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Alvaro Lupinacci

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  "We are all here because those who gave their lives for us thought us worthy of sacrifice. Keep that in your mind my friend; at the front of every morning and the end of every dream."  

- Alvaro Lupinacci speaking to an unnamed Mobile Infantry trooper on the Zion


Main Theme Song





Battle Theme




Basic Information


Name: Alvaro Lupinacci

Place of Birth: Hepsarus

Date of Birth: 13th July 2276

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0



Physical Description:


Weight: 160 lbs

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: Petty Officer Second Class [FORMERLY]

Branch: Federation Fleet, Weapons Station [FOMRERLY]

Date of Enlistment: 12th January 2299

Years of Service: 0

Service Record:

Active Combat Scenarios - 4 (+2 Asteroid Field sanctioned practises)

Fleet Simulations - 3

-Completed Basic

-Assigned to the UCF Ulysses S. Grant as a Cadet

-Completed Weapons Station Basic Training

-Promoted to Crewman

-Disabled the UCF Grey Court Corvette so infantry boarding action may take place and the ship recovered.

-Brought the Grant probes in to gather intel on the derelict space station in the Arcturas Nebula and defended against hostile boarders as a direct result

-Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class.

-Countered and destroyed 4 separatist vessels, with the occupants of the last escaping to a nearby planet and hunted by the 112th.

-Began training in the Warfare Station

-Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

-Manned Warfare Station in first contact with the void capable Transport Bug-Caste and sent scans to the Federation

-Accused and Sentenced as a Traitor, Escaped Karrus - WANTED



Personal Information


Alvo Lupinacci - Father; Citizen - Former Candidate for Sky Marshal - Aged 57

Bianca Lupinacci - Mother; Citizen - Retired Fleet Doctor, Currently owns a private practise on Hesparus - Aged 57

Mario Lupinacci - Brother; Citizen - Fleet Pathfinder - Aged 26

Calvo Lupinacci - Brother; Citizen - Fleet Lieutenant - Aged 24

Sereita Lupinacci - Twin Sister; Citizen - MIPOD - Aged 22

Bernita Lupinacci - Sister; Civilian - Hesparus Fleet Academy Student, Pilots Course - Aged 18

Romeo Lupinacci - Brother; Civilian - High School Student - Aged 15

Secutio Lupinacci - Sister; Civilian - High School Student - Aged 15

Backstory: Born into the Lupinacci Family who have a proud history of service the family had moved to Hesparus as part of the colonisation effort in the first wave and being Italian the family was stereotypically large embedded deeply in the process of building the shipyards they are far from the poorest, Alvaro has benefitted from this wealth in his education and prospects, raised on the fruit of high society he knows his way around a charity event, vineyard, orchestra and even a Yoga mat to name a few. The family is a large one even outside of his numerous siblings and before he was even in high school he would assist in his mother's Private Medical Practise wherein he became acquainted with the vigour of good charisma and people skills as he met her highly affluent clientele and learned to talk to such people regularly. Being so worry free meant he could focus easily on schooling and he emerged from high school with an immense Grade Sheet which would carry him into University where he would study Maths, Mechanics and Physics and while there he lived as any other student parties, sex and studies. 


His enlistment into the Fleet after University was a late decision of his own making, originally planning to not find himself on any kind of star ship but rather the Starside Research and Development track, his Father on a rare visit home took his son into his confidence about his aspirations to the office of Sky Marshall and while Alvaro's elder brother Calvo was a prospective for command of their own ship he did not think he had the talent for it. It was closer to a command than fatherly advice by his father but Alvaro was told to enlist as a standard Fleetsman, and work his way up. The work ethics of their long family history being what they were, a man didn't get to boast about anything he did not earn and so Alvaro enlisted the very next day, unwilling to reveal the "orders" or speak of his Father's aspirations to his peers Alvaro comes across as the Italian Prince out of his element. And in many ways he is, but his eyes are firmly planted on command to the Hesparans family is everything.

Characteristics: Sophisticated, Polite, Chivalrous, Educated, Hidden-Drive, Jealous



Other Media


The Logged Disavowing of Alvaro Lupinacci, by Rear Admiral Alvo Lupinacci of the 5th Battlegroup. Leaked to the public by Dissenters.


"Admiral - Thank you for joining us today." The FedNet Journalist said sitting opposite a silver haired man with a stern uncompromising scowl, who nodded.

"A pleasure to answer your call." The man dressed in the white of the Federation Admiralty and decorated with ribbons had his hands interlocked on his lap.

"Now - with the war on Bugs in it's early stages and victory on the horizon. Many of our Citizens have asked for insights into the character of the ones responsible for starting the war." The journalist referred directly to the camera. "The traitorous 112th Moritas and the crew of the UCF Ulysses S Grant." Then looking back at the Admiral with a softened smile. "Do you have any comments?"

"Those responsible for this war are defamed, debased and strikingly irresponsible individuals." The Admiral said plainly.

"The 112th and the crew of the UCF Ulysses S Grant." The Journalist said scowling at the camera, then looking back at the Admiral who barely moved.

"Those responsible for this war were gung-ho and did not think of the casualties they might face in the event of an Arachnid offensive. We have all of us seen the effects on Tango Urilla, those responsible should be wary of themselves for they will be found eventually."

"Do you think the war shall be impeded by Federation attempts to hunt down the traitors responsible?" The journalist asked with a squint.

"No, I do not believe so. As important as finding the remnants of the UCF Ulysses S Grant is, the Federation's reach is wide and a simple war with the Arachnids will hardly throw us into disarray." The Admiral said, staring blankly at the Journalist who smiled.

"So you affirm the standpoint of the masses that this war is very much winnable?" 

"I do. Though I will remark that the Arachnid offensive was unexpected, the Fleet and it's Infantry will stand as humanities rapier, in parry and then riposte." The Admiral said nodding at the end of his statement.

"Bravo sir. Bra-vo." The Journalist smiled and presented a row of striking white teeth that clashed with his orange complexion. "Now with that out of the way, I believe, if our records are correct your own son was a member of the Grant's crew, first under Captain Winters, then Captain Nyman -"

The Admiral visibly shifted in place and his scowl turned into a sneer. 

"- Are you quite alright sir?" The Journalist asked with feigned concern to which the Admiral nodded the Journalist referred to their notes and then looked up.

"Former Petty Officer Second Class Alvaro Lupinacci, your...third child?" The Journalist asked.

"Fourth." The Admiral began. "He was born after his twin sister." 

"Ah - yes. Former Petty Officer Lupinacci your -fourth- child. Quite the stain on the family service record isn't it?"

"A stain." The Admiral parroted.

"Can you think of any reason that he would abandon the Federation in pursuit of jovial war-mongering?" The Journalist asked.

"I cannot." The Admiral replied.

"And yet he did?" 

"And yet he did."

"Doesn't such a thing warrant scrutiny? You are after all a serving member of the Fleet with a distinguished record of meritorious service, and yet you could not foresee the insurgent thoughts of your own child?" The Journalist feigned a perplexed expression and leaned back in their seat.

"Do you have children?" Asked the Admiral.

"I...don't quite see how that relates to my question."

"Humour me." The Admiral responded without a smile.

"I do not sir."

"You do not." The Admiral affirmed. "So, in light of that I shall inform you, a child is their own being moulded by their parents but are ultimately their own beings. They can be guided, they can be corrected but their minds will be as unknown to their sires and your mind is unknown to me. So - with that in mind I shall reiterate that I cannot think of a reason my son would turn traitor."

"Interesting sir, for there is a means by which you might have known your sons mind, were you so dutiful as you say. His twin sister, she is Psychic yes?"

The Admirals brow twitched.

"Could you not have had her read your son's mind to find his based thoughts of treason before they happened?"

"How could I suspect such things of a teenager?"

"So it was lack of foresight? Quite the crux in the makings of someone we are supposed to trust with our defence in this time of turmoil." The Journalist said turning to the camera on that last point, then looking back.

"A lack of foresight..." The Admiral said casting his blue eyes downward.

"You agree this was a treason of your own making?" The Journalist jabbed.

The Admiral reached over eyes fixed on the journalist and taking a glass of water, drinking it slowly without taking his eyes off of the man opposite him, the mic on his lapel even picking up his sips which he held for a good ten full-blooded seconds before finally putting down the glass, the Journalist entranced by the gesture.

"I do not agree that it was a treason of my own making, what I shall agree though, is that my son and all of my children follow the orders they are given, beyond that they try to improve upon them through intuition and forethought." Reclining back in the seat he lifted his right hand from his lap and was passed a sheet of printed paper from an unknown person, and flattening it out looked down upon it.

"What is that sir?" the Journalist asked with a look of annoyance.

"A report, from the UCF Ulysses S Grant before she was destroyed. Detailing as much scan data as was physically possible of our new transport-caste of Arachnid. Taken from Former Petty Officer Third Class Alvaro Lupinacci on the planet of Karrus when he was arrested, stored on a drive extracted from the Grant." The Admiral stated.

The Journalist scowled.

"Foremost in any father's mind is their child's motivations, and following his orders took my son to the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, Captain Gareth Nyman would have had him shot if he did not comply, for that is the cost of insubordination as you know, yes?"

The Journalist nodded, knowingly.

"Yet, in this treason my son was able to provide us with this information. The Grant was the bullet that started this war, and those responsible for loading the gun will see their day on the gallows." The Admiral said turning around the paper, images and scans of the Transport Bugs noted including the timestamp and identification number of Alvaro Lupinacci which he showed to the camera, and then folded away looking at the journalist whose mouth was agape, a picture that held for a few moments before the Federal Logo appeared and expressed Technical Difficulties.


Personal Relationships



Alvaro’s reaction to being asked to make another Pizza


Roskana Nejem - The Arabian Princess - Things between myself and Nejem are moving forward, I have wept into her arms and seen both sides of her that jostle for control of her mind, one moment she is stoic and confident, almost cold and at others she is vulnerable and paranoid. It took me this long to realise that emulating her as a perfect being was extremely arrogant of me. I had no idea she had so much depth to her and I felt so bad for it I left her alone for a lot of the time after our arrest and subsequent escape. Somewhere along the line Nejem has become a more open woman, our circumstances being what they are I think the emotional vulnerability shifted her perspective. For the first time in public she expressed her willingness to go out with me, and I must have looked a fool in my reaction. I hope that we can become closer now that she has become more open. 


Alessandro Noviello - Fratello Mio - A pedigree Italian, we bonded together during our time on the Grant, he's a more reserved sort than I but he has his reasons that he revealed unto me. I hope he does not take our losses too hard, a man can only lose so much before he breaks...I shall have to ensure I spend some more time with him. We did however laugh over the Book of Mormon that I dug out of a musty cabinet on the Zion. Oh how we laughed together.


Shu-Wei Zhang - The Matron of the Crew - Zhang survived! My spirits have been lifted greatly since discovering this, though as always she is work driven and serious...ah how she reminds me of my mother, perhaps this is what draws me too her? The two of them would probably get along in the best of ways, professional admiration and social common ground. She's a fiery one, and we need as much fire as we can get now.


James Reacher - The Lad - Reacher and I first met on the Grant, I believe I gave him his first beer while on Federal Service but I might be wrong. From there we forged something of a repour friendly glances and smirks with the occasional joke. I can tell he'll be something of a social butterfly around here and I have little doubt in his ability as one of the Infantry Engineers, like the others I hope he can cope with these changes, I'll be sure to check in with him from time to time. 


Ajax Drivas - The Rock - Drivas is a good man, compassionate, enduring and an unbreakable spirit. A member of the Marauder attachment his veteran attitude and constitution makes him a force to gravitate toward when you fall into despair. He has asked me to keep an ear out for his request to prepare a meal for himself and his female companion Lisa; which while I do not enjoy becoming anyone's personal chef in matters of the heart...how can I refuse such an earnest request?


Commander Nash - Forthright Officer - Nash was my supervisor on the Grant, I am not sure how he felt about my dual specialising in Warfare, he never made any objections but I definitely interacted with him less after that. He survived the Grant, the crash and our escape from Karrus. I hope he is okay, I shall make time to talk with him when I can.


Rangi Setu - The Stoic - Setu and I were handling the emergency supplies on our exodus from the escape pods, side by side we carried the provisions and fought the Arachnids. His training shining through and opening my eyes to the realities of the Infantry's daily life. I can tell he does not like me, he admitted to me he was interested in Nejem while in the prison like it were his last words. He is probably hurting for her expressing interest in me, but out of respect for him and all he did both for me and others, I won't make light of it to him.


Lisa White - A newer acquaintance of mine personally but everyone appears to know her, Ajax is besotted with her and I can see why; she is a true beauty. Though we have had not much cause to speak, indeed our first meeting was on the Zion I look forward to being on friendly terms with yet another pilot.


Omar Saastamoinen - I'm pretty sure I saw Omar post the fall of the Grant, I will seek him out to see how he is doing.


Greg - His stoicism will no doubt be of great importance turning these times...

The Fallen, Missing and Departed



Grace Corbin - The Doctor - Grace was...I suppose, discharged from the Grant just before we lost it, a great tragedy to the crew I can feel it in the air they are lesser for her loss and given how we now live I must wonder if her presence would be what tipped morale into a favourable light.


Captain Nyman - The Leader, the Martyr- I shall live my life to become the man you were, the Captain you were and if needs be the martyr you were sir. You gave us our lives at the cost of your own and in every effort I make in the days ahead I shall be committed to preserving the lives of these souls you saved further.



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2 hours ago, Faded said:

Please have theme music be Amore and add Blackburn ty

Added, and the theme is a hilariously good fit so that's in. 


Plus updates.

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51 minutes ago, Shaxx said:

Obligated to ask for Omar, since this guy talks to too many women.


49 minutes ago, CaptainCrozier said:



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1 hour ago, SpeedyGrylls said:

You know who it is. James Reacher.

I know who it is. Added :P

1 hour ago, Tridon said:

Lisa ‘Cobra’ White



Additionally, updated theme songs, added Other Media section to aid in the world building of our current circumstances and to characterise his family members some outside of the server.

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