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AFC-FG-103-Charles H. Upham (UCF-103) - Yukon-IV Class Frigate

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AFC-FG-103-Charles H. Upham (UCF-103) - Yukon-IV Class Frigate



A Yukon-IV Class Frigate in orbit over [REDACTED] (PLACEHOLDER IMAGE)


General Information

Name: Yukon-IV Class Frigate

Role: Quarantine Zone Patrol Vessel

Manufacturer: Beta Hydri Heavy Industry - Pallas

Introduced: 14th February 2299

Status: In service

Number built: 3 as of 1st April 2299

Unit cost: £7.5 billion (2299)

Laid down: AFC-FG-103-Charles H. Upham laid down on 21st February 2299


Technical Specifications


Length - 283.5 m (930.1 ft)

Width - 61.3 m (201.1 ft)

Height - 78.2 m (256.5 ft)

Mass - 31,704.3 metric tons (34,948 short tons)

Propulsion - 2x Beta Hydri Heavy Industry Sublight Thrusters

                      256x gas manoeuvring thrusters (Foremost 32x thrusters responsible for MAC gun alignment)

                      1x Mark VI Cherenkov Drive 

Thrust - 4,534,000,000 N (4.534 billion N)

Acceleration - 141.9 m/s²

Superluminal speed: 115.8ly/day (42,295.9c)

Crew - 20-40

Troop complement - 2x Platoon strength (70-100 troopers)

Sensor systems - 1x Yinimina Precision Devices 'Aegis' Self-Defence Sensor System

                                10x Yinimina Precision Devices 'Durendal' Long-Range Scanner Array

                                1x Yinimina Precision Devices 'Eclipse' Electronic Warfare and Countermeasure Suite

Armament - 1x Morita Colossus MKVIII Mass Accelerator Cannon

                      2x FedCom 'Retaliator' Thermonuclear Torpedo Launcher

                      6x FedCom 'Firestorm' MK1 Multi-Purpose Missile System

                      12x Brunham Ballistics MW-888 'Trip Eight' 35mm Defense Gun

Aircraft complement - 4x DR-4 Viking-Class Transport Shuttle

                                        8x DR-8 Skyhook-Class Transport Shuttle

                                        6x F-76 'Thunderbolt' Tactical Aerospace Control Fighter

                                        5x VT-2 Caracara Vertical-Take-Off-and-Landing Gunboat

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