112th Mobile Infantry Division


Medals and Awards:


Purpleheart.png Purple Heart x4

Citation.png Citation For Meritorious Service x4

MSM.png Meritorious Service Medal x1

CAM.png Combat Action Medal x1

VCM.png Veteran Combat Medal x1

DSM.png Distinguished Service Medal x1

Good conduct.png Good Conduct Medal x1

Infantry.png Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon x1 

Genspec.png General Specialization Ribbon x1

Veterancy.png Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon x1

PoW.png Prisoner of War Ribbon x1




"You guys ready or what?" Sophie to her squad on an RnR before they go mountain climbing.

Personal Information


Liam Jonsson [ALIVE] Former Engineering Technical Sergeant, now a Technician working for Neurofiber. 

Amanda Jonsson [ALIVE] Former Infantry Corporal, working as a Finance Manager at Neurofiber.


Backstory: Born and raised in the behemoth of a city, New Madrid, by two ex-Infantrymen on a planet like Karrus, it was almost destined for Sophie to join up herself. So, when the time came and she turned 18, she wasted no time in rushing off to Basic to do her three months of training. To the surprise of no one that knew the young girl, she was headstrong, eager and ready to go, instantly catching herself a pair of First Class patches in no time. That would then turn to Lance Corporal, then Corporal in a matter of weeks. This, however, would prove to not necessarily be a good thing.


Finding herself in an operation that was far above her experience, she messed up, not having the time under her belt to properly handle an operation, this resulting in her demotion to Lance Corporal. Though it would not take any time at all for Jonsson to get right back into the ring, gunning for Corporal again and eventually getting it back. Then, over the years, she continued to climb all the way up to Staff Sergeant. 


However, eventually, Sophie decided to look for something new. Hearing the reputation of the 112th Infantry, she tried her shot at joining up, being offered a spot as a Sergeant. Eager for the challenge, and happy to take the demotion, she joined up, arrive on March 26th, 2299.


Characteristics: Loyal, Optimistic, Proud, Ambitious.




A Picture of Jonsson on an RnR with the 112th. Also includes Sergeant Okazaki, Third Specialist Phan and Senior Specialist Donovan.

Personal Relationships


Interested | Admired | Close Friend Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


Lowell Hartwick: A fellow Sergeant. First person I met, actually. He seems alright, I'll have to offer him a drink sometime, get to know who I'll be working alongside, see if he can give me some jobs to work on or things to help him out with.

I heard he's a Corporal now. Not sure what happened there, it's a shame though.


Jackie Knoxx: One of the apparently promising members of the Corporal roster. Master Sergeant Asper has assigned me to work with her and guide her to becoming a Sergeant and, based on how eager she seems, I'm thrilled. I hope to make a solid Sergeant out of her before the month is up. We'll have to see!


Shane Emmett: He seems interested in Smackdown! Even though I complained to him a bunch about the 2.0 update, who knows, maybe I'll have someone to play it with and get competitive. Showdown aside though, he seems nice. Good company and quite funny. Hope we bump into each other a bit more often.


Seraphine Von Strattmann: A pretty cool woman who looks oddly similar to me. She seems interesting though. She has a cool little accent and says weird words sometimes, not sure where's she's from. I think she has a Brother too, a Medic. I don't know much about him though. 


Jane Evans: She arrived on ship a day after I did. We haven't spoken many times but she's a right laugh. We spent a whole day in the bar staring at people and messing around. She's really funny, honestly. I think I could see her being a good friend of mine. She's a good Corporal too, which always helps.


Tatsuo Okazaki: A fellow Sergeant. He seems really cool! Just sucks that whenever I try to talk to him stuff gets in the way. I dunno, I'd like to get to know all of my fellow Sergeants, just to get an idea of where I can fit in or where I'm needed. Hopefully we can talk properly soon.


Hecle Phan: He's a pretty cool Engineering guy. We've hung out here and there and he downloaded Smackdown recently. I dunno, I kinda like him. He has that uh... charming kinda look to him. Ya know, being all nice and stuff. No, not charming. He just seems... nice. Yeah, he seems like a genuinely nice, kind hearted person.


Elaine Asper: Our Master Sergeant! Or, she was. I don't know, in my mind she still is. I respect her so much. To be such a down to Earth person and all, it's just great. I really hope she likes me, or finds some sort of value in me and what I have to offer. I don't know, I just want to do what I can to help her out. Maybe be like, her go to person or something. I just have to prove my worth to her first!


Mira Oberlin: Man, Warrant Officer Oberlin is awesome! Me and her have hung out once or twice but it's easily been some of my favorite times. She hit herself in the face with a glass and Oh my GOD it was so funny. I actually nearly died I think. She's probably like, one of my closest friends, I think. Yeah, great first impressions all around!

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Please sign in:

Username: SJBently

Password: ***********


Signing in...

You have one new message:






FROM: Military Intelligence S.I.C.O.N. Command

TO: LtCol. Sebastian J. Bently, 112th Alpha Company Commanding Officer.

SUBJECT: The Capture of Sergeant Sophie Jonsson.


Greetings, Lieutenant Colonel. Your request to review the acquired footage of Sergeant S. Jonsson has been approved. Below is the attached video file as well as the written transcript. It should be reminded that this video is classified and should not be shown to anyone unless deemed, by yourself, as necessary.


Opening file:






Begin recording:


After a moment of loading, security footage starts to play.

It shows Jonsson, alone in a room. Her face is bruised and her trousers and the floor around her is covered in blood, presumably hers. The sound of a door opening is heard, her head raising as a man walks into the room.

"Rise and shine, Sergeant." The masked figure calls out as he walks around, standing behind the chair with a pump action shotgun in his hands.

"Ugh... I'm up. What do you want this time?" Jonsson spoke up, her voice croaky and pained.

"The big man wants to see you." Was all she'd get as a response. Then, the door could be heard opening again, Jonsson's gaze shifting back towards the door that was out of frame. Sophie then burst into a small laugh.

"Big man? You sure?" The man would walk into frame as Jonsson spoke. He was quite short, looking to be no taller that five and a half feet.

"Hey, little guy. What do you wanna be when you grow up?" Sophie would flash a grin before being hit in the back of the head by the masked figure, her head snapping forward.

"I heard you're quite the comedian, lass." The new man spoke up. He would be identified as Captain Jared Bosnak, a Commanding Officer to the Separatist forces responsible for Jonsson's capture, known as The Light of the New Faith, a group of religious extremists. 

"I have my moments, I think." She'd speak up, raising her head to look to the man standing before her. "And who are you then? Noah or Moses?" She'd tilt her head a little as the man shook his head.

"Captain Bosnak. I run this little outpost." Sophie would then sit up a little, shuffling to try and get comfortable as she spoke.

"Ah, so you're the manager. Well, I have to say, the room service is quite lack luster. And the 'food' you guys have to offer is awful. Fire your chef." Jonsson would then nod a few times.

"Other than that though, nice place. Mattress is a bit too hard for my taste, but I'm not going to complain."


The captain seemed to be ignoring Jonsson as she spoke, looking over the various bloodied tools sitting on the table. He'd reach down to pick up some pliers, the claws of them bloodied. He'd hum for a moment before setting them down, picking up a knife instead and turning to look at Jonsson.



"My subordinates have told me you're not being very cooperative, miss Jonsson." The Captain said as he looked towards Sophie, knife in his right hand. 

"Oh, is that so?" She'd ask with a small tilt of her head, watching the man closely, her eyes briefly glancing to the large knife.

"We want to know what you're doing here, good Sergeant." Sophie thought for a moment, glancing around the room.

"Well, I'm here because some jackoff hit my APC with a truck."

"The same APC that drove away from our base yesterday after destroying an entire warehouse." The Captain butted in.

"Oh, yeah. We took a wrong turn, I guess."

"You also killed twenty six of my men."

Jonsson was silent for a few moments, crinkling her nose before speaking. "We took a Very wrong turn."

The man stepped closer, raising the knife and lightly pressing the tip of it to the woman's cheek, digging into her skin ever so slightly.

"You'll be pleased to know, your squad is dead. Some of them even tried to fight back, but..." He'd give a small shake of his head. "They failed."

Jonsson was quiet for a few moments before speaking. "All of them..?" The Captain nodded. "Twelve men, was it not?" He'd ask, tilting his head.

"Twelve, yeah..." Sofie was silent for several seconds now, the knife still pressed to her cheek, just below her bruised cheekbone.

"That's a real shame, Captain... But- we still killed more of you." She'd crack a smug grin, looking directly at the Captain. He'd nod a few times, laughing slightly before speaking.

"I suppose it does, doesn't it." He'd then retract his hand before bringing it back down, slicing open Jonsson's face from her temple all the way down to her lips. She'd cry out in pain, recoiling into the chair as the Captain kept speaking.

"But I assure you, Miss Jonsson. Your suffering will more than make up for it." He'd then slash at her face again, the knife connecting on her opposite cheek, slicing horizontally towards her nose. Again, Sophie screamed out in pain.


"Now, I'll ask again. WHY are you here?" The man asked, his tone more demanding now.

"Why do you think? We came to blow up your shit and piss you off, dumbass!"

The man lunged forward, gripping Sophie by the hair and speaking. 

"Then consider me pissed off. What's your next move?" Sophie just shrugged her shoulders.

"Tell me!" The man would yell. 

Sophie sunk into her chair a little, trying to pull back but not succeeding, as the man gripped her blonde hair. "Alright, alright! I'll tell you-- But first, go over to your on site Medic, you have a Medic right?" She'd ask, but didn't even wait for an answer before speaking. "Go to them.. ask for something called 'Viagra' and it'll help you go fuck yourself!"


The Captain dropped his knife, keeping a grip on the girl's hair as he drove his fist down to smack her square in the nose. She wouldn't move much, due to being held still, but she was clearly hurt by the hit. Then, she was hit again, then again, then again. The man released his grip on Jonsson, leaving her head to fall forward, blood gushing from the cuts and her now broken nose. She'd go limp, just sitting there in the chair, only held up by the restraints that tied her to her chair.

"We'll come back in an hour. See if she has any jokes for us then." And with that, the two men walk out of the room, leaving Sophie there, seemingly unconscious from her beating.


End of recording

Closing file...

File Closed.


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1 minute ago, cat danny 25 said:

An icelandic mountainclimber.

i wonder................................................



play the server loser

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1 hour ago, cat danny 25 said:

An icelandic mountainclimber.

i wonder................................................



she doesn't even mountain climb, I just needed an excuse to use the image LOL

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