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SSTwoRP: Marking our 1-year Anniversary

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Hi all,


For those of you who aren't aware: whilst the community as a whole has been around for nearly a decade, the anniversary of our launch for this iteration was a little over 13 months ago. To mark our one year anniversary, we embarked on a program of development in May designed to revitalize and invigorate the server which, at least until today, has been kept strictly under wraps to avoid spoiling the surprise.



One of the major parts of that program - a new script - has (much to @kipper's credit) today reached a stage of maturity where we are happy to announce it and to begin beta testing. The new script has been built from scratch to be lightweight, robust and scaleable - which has translated into an environment where we can spawn 150 active arachnid NPCs with 6 players shooting constantly whilst keeping the average ping below 200ms, whilst still being feature rich in the areas most important to us, including a new, improved, customizable Morita (with a new model thanks to @Deadeye), and a better less bloated chat box with separated radio/chat similar to SSTRP of Old.


We will be hosting a private test mission to really put the script through its paces this Saturday that will consist of the staff team plus 10 regular players - a marauder, an engineer, a medics, a marine, and 6 regular mobile infantrymen to be nominated by their faction leaders. 


Stay tuned!





- Xalphox



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2 minutes ago, CamGrrr said:

Hey, this is pretty good. But is this gonna be the standard magazine size or will it increase?


The standard Morita will continue to have a 50 round magazine - but the drum magazine (which may replace the LMG) will have 200 rounds.

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