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Salk Declares State of Emergency

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The streets of St. Anthony, a once-bustling hub of industrial development in Salk's southern hemisphere. Following the outbreaks of the 2297 strain of Hart's Fever, St. Anthony has fallen into dire straits. 


ST. ANTHONY, SALK  ‒  A decade ago, before the emergence of the Salk Liberation Front and the subsequent fighting, St. Anthony enjoyed a prominent spot as a production nucleus for Salk's space-faring industry. In the late eighties, the memories of the first devastating wave of Orthomyxoviridae XH3N2 back in 2273 were beginning to fade as the planet's economy declined into the nineties.


One afternoon in 2273 on Salk, Sgt. Morgan Franks, head line cook, was checked into the medical bay at Camp Hiawatha with flu-like symptoms. Three hours passed, and thirteen troopers were admitted to the medical bay with similar symptoms. Within five days, 139 troopers were admitted, with 63 of them succumbing to the flu. XH3N2, or Hart's Fever, is spread like most influenza viruses; persons up to six feet away from an infected individual can still breathe in particles from the infected's saliva, excreted through talking, sneezing, and coughing. It is believed that the virus was originally carried towards civilization on Salk by a rodent-like species known as Xenomarmota flaviventrus by clinging to their wet feet as they walked towards the still-expanding frontier of human colonists. The virus was carried to cattle and poultry, where it was then carried to humans. The virus appears to only affect humans, and poultry. The outbreak in 2273 took the lives of 11,000 out of the approximately 35,000 infected.


Thanks to the efforts of one Dr. Ionnes Stephanopoulos, a vaccine was synthesized and distributed in the dry season of 2274. But, more than twenty years later, a new strain of Orthomyxoviridae XH3N2 has emerged; now more robust and quicker to mutate. Indeed, for nearly three years a vaccine to combat the new strain has eluded development due to the sheer frequency of the virus' mutation.




Dr. Kelly Lummis, retrieving isolates of the 2273 strain of Hart's Fever in Abboud, Salk.


A planet already grappling with the throes of a refugee crisis amidst the painful process of rebuilding, throwing a health crisis on top of a teetering tower of issues certainly doesn't improve the lives of the average native of Salk. Marek Kaminski, Federal Councillor for Salk, has drained the planetary treasury by trying to make ends meet for millions amidst the strife. A polarizing figure in Salk's recent history, Kaminski came into power shortly after the fall of the SLF and oversaw the resettlement of millions of refugees from Centennia in the days following Operation Breadbasket, and Salk's entrance into the then-Coalition during the Civil War. Critics argue that Kaminski's practices have been ineffective at preventing further disparity, while others look to him as a symbol of Salk following the shameful legacy of the Salk Liberation Front's destructive tour only a few years prior.






Police hold back rioters and demonstrators in Abboud.


As the 2297 strain spread, more and more cities have been quarantined in an effort to control the spread of Hart's Fever. Families have been separated, and medical facilities have been overwhelmed with the sheer number of infected trying to receive care. With no cure, hospitals can only provide palliative care before the inevitable. As more cases pop up around Salk, Councillor Kaminski has delcared a state of emergency; civilian travel in and out of Salk has been frozen until a vaccine has been developed. This decision comes after months of struggle between discontented Salkians and police, desperately trying to keep a lid on violent riots that rip through the streets. With many feeling left with no other choice, many are calling for more expansive care measures for infected personnel, but according to Salk's representatives, their hands are tied. For many on Salk, the recent outbreak of Hart's Fever serves as yet another setback for the planet in the wake of destruction from 2297 to 2298. People who have lost their homes and possessions in the tides of war stand to lose even more as Salk desperately tries to control the situation...



Are you interested in helping restore the Federation?

Are you skilled in the following:


- Electronics

- Engineering

- Medicine

- Computer Science

- Construction

- Agriculture

- Transportation

- Logistics

- Microbiology

- Humanitarian Aid

- Urban Planning





Would you like to know more?






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