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Jackie Knoxx

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General Information:

Name: Jackie Knoxx

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 5'5

Hair Colour: Light Cool Brown

Eye Colour: Baby Blue

Place of Birth: Columbus Ohio

Decent: American

Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Egotistical/Prideful



Father: Jimmy Knoxx (Dead?)

Mother: Alexa Knoxx: (Dead?)


Professional Information:

Current Rank: Spc

Highest Rank Obtained: LCpl

Battalion: 112th

Current Faction: Mobile Infantry

Current Assignment: Ulysses Grant


Current Status:

Mental Illness: N/A

Physical Disabilities: N/A

Injuries: Lash wounds on back, Broken Nose, Missing her right leg (Kneecap downards).



                                                                                         Personal Relationship

                                          Loved/Attracted/Respected/Good Friend/Friend/Liked/Acquaintance/Disliked/Fucking Hate


Ethan 'Fucker' Thacker: First person I talked to on the ship, great guy and it's a shame you had to marry Bohannon and move platoon. You'll always be remembered Fucker.

Reece Thacker: Haven't known you for too long but I know that you're Ethan's older brother and you seem like a cool guy. Enjoy sparring with you even though I always lose (because I let you win..) I haven't seen you in ages. I hadn't seen you in ages, you just come back and now you're fucking dead.. I don't believe in that religious shit but atleast you'll be with Cooper now.. I'll remember you, just like your brother.

Valerie Faust: Hot German girl, seem alright. Need to talk and get to

know eachother more. We don't really talk as much, it's more of a professional thing now where I ask you to train me and whatever. I'm just glad you're one of my Master Specialists and not some dickhead, also you understand me.

Emilie 'Sheep' Baader: Another hot German girl... She's a really great friend and I know I can trust her, nice person too (nicer then me). It's my goal to get with you. Where did you go? Another good friend gone.. Miss you sheep.

Travis Young: Haven't really met you or insulted you yet.. All I know is that you're a Sergeant and engineer. You're a lieutenant and yeah.

Annabelle Thacker: One my best friends, miss you and god damn you look good... Still a really good friend and I hope you don't... Die? Seriously though amazing person to have in my life and I enjoy pissing you off.. Also I finally did it, if you know what I mean. I heard you were discharged and fuck will I miss you.. One of the best friends I had and kept me out of trouble. Love you and hope you don't die, wherever you fucked off too. You're back and it's great! Sure you're a fleetie but that's fine.. I'm just glad I got one best friend back after another died.. You're gone again.. You're back again, it's fucking with my head for fuck sake.

Aphelion Dominica: She's always offering to help and makes one hell of a fucking cup of tea.. She is weird though but fuck it I get tea. Weird as fuck and hit me with a chair. She hasn't made me tea in a while..

Garret Swift: Ho-lee-shit, I can't tell if I fucking hate you for picking on me or if I love you for it, Honestly you're one of the best Sergeants on the ship but jesus christ cut me some SLACK. Fuck knows where you went, atleast I won't have random punishments anymore. Miss you though.

Sila Ren: She's sweet, I think she influences off me sometimes.. She's a good friend and a fun person to hang around with but I wish she'd stop getting insulted so easily. Last time I saw her we fell out, I don't care about her anymore- Do miss her though.. A bit.

Frank Esposito: Like fucking around, messing around and all that jazz with this cunt. I fucking hate him in a friendly way? But yeah he cool. Another guy I haven't seen or spoken to in a while, had good banter.

Viktoriya Natraski: Don't know too well as a friend but we have sort of got to know eachother, would be cool to get to know her more though and she seems nice. Haven't spoken to her since the Murphy. Consider her a friend, she's nice and helps me learn engineering.

Michelle Cooper: I haven't had a proper conversation with her but I know she's going out with Faust and she's known for being a nice person, doesn't seem like someone who would piss me off. I've talked to you more and you seem like you wanted to fuck me. No idea where you've went. I heard she died.. Thacker just came back to, fuck I feel bad for him.

Franco Sorrentino: He's a good laugh, I don't really know what else to say but he's one of the people that I don't hate. He's probably one of the only SNCOs I'm alright with, he's never pissed me off and never demoted me..-Infact he was the one who promoted me to Lance Corporal a while ago so I respect him for that. He's a good leader too from what I've seen anyway and he seems to jump around ranks a lot. He's helping me out now, helping me join the engineers.. I'm going through some tough times even though I hide it well, I'm happy he's by my side.       

Annabeth Norse: I liked her.. Don't know where she's went or been...

Sarah 'Redbitch' Redbrick: At first I didn't like her.. Though I didn't dislike her either, I just told her that if we had a fight I would be the shit out of her but now she feels like a best friend already surprisingly. Great friend. Okay so I'm back now and she's literally the only friend I have left..- Like real friend, I still consider her a best friend too and hope she feels the same way- What am I talking about, of course I'm her best friend.. I hope. You're dead.. You're fucking dead! I wish you just -I don't know.. I miss you and I'll try be better for you. You were my best friend and you were always there for me, I wish those cunts didn't execute you..

William St. Claire: A Corporal engineer who threw me in the brig for the rest of that RnR, cunt.  Haven't seen you in a while, maybe you're dead but who knows.

Troy Hughes: Dumbass, okay but stupid... Though I like having him around, I think he's gay too but that has nothing to do with me liking him I just think he is. I'd say we're friends.

Tom Solomons: Emotionless NCO, never really talked to him.. Think he told me off once. He's not as bad as I thought he was, he seems to be quite similar to me in the way that we both try and not want to punch people in the face. I like him.

Felix Krautstag: He's been around for a while I think, not sure what to say about him because I haven't really talked to him that much. Heard you died, you were one of the older ones and it's a shame to see you go.

Eric McDowly: I haven't seen him in ages. He's back now, still an asshole and still pisses me off but I guess there's some sort of small minor fragment of a friendship.

Ashley Rose: She's always kind to me and can't take a joke, which I love.. She also seems to be interested in me and I have no issue with that. Also she's way more laid back then her Sister. I'll miss you..

Dominic Cage: Seems like a bit of an asshole so far but that's only my first impression, not really someone I consider anything.. Meh I mean I know his name.

Vinera Rose: She seemed pretty bitchy at first, no idea why but the next day and the following days she seemed super cool. I like too cool her a pirate because she's got an eyepatch but she doesn't seem to enjoy the nickname so much.. Heh yeah they're okay.

Daisy Bailey: I don't know if we've actually talked.. And if we have then it's probably got something to do with me being punished, I don't know.

Kristina Sigrun: I haven't spoken to her in ages.. Thanks Maclagan. We're starting to talk again, I like that. You helped me and Harper solve are issue and just helped me overall somehow, I just find you easy to talk to.

Pixie: Completely forgot your first name, I just remember your last name because it's fucking dumb. Haven't seen you around.

Glenn Reynolds: It's been hard on me and.. I don't know why but you're parting hit me hard. We may of not known eachother for long but I saw something in you, I saw myself and I just hope I don't go out the way you did. I'll remember you.

Elizabeth Taylor: We're both going through a tough time but for some reason you keep on wanting to help me, you're always there and I feel like I haven't thanked you enough.. I mean you shaved your head with me and you've been trying to keep me going even when I a massive bitch. Don't let anyone control you and try not make the same mistakes I did. I got the PDA message.. I can't believe you're gone, I need to start rethinking my decisions for myself and you.. You're not the only one who has made me feel this way but you are the only one who understood me. Rest easy..

Morgan Keller: She's a new trooper who seems decent, she likes playing games and stuff.. Pretty normal person overall and she's nice to most people so I don't have any complaints. I need to surround  myself around normal people.

Renee Veil: I've only really spoke to her once and it just felt good.. Like not in the cheesy way, I mean I managed to just talk to someone normally and even vent out my problems with not criticism. She's a nice person who I need to be around more, she calms me down.

Elizabeth Graham: Haven't spoken to her in a while, she was Faust's friend from what I remember. She's nice.

Titus Varro: He's a Master Specialist who I try 'impress' on drops, really I just want to learn how to use the shotgun and also get promoted to Master Specialist myself.

Michael Finch: Bit of a cunt but he talked to me about how I should improve, I just find it hard to take advice from someone who's such an annoying guy and one of my NCOs. I think I was wrong about you.. Sorry. I heard you were gone, that's a shame but I guess you can see where wrong decisions lead you like I did.

James Chevosky: I won't push away your help next time, sorry man.

Alyssia Harper: Fuck we're so similar yet so different.. I think that fight we had was one of the best things to happen to me and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm sorry for how I treated you the same you're sorry for me and I hope we can be friends in the near future.

Alicia White: You seem nice, hell you probably are just nice.. Keep being nice!

Tina Konig: You're a good a person and cool to hang out with but only because you know how stressed I get. I like talking to you when I have a problem.

Sean Richardson: Everyone hates this guy because of how annoying he is (which he is sometimes) but sometimes gets out of hand when literally nobody likes him because of what other people have said and just instantly find him annoying or dumb no matter what he does. Reminds me of how I was treated so for that I don't actually have a problem with him purely because I don't want to join in on the whole Richardson is a dumbcunt thing.

Sebastian Bently: I hate this guy sometimes, like he really pisses me off but most the time I don't have an issue with him because he just doesn't care about anything and that's good. I feel like he understands what I'm saying when I talk to him and he's been less annoying with me recently. He's okay, I can forget about the whole taping me to a wall upside down thing.

Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowtisch: He's awesome, he's currently my 'therapist' or I don't know what to call it. I enjoy talking to him.







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