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  See you in hell. Oh what the hell, you can never tell..... it might be like heaven  "
- Spc. Hecle Phan's motto  



Basic Information


Name: Hecle Phan

Place of Birth: Caralon

Date of Birth: March 3rd, 2279

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 8 inches



Physical Description:


Weight: 195 lbs

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown



Military Information



Branch: Mobile Infantry, Engineering Division

Date of Enlistment: March 5th, 2299

Years of Service: Just enlisted

Service Record:

Enlistment - 2299

Transferred to the 112th Morita Battalion - 2299

Promoted from Recruit to Private - 2299

Accepted into the 112th Engineering Division - 2299

Promoted to Second Specialist- 2299

Promoted to Specialist- 2299

Labeled as a Traitor- 2299


Personal Information


Veronica Heron-Phan - Mother | Status: Alive | Citizen

Jirou Phan - Father | Status: KIA | MI Trooper

Jian Phan - Older Sister | Status: MIA

Backstory: Growing up on a farm located on the Planet Caralon, Hecle was taught the trade of a farmer from his mother. His father, who was in the Mobile Infantry and stationed with the 116th Morita Battalion, would occasionally visit whenever he was off duty. Growing up, he was just your average child who focused on his studies and followed the New Faith religion that was so dominated in The Trio. His Father would regale tales of heroic and death-defying action whenever he was off-duty and visiting them which gave Hecle an appreciation for all the good work that the Federation has done. After graduating from High School, He continued to work on his family farm. During that time his father was redeployed and it was the last time Hecle ever saw him. After two years of laboring away, one of his father's MI buddies was able to send a message to his family that his father had perished defending New York City from a Progenitor attack. Horrified by some of vids and pictures attached with that message, Hecle enlisted in the Mobile Infantry, hoping to make a difference and lessen the suffering of the people of Earth.

Characteristics: Kind-hearted, Optimistic, Loyal, Courageous, and Naive

Strengths & Weaknesses: Strong due to years of working on the farm with heavy machinery, Compassionate towards Federation citizens. Hesitates when he has to kill his fellow man. No fear when fighting bugs or Progenitors. Believes that there is goodness in everyone.

Other Information:

Skin graft on his Left cheek and ear

Talon scars around the stomach

Metal Kneecaps


Personal Relationships


Loved | Interested | Admired | Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated

Roki Bosonac - The first person I met and talked to during my first day on the Grant. A troubled man who has suffered so many losses when the Progenitors invaded Earth. I consider him a friend and will continue to look out for him and offer him my support. 

I think our friendship has blossomed, we played a fun game with a group of others and he showed a lot more emotion than what he usually shows on a daily basis. I am glad he is opening up to the rest of the battalion.


Steven Hartcourt - A fine man who broke my "alcohol cherry" and cause me to acquire a taste for whiskey. He was my trench buddy during our drop to aid the 246th Morita Battalion and we gave the bugs a thorough thrashing. I am glad to have fought with him and consider him a friend. Maybe, I'll see him at the bar sometime.

I am glad to fight alongside you. This guy is a great battle buddy and we held the line when the bugs came at us in droves. I am proud to consider him a friend and hope he stays safe in the future.

Why are you fucking leaving? We fought together, bleed together, and drank together, so why the hell did you choose to leave? The Federation will find you! Fucking hell man, I don't want to see another one of my friends killed, and you are dragging Reece into this! She saved my life and you are running off with her? Is this some stupid fucking fairytale?!?! Don't you fucking die on me when you leave you hear? Don't you fucking dare die.


Adrian Goose - One of the friendliest old men I have ever had the pleasure to call a friend. A bit of a pessimist when it comes to life outside of the Mobile infantry but I think, with time, he might come around to seeing the world in a better light. Time will tell and I hope to be along for the ride.

I am sorry about your legs man. I wish I was there to save them...But hey! now you got some sexy biotech legs and can finally show off your "bling".

The Prison is getting to you man, don't let them break you.



Jane Evans - A badass woman who would make bugs and progenitors trembling with fear. She has suffered many injuries during her time in the MI and actually gave the time of the day to a grunt like me when I spilled my displeasure after witnessing the execution of one of our own. At first, she was hard to approach since she was a killing machine with battles under her belt while I was a bright-eyed rookie, fresh out of boot camp. But, as we fought together, I can see her as more than just an unapproachable giant. All in all, I admire her will to move on forward despite suffering many hardships and Consider her a friend that would have my back during the battles to come. I got your six Evans, Hooah.

I am thankful to have met you. Hell, I guess I have a small crush on ya. I don't know how you can act all happy after all you been through but seeing you go on gives me the strength to go on as well.


Grace Corbin - One of the best medic and doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. She has saved many of my friends during many combat drops, The most prominent the one in which Aaron Carter got injured because he tried to get a date with a Tanker Bug. She also becomes a lean mean killing machine when she is not healing anyone, I don't know how a medic like her can be so bloodthirsty but hey, She gets the job done. Corbin is also an awesome gal to hang out with during RnR and becomes a deviant when she gets drunk off of Alcohol. I even had the pleasure of giving her the nickname Pasta! I don't know why she wanted to be nicknamed a type of food that I usually make out of wheat to sell to the Federation but hey, no one is perfect. I am just glad to have met her and consider her a friend, someone who can watch my back and get me back into fighting shape. Let's show those bugs the true meaning of Kill! Death! Slaughter! Hooah!

I hope you are ok, Corbin. We all miss you, come back to us. Emmett misses you.

Oh god, Oh god. I am so sorry Corbin. Emmett....he is in a better place. I hope you are safe wherever you are.


Bradley Tanner - A hilarious man who knows how to hack his way through anything! I had the pleasure of meeting him during a drop to investigate a "derelict" space station. On that drop, I was assigned as his battle buddy and followed him around like a lost puppy.... But I got to watch his hacking skills in action and boy was I impressed. He also calls me Phan the Man... It is a very catchy nickname and has a rhyme to it.... maybe I can get my little brother to call me that...yeah fat chance. Also, He and I make a great team and I look forward to working him in the future as fellow engineer nerds. See you out in the field pal, Hooah!


Mira Oberlin - Gods, what I got from her was one thing....My father's attraction to strong women, and a severe ass-kicking. When I first met Mira Oberlin, I thought she was an ice queen who only hangs out with the Command staff on the Grant but when she volunteered to train us in hand-to-hand, I actually saw her smile....and no it was not because my ass was being handed to me. It's strange though... During that spar, she had extremely good reflexes, so good in fact that she can probably pummel my Drill Sergeant to a pulp back in basics....without breaking a sweat. I have a feeling during our spar, she was holding back as well, but can't really tell. What I do know is that she was able to read my every move and made all the CQC training I had looked like we were just play-fighting. On that note....I am wearing a cup next time, my nuts hurt worse than when I was kicked by a cow in the stomach. All in all, I think Oberlin is a wonderful woman and I wouldn't mind getting to know her more. God, I sound like a love-struck teenager....only time will tell.

I hope you got out ok. The Grant is gone but her legacy lives on.


Grzegorz Brzeczyszcykiewicz-  A mountain of a man who defeated the great Colonel Bently. He is a friendly giant who cares about everyone...that doesn't piss him off. He loves his pet sunflower Goose and I always see him taking care of him. I consider him a friend and hope he beats the shit out of Murphy since he lost to him the first time.

I hope you got out safely my friend, The Grant is gone...I am sorry about Goose.

Thank God you are safe, I lost so many friends...I am glad you weren't one of them.


Tzipora Bronson - I hope your resignment to the 88th is going well, I am glad you were not on the Grant when she blew up. Stay safe.


Wendy Goodwin- A medic who came under the attack of my jokes, she seems like a nice woman but she is kinda anti-social in my opinion. We had a fun time chasing after the idiot who robbed a bank but could never find his ass. Oh well, it was fun playing hide and seek.


Noemi "Tidbits" Rosangela- When I first met Tidbits, it was during a drop to a school where we had to clear out bugs. She was assigned as my Squad leader and to be honest, I was pretty green so I thought nothing of her height and just followed orders. After that drop, I would occasionally see her around the ship and would greet her but I only considered her as a distant friend. But it changed when we were label traitors by the Federation, She fucking starved herself in that prison. I am so glad Bently got us out, I would not be able to cope if I saw her die by starvation. My sanity is barely holding on as it is. I think I started to notice her when we hid on the ship to escape federal troops that were searching for us. I remember making her food and watching her wolf it down like a starved child... it broke my heart seeing someone suffer like and made me want to ensure that she never experience this horror again. I don't know how you are always happy Tidbits... but keep being you, I will protect you till my dying breath.


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