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Jennifer 'Blaze' Helström

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[Image of Jennifer during test Flight. Oberlin seen behind]


Basic Information


Name: Jennifer Helström

Place of Birth: Gothenburg Sweden, Terra

Date of Birth: 14/04/2276

Age: 22

Gender: F




Physical Description:


Height: 5'11

Weight: 160lbs

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: Ensign

Branch: Fleet - TAC

TAC Call-sign: Blaze

Date of Enlistment: MI - 2294. Fleet - 2296.

Years of Service: Four (2 MI. 2 Fleet)

Service Record:

  • Enlistment into Infantry - 2294
  • Shipped to the UCF 241 under the 225th Morita
  • Promoted to sergeant during Operation Omega
  • Ended Infantry service during 2296
  • Enlisted under Fleet a month later in July 2296
  • Transferred to the UCF 751 to serve as TAC 2298
  • Transferred to the UCF Ulysses S. Grant 2298





ACE Ribbon X 4

Personal Information


  • Father: Roger Helström, Alive, Citizen. Ex Master sergeant
  • Mother: Alice Helström, Alive, Citizen, Ex Medical Senior specalit
  • Brother: Oliver Helström, Deceased, Infantry, Corporal
  • Brother: Harry Helström, Alive, Infantry, Staff Sergeant
  • Sister: Kristina Helström, Alive, Infantry, Lieutenant


Backstory: Jennifer had a casual upbringing, her family being of military service, proud of it too. She was tough to endure and deliver what was needed during the harsh courses of life. Her interests in fleet peaked during her many runs on Bug hunts, the sounds of the engine drawing her interests. What would it be like for her to see another view of a harsh battlefield? After her two years, Helström took a months time off before re-enlistment into Fleet, shipping off to be trained under TAC to be the best of the best in Arial combat, It was here she met a now long time friend, Jacob Oberlin. The pair were somewhat insufferable during their course, With Helström being more of a useless prankster to him. After the academy, they split to serve elsewhere, only to reunite in the 112th home of the Ulysses S. Grant

Characteristics: Jokester, Light hearted.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Determined, focused. Easily provoked.

Other Information: Wears a set of aviators around to look "Cool"


Photo Album:



[Image of Jennifer during flight training]



[Air time snack. Oberlin and Helström in a shard cockpit]



[Viper Squadron First Mission before taking fire l Left - 1-4 Baxter l Centre : 1-1 Oberlin l Right: 1-2 White l POV: 1-3 Helström]


"A peaceful flight"



"Only the fastest" [Helstrom flying past Oberlin]


Personal Relationships


Interest l Best Friends | Friends | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


Mobile Infantry


Gabriel A. "Chopper" Davenport: A corporal that i've grown to enjoy the company of. Hes a bit of a motor mouth to put it lightly but, honestly it is a nice change of all things to have him around.



Lisa White: Fellow pilot who honestly, I dunno too much about. Met during our first flight with the Grant, they seem alright. Claim to best pilot on board. Can't wait to see that


Carson SawyerMy wing commander Shes a rather relaxed woman when it's all said and done, good to hang out with and doesn't seem overly strict for matters when it's not needed. I like them


Jeremy NashHe is uh, rather interesting? Odd way to put him down as anything, hes all over the place for me. He adds, odd for what his rank holds but I suppose everyone has their quirk









William St. Claire: He is uh, odd. Didn't know much or anything about it an he already began hitting on me a little. Not my kind of style of flying but, I give him credit for being ballsy. We did speak alittle and it was going alright I would think


Hecle Phan: Engineer that I've spoken little too, dont know much about him to really comment










Jacob OberlinA Fantastic friend to me, We met during flight school and boy was it some fun times. It was great he just gave it that better push to the greatest experience. Glad we met up again. He is gone now, died during that recon mission...or whatever it can be called now...So long and it ends like that..



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