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Steven Hartcourt

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  When life gets tough remember; you're a pussy.  "
- Pvt. Steven Hartcout's motto  





Theme Song



Basic Information


Name: Steven Hartcourt

Place of Birth: Tango Urilla

Date of Birth: 14th Feb 2278

Age: 21 Earth Years

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2



Physical Description:


Weight: 190 pounds

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Eye colour: Blue flawed with Green

Distinguishing Features:

-Deep laceration scar that starts at the left brow then cuts down over the eye and into the cheek

-Near full body tattoos of a Gang and Tribal pattern, among those present are marks of those in the Urilla Guerillas, Void Movers and a Federation Flag which has been drawn over another tattoo

-Burn scar tissue on the back of his calves

-Bio-Tech Replacement for right forearm



Military Information


Rank: Lance Corporal

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 28th October 2298

Years of Service: 0

Service Record

-16 Combat Drops

-2 Ship Defenses

-1 War Games

-Passed Basic, finished course as a Squad Leader

-Promoted to Private

-Certified Grenadier (Basic Tier)

-Promoted to Private First Class

-Completed 10 Combat Drops

-Promoted to Lance Corporal

-Certified Grenadier (Intermediate Tier)

-Lost Right Arm in Service to the Federation



Personal Information


Martin Blake - Father; Citizen - Killed in a terrorist attack aged 30 - 13th July 2286, Tango Urilla

Julie Blake - Mother; Civilian - Killed in a terrorist attack aged 28 - 13th July 2286, Tango Urilla

Nina Blake - Sister; Civilian - Missing; Presumed Deceased aged 13 - 13th July 2286, Tango Urilla

Yancy Greer - Legal Guardian; Criminal - Wanted on charges of terrorism - Location unknown

Backstory: Born as Kyle Blake on Tango Urilla to Martin and Julie Blake, married that same year. His father Martin was a Mobile Infantry Veteran with a distinguished service record while his mother worked as a school teacher. Rooted firmly in Federation support and benefits Martin Blake was a spokesman for the Federation on the struggling world who would often try to cool the dissent exhibited by the populace but would equally work on the side of those who felt they were being harmed by the Federation to give them aid when the desert planet proved too taxing to them, he was a man of the people and a Citizen of proud stock who with his wife worked toward the betterment of all persons. However, with the Bug Wars, the Progenitors and Civil Strife more and more he began to lose support as his promises came across as empty and unfulfilled. As logistics failed so too did security, and while hosting a food drive and medical outreach anti-Federation gang the Urilla Guerrillas struck at the meagre Mobile Infantry security detail and in the ensuing chaos many lives were lost; this day came to be known as the Sandbleak Massacre in which 40 innocent people were killed including Martin and Julie Blake with their eldest child Nina being declared missing. Kyle Blake as he was then was taken in by Yancy Greer, his affiliations then unknown but whom was also a Citizen of the Federation with a Naval Service Record, Greer raised the boy in a hostile live and let die environment within the Urilla Guerrillas in which drug abuse, trafficking and violence was an everyday occurrence. And during his childhood Kyle was often arrested for juvenile acts of theft, violence and vandalism, taught to steal, taught to fight the boy's life was not easy but it hardened him. An event of note was when a turf war erupted between the Urilla Guerrillas and their rivals Blake was cut from left brow to left cheek by a knife wielded by an older man who was then killed by Greer who instead of helping the boy to his feet broke his ribs.


The environment was toxic and lethal but Kyle Blake survived it, he was also aware it was not a life worth living and sought to escape it. Enlightened by his last arrest by the Federal Armed Services in his interrogation Blake was promised immunity in exchange for the names and hideouts of the Urilla Guerrillas leaders. Which he obliged and to the surprise of everyone was let go for the trouble. Yancy Greer has been a wanted man on the run ever since 2295. With his freedom Kyle would find work briefly on the trade routes that had been established with the resurgence of Terra, it was the wild west of mercantile dealings and in truth was little better than smuggling and piracy. Kyle was locked into this life via blackmail and carried on as his employers wished, learning to helm a freighter and space walk while being subjected to more and more violence. Different to the times in the gangs of Tango Urilla only in that the battles were fought in space and on space stations, Kyle once again urged himself to escape this life and with his only anchor being the knowledge of the boss he worked for that would condemn him were it released he would kill the man in his sleep, not his first homicide ergo the blackmail and turn the freighter and it's contents in to the Federation once again in exchange for immunity, but this one came with another condition. Kyle had shown wit, survivability and to a lesser extend loyalty. He was a survivor and in exchange for his freedom he was to Enlist into Federal Service to serve a term, the Federation always has need of men and why waste a resource? Was the reasoning of Master Sergeant Bernice Gallagher - 34th Moritas, Tango Urilla Garrison. Once again his freedom conditional on the whims of someone with material to his misconduct Kyle requested a legal change of identity to show his commitment to the deal; from this was born Steven Hartcourt Mobile Infantry Recruit.


- Dune Boarding (Probably a half decent snow boarder)

- Card Games


- Freighter Pilot and Gunner



-Champion of the Downtrodden


-Slow to Trust

-Believes in a Class Divide

-Social Drinker

Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths; -Physically Strong, - Resistant to Illness, - Adapted to harsher arid climates | Weaknesses; -Mentally Average, -Not agile, -Vulnerable to Psychological and Psi-Attacks as a result of mental trauma

Other Information: Extensive Juvenile Criminal record, no convictions, several arrests.

Bio-Tech Prosthetic(s):


See the source image


Personal Relationships



Key: Name - [Professional Relationship/Social Relationship] - Comment


Aaron Holtz - [Trusted Superior/Admired] - Known as the "Dad of the MI" it began as me following a joke, but looking back on it Holtz really is a bit of a father figure despite how young he is, literally a few years older than me and that's it. I was always told that the Mobile Infantry would age a man beyond his years mentally, and that pretty much holds true. We have a laugh at each other's expense on the regular, he's stoic, professional but he also cares enough to ask you in a group how you're feeling. I wonder how our professional relationship will change now he's given me a shot at squad command. Well, I won't let him down.


Jackie Knoxx - [Professional Superior/Acquaintance] - We haven't had much cause to speak about anything that wasn't small talk, but Knoxx is one of the more recognisable field leaders I've served under on several occasions and even alongside. She's a reasonable sort but quite reserved and quiet, she either has a lot on her mind or nothing much to say but that in itself lends a measure of respectability.


Weston MacDonnel - [Comrade/Friendly] - Haven't seen him in a hot minute, but I checked the memorial and he's not on there which means it's just been ill fortune that we haven't crossed paths recently. Mac is a funny guy and a real good conversationalist, and he's such a surfer dude. I called him a nark the other day and his reaction was priceless.


Hecle Phan - [Trusted Comrade/Friendly] - So he's basically the ship celebrity these days, I've remarked in the past how he's much better at the social thing than I am and welp! Seems to have paid off for him, he's got a gaggle of pals who care about him, he's getting wounded a lot these days so I hope he learns from it, losing Phan would break a lot of hearts...If it comes down to it; I'll put myself in the way of that killing blow.


Gwendolyn Reece - [Professional Comrade/Interested] - Reece isn't one of the people I've talked too since I first got here, we first met when Holtz began his spree of taunting me, it's okay he loves all of his children equally. Reece is one of those who is in on the gag and calls me the "Disappointing Middle Child". In all seriousness though I like being around her, we come from similar backgrounds being kids of desert colonies and when it came to being deployed to Kredia where there was snow I think we bonded a little deeper than I have with others. I'd call us friends, as for anything else...well, pretty sure it's one sided.


Greg - [Indebted/Friendly] - The big guy, I call him Mongo as an homage to a very old western parody. He's big, strong, fierce and yet is as gentle as a puppy so long as you aren't acting on the side of moral bad. I've had a few encounters with him where he's bruised me by accident and he's one of the few people I will never tell about my past. I get the impression he'd never look at me the same way again. But according to the reports, he carried my useless ass through the city subway system while I hung off of him like a limp prick. I have no memory of it, but I heard I wasn't his only burden, he kept up the fight while holding us. The man probably saved my life, so I owe him one.


Oakwood - [Trusted Comrade/Friendly] - Oakey is one of the first people I've properly commanded in battle, he's responsive and cool headed. Always seems to pop up in life when you least expect it, he's a good sort and recently lost his leg to a tanker. I wasn't there for it but apparently Asper is going to pull some strings for him, a lonely Private, to get on the bio-tect waiting list. He's a good trooper, valuable even and a decent pal at that. He's all smiles despite his loss, gotta admire that.


Grace Corbin - [Departed/Liked] - Corbin was great, I use the past tense because she appears to have departed. We never spoke on-the-level that much except for a brief stint after Operation DMW where I thought I had gotten bitten by an infected child but I know her well by reputation enough to know that many of the crew will miss her. She always had a certain aura about her, she was someone you wanted to approach and talk too, for a Medic you'd hope that were the standard however I have no drive to approach Miller and Leeds with anything, Corbin however different story, and whatever shit she was dealing with on a personal level...perhaps I ought to have reached out as the plain speaking uninvolved colleague, I dunno. I hope she comes back, but FedNet crucified the 112th over the RnR on Iksander and the citizens will want a scape goat. I wish her all the best, and like I said hope she finds her way back soon. There are a lot of people who rely on her to be their bedrock.


Jane Evans - [Professional Superior/Stranger] How can a bloke be expected to not like the one who praises him? Apparently my actions on my third drop were enough for a promotion and a literal pat on the back from the boss-lady. She knows how to relax too which are additional points in her favour. Reckon she'll be a rank climber.


Chips Dubbo - [Comrade/Friendly] - A cuter model of a grunt pool resident like myself, we've talked, laughed and shared some tense silences. Might be my imagination but I sense sparks.


Davenport - [Comrade/Friendly] - Recent acquaintance but we're already racking out the banter, I reckon we'll be firm friends.


Cait Donovan - [Trusted Comrade/Acquaintance] - Engineer, charming accent and wacky from front to back-y. Hat trick. Did a stint with her in a squad for a time she'll be the first to whip out that M55 of hers, even saved the squad from a crumbling building with her quick witted decision to get us a rappel line from the roof of a crumbling building. Can't much dislike anyone for savin' ya now can you?


Jeremy Hawkins - [Comrade/Liked] - When I first met Hawkins all he did was spit shade at me, honestly thought I'd grow tired of him and clock him, but I restrained myself and I can see now he doesn't have an angle on me, he's just a fun lover. We got locked in the freezer together and that was a bonding moment, naturally he had to rip on me for losing my arm, he's a decent sort, fought with him a couple times but I can't really give more than; he's not as bad as I thought he would be.


Ajax Drivas - [Comrade/Friendly] -One of the Marauders, definitely the one I've seen most in both the on-duty and off-duty theatres. He seems calm, collected and he loves his military hardware. Pretty enclosed though and I prefer those who are more open. We've all got scars big guy, but if they ain't crippling you they ain't worth living for.


Erhart Von Strattman - [Indebted/Liked] - The man who saved my life if my chart is correct, patched me up when my prospects were low and I have to assume he asked Greg to carry me. I've never been hit that bad before but having a talented guy like Erhart on medical's payroll makes me feel more at ease. I owe him my life, and my right arm, he literally put me back together and I'll never forget it. He's a bit deceptive on the eyes, you might think he's a woman at first glance, but, well, the proportions are all wrong. He's a good 'un and will want for nothing from me.


Seamus Leeds - [So-So Comrade/Acquaintance] - Guys called Leeds are bad juju around here, I'm not entirely sure whether it's the same guy but if it is; he's managed to shoot a civilian, nearly kill himself drinking and misdiagnosed Davenport as having been given bad CPR. And he's a Medic you say? Well damn, the bugs better watch out. In the field Leeds is...something of a half and half, while he's improved he still has the special awareness of a house fly at times. He can get better though.


Alessandro Noveillo - [Comrade/Acquaintance] - Seen a bit of this guy with Oakwood so I have to assume he's good people, an engineer too so I would wager it's more than just a hamster in an endless loop upstairs. Given he's pals with Oakwood I should take the time to get to know him, can't be all bad given the company he keeps.


Aaron Carter - [So-So Superior/Acquaintance] I've never known a more enthusiastic second in command, even if he ain't elected to the position he'll jump on in I can't say I like the kind of rank chasing he does. He wants so bad for Corporal it's more like lust.


Okazaki - [Trusted Superior/Acquaintance] - A Sergeant that fills in the line without much to his credit, don't know him off the field well enough to give a proper opinion.




 Journal Entries

Entry 1 

29th October 2298

On the road



So I finally uproots and fucked off to places unknown, Enlistment was hardly a complicated party to attend you just had to have a heart rate that didn't belong to a diabetic or bulimic and after some prodding with cold instruments wielded by an even colder nurse, you were sent to sign your papers and paraded with the rest of the suckers to take the oath of allegiance. That was yesterday, or...a cycle ago Fleet calendars be damned and we've been drifting toward Iksander for our training camp assignment, the stars are nothing new to me, spent the last three years on a bulk freighter fighting for my meals among the crew of gangland rejects and sour faced whores. But what I didn't expect to see was the amount of boats at anchor and on the move around Iksander you didn't get these kind of sights on the merchant routes around Tango Urilla and I doubt you'd see them much around anywhere. Every class of ship I knew and about fifty I didn't; toting guns that looked like they could spit a round the size of the bulk freighter that I just mentioned at a thousand RPM. Damn, looking out there it makes me wonder if I shouldn't have applied for Fleet I'm far from the worst pilot candidate they could ask for but I think I'd be asked one too many questions in that department, Infantry is simple, narrow and is supposed to be full of glory and anecdote fuel. Thought I'm not so dense as to believe it's all true, not a single crippled man or woman at the recruitment office was smiling like they do in the adverts but every single one of them patted me on the back with one of those tight lipped smirks you get when someone tries to reassure you at a funeral. 


Onto greener pastures anyway, I've left the old me behind, even yacked out the fee to have my name legally changed so that this new page can be a real fresh start. Heh, sayonara Kyle Blake. You were a thug, pawn and juvenile, Steven Hartcourt is gonna be a fucking soldier.



Entry 2

6th November 2298

In the mix



If someone had told me boot camp would just be a bunch of motherless bastards trying to piss me off and get me to lash out I'd have turned tail and run back into the fuckin' stars. Turning a new leaf is difficult when every son of a gun born under the constellation; Fuck Youicus is out to make me kick like a mule by slapping my proverbial rump with jabs and down treading. One week in and I feel more angry than I can remember being, that's how well they get under your skin. Were it not for the forty or so crimes you could commit, that would see you executed via a cunting rope, that they made us repeat every damned morning like it were prayer I'd have knocked out a Drill Sergeant's tooth by now. Tempers are high and everyone's heart is racing you can practically hear it when we try to sleep, got a couple hot-heads in our little recruit pool, Henzen though is the worst. You could brush past him in the hallway and he's shoot you a glance armed with all the venom of a python with some to spare, he'll be the first to ask the Drills to pitch a fighting ring to sort out his temper. I had the misfortune of crossing his path once and my jaw still aches... The training here is rough and tumble, there's a curfew but that doesn't mean the morning is regimented they start each exercise at different times sometimes an hour sooner, sometimes two never later though. The Drills say the lesson is to show us that sleep is a luxury of lesser folk that we'll have to shed in order to join the Mobile Infantry, or well; I'm paraphrasing the wording but that's the long and short of it. Meals are goopy but I've got no complaints certainly beats the Federation's finest reserve nutri-bricks that I'd eat as a kid on Tango, downtime is a myth every other thought you have is directed toward smiling as little as possible and clenching your spine so you can stand at attention properly.


God damn if I haven't been tempted to fuckin' waltz out of here.



Entry 3

25th December 2298




December snuck up on us at Camp Hamilton like a sand snake, I think every one of us in the parade line was questioning whether the Drills were testing us. Was it the end of the year? Really? Did those who let out a sigh resembling festive cheer get the stick and a bad word? Safe to say boot has made us all just a little paranoid we're approaching the end of our second month and already nearly a third of those taken in on day one have walked away, the occasional family tragedy was used as an excuse but most would walk down "wash-out lane" because they simply didn't have what it takes. The Drills say most camps have a moniker for the exit/entrance we've all walked down on our way in and that there are only two ways you walk up it again; as a Trooper or a Civilian. People from a more proud locale like Iksander might spit at the idea of quitting in pursuit of their patriotic duty, but us Tangos are far from the most driven. There have been a few nights I've packed up ready to leave only to talk myself off the side of the cliff before I dove. Each week the punishment for persisting gets harder, ten kilometre march? The next week it'd become twelve. That's marching by the way not slogging; full kit, empty lungs and aches that'd last for hours. We've had a few broken bones around the place, some at the hands of the Drills others on account of a recruits lack of sure-footing one of them even broke her neck, silly bitch, her name was Rendez and she was never balanced so what happened could be seen from a crisp distance. But in actuality it wasn't her fault, the mud plains gave underneath us and she was unlucky enough to be leading the group and reflexes of first contact are never as sharp as those of the reinforcement, she went down and I can still hear her screams. Which I think a lot of people felt when we were told the Festivities of the Holiday season would not be lost on us, we'd be allowed a whole 6 hour grace period to spend in merry and friendship and after dragging ourselves through what we had for the past six weeks any animosity between folk was gone, even Henzen had calmed down. Said furlough begins in a few minutes so I thought I'd belt out this entry before I wound up nearly walking the quitters walk yet again.


Happy Holidays you jackasses.



Entry 4

28th January 2299

A different kind of walk



Some things are better left unsaid in the long run, anyone who's lost a friendship over words can attest. Hell some even lose them over things they did rather than said. Everyone thought we had hardened, that we had improved we took the daily routines in our stride even after they increased by a fraction every passing week, no one had to be talked away from walking out in weeks since our Pseudo-Furlough in December, it had raised the spirits and the expectations. We even felt like we had impressed someone enough to be granted that kind of reprieve. I won't lie and say things got easier for anyone, but we still didn't expect what happened..


Henzen, ever the hot headed bull butted horns with a new Drill who had been brought to Camp Hamilton, I think, as a way to ensure we didn't get too comfortable with our current instructor staff. They were hardly becoming friends with us, indeed we never expected to look a damn one of them in the eye with familiarity but the Federation has it's ways and that way lead to the appearance of Career Sergeant Toulouse. The devil's spawn, he was near a half inch more brutal than every single one of our original instructors every praise underpinned with a demoralising assessment of a recruits flaws. Henzen's attitude had been improving but Toulouse stripped every damn inch of mental defence he had gained in the past three months and revealed the brawler was still underneath. He called him an ill-fit for the Infantry because Troopers conform and obey while being the spearhead of the Federal Military, and in retaining his attitude by burying it rather than absconding from it he was a failure. None can say what would have happened if Henzen didn't swing for Toulouse; the Career Sergeant's threats weren't often laced with any kind of sarcasm or misdirection he followed through. Henzen might have ben drummed out or he might have just been tested, in any case he failed. Taking a swing toward your superior was punishable by death he can swing at you without repercussion, but Toulouse didn't even make a move outside of the word-shivs he was making use of Henzen's fist didn't even find it's mark before he was arm-locked and sunk to his knees.


We were paraded out to witness the execution, death by hanging as was deigned in the municipal code. Henzen didn't beg nor bleet, while the Camp Commander gave us the rhetoric all of us stood in watch in silent abandon of Henzen he probably felt like we had rid ourselves of him despite our weeks of dragging each other through the crucible. Whatever his last thoughts were he kept them in confidence, to the end.


But I can imagine he didn't submit to the darkness with words of praise for the rest of us.



Entry 5

15th February 2299

Feeling shined




It wasn't competency that got me squad leader, well I'm convinced it wasn't anyway I can think of at least a half-dozen who'd do the job better based on merit but here I stand Recruit Squad Leader Steven fuckin' Hartcourt. I dare not ask what I did to deserve it, they've stripped the pin off of other sods for less and yet a part of me feels conflicted about hanging onto it. I'm not social or anything, at least not outlandishly so I have to wonder if I should be humble about this? Give it up to the next man and wait my turn when we finally hit our assignments outside of boot, given that we're only a few weeks shy of being tossed out into the rosters I don't need the extra attention, nor the fuckin' risk to life frankly. I'll talk to the Drills later and see about getting it removed.


Well - it turns out that I'm stuck with it, the responsibility and extra duties are mine to keep. Toulouse said something about quotas being met and that being chosen for squad leader in the last few weeks was something to be proud of because it meant you had either been humble and forthright in your duties to a point you didn't need a piece of metal to feel special, or you had been on their watch list the whole time based on your competency scores. What competency scores? The medical drivel I was forced onto at enlistment? The exercises we'd done for the first few months? The more I think about it the more I seem to be just another last ditch effort to fill in a gap. Well fuck it, if I am just the last resort I'll show 'em up for it.


Count on that Federation!



Entry 6

28th March 2299

On our way



The orders came down today, boot camp is finished and we're being sent on to greener pastures, more likely sodden and brown pastures but who's keeping track? Extra duty that came with the pin kept me so busy I couldn't find time to write anything down, if it wasn't cleaning up post-meal, equipment checks for my group in the armoury or sitting in on Toulouse's day-by-day as some glorified clerk. Not sure how I felt about being the French fuck's golf caddy but it's done now, I didn't lose my temper the entire time I was here, didn't swing like Henzen didn't get killed by the geography like Rendez, so you might call it a success. Fuck I look in the mirror now and I barely recognise myself, the scar over my eye keeps me grounded that I am actually looking at my reflection, buzzed hair clean shaven I even seem to have grown into my tattoos with how bulky my arms and legs have become. Once I've earned enough I'll probably get them removed...we'll see. They'd serve as a decent reminder to make sure I don't slip off the rails I've had beaten into me by the past six months of slog. 


Well, transport leaves today I'm bound for the UCF Ulysses S Grant meant to be one of the most advanced vessels in Fleet's hands and works around the clock, it's Infantry detachments supposedly dropping twice a day sometimes. If that's true I think I might just shit myself, boot was a struggle but actual combat? That's a whole different ball game. I'll just keep myself on the "reliable Private bench" I don't need the extra stress that'll have me looking like Toulouse. Two years start now. 



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17 hours ago, Hecle said:

Update Phan



I have also implemented an overhaul to the relationship system I shall use here. The [Professional Opinion/Social Opinion] will let me reflect on your characters both on and off duty and will be a lot more flexible in giving my character's opinions without having to write paragraphs.

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