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The New Roll System

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As many have noticed, if not everyone, there is a new system in place for your rolling. This is the use of specific types of rolls.

There's five rolls at the moment (Six, including Psychic).

Constitution. (The ability to add a percentage onto your rolls. Each point placed into 'Con' adds one more percent bonus to a roll. This means that one could, in theory, be able to save themselves from a PK, or even turn a mediocre roll into a great one, with a good enough level in this stat.)

Dexterity. (A stat that can be used for multiple things. It has two main, interchangeable, uses. Number one, rolling a Dex based attack. Such as a grappling move, throwing something or a more acrobatic based move. However, it can also be used to dodge an attack. These are the primary uses of the Dexterity roll and, of course, with the more points put into this stat, the better your chances of successfully rolling.)

Intelligence. (This stat is used to gauge the intellect of your character. Sometimes in events or on ship, you may be asked to do an Intelligence check, to see if your character can read something, for example, a file found in a research base, and actually understand what the Hell it's even talking about. This stat is incredibly important for those far more interested in trying to learn and understand the world of Starship Troopers, and the lore that the admin team often take time to put together to be found in their events.)

Perception. (Perception, a stat that is used to check how observant your character is. This stat can be used by an admin to see if your character notices something. For example, something in the distance. Or if you hear something coming up behind you, like an Arachnid or Separatist. However, anything that may involve concentration or observational skills on .Net will require a Perception roll.)

Strength. (Strength rolls have many uses, like the others. However, their primary and most likely most common use is in combat. Strength rolls can be used for almost any attack, but can also be used as a defensive attack. Should your character choose to stand and try to take an attack from someone, it is possible to roll Strength or Constitution, depending on the circumstances. Strength can also be used for trying to help lift Arachnid corpses, moving heavy equipment or carrying wounded soldiers.)


So, those are the five stats which everyone is given and encouraged to use in rolls, each person will start out with thirty points to put into those stats. However, as your character progresses on .Net, so does their experience, meaning they will learn new skills and improve and adapt. To represent this, you will not be able to level up your stats, but how does it work?


Well, with each promotion you receive in .Net, you will be granted an amount of points that you can distribute to all five stats however you see fit.Here's each rank, and what they are worth.


Mobile Infantry:


Recruit - Base Stats (30 points)

Private - Base Stats (30 points)

Private First Class - Gain 5 points

Lance Corporal - Gain 10 points

Corporal - Gain 10 points

Sergeant - Gain 15 points

Staff Sergeant - Gain 10 points

Master Sergeant - Gain 10 points

Second Lieutenant - Gain 5 points

Lieutenant - Gain 5 Points

Captain - Gain 10 points


However, in SSTRP, NCO is not the only way a person can progress. There is also the route of Divisions, such as Engineers, Medics or Marauders. These divisions have their own separate stat modifiers. They are as follows.





3Spc. - Gain five points

2Spc. - Gain five points

Spc. - Gain five points

SSpc. - Gain ten points

MSpc. - Gain ten points

TSgt. - Gain fifteen points


But, of course, it is possible to be an NCO and a Division member. However, to keep things balanced, the rank bonus points do not apply for Division members, unless they are a Sergeant, in which they are given 10 more points.

Sergeant in a division - Add ten points


This equals out so that, in a Division, it is possible to gain a total of 45 points, as, say, an Engineering Sergeant, this being ten points less than what an Infantry Staff Sergeant can gain. However, as a Divisional Technical Sergeant, you gain 50 extra points, the same amount as what an Infantry Staff Sergeant gains. (For those who remember, Technical Sergeants and Staff Sergeants always had the same roll bonus of 35, so this is a fair way of representing that in this new and improved system.)


To anyone who has questions about this system, simply contact me on Steam, Discord, or comment here. Over the next few days, I will be giving out the stats that people SHOULD have, so simply /report to ask to have your stats given to you, and say what points go in where, for example;

"/report As a Sergeant, requesting my stats be set to Con: 10, Dex: 25, Int, 5, Per: 5, Str: 25."


This system is subject to change, but we shall see as time goes on.

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