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Unban appeal

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82292545 


Player who banned me was Winters, (Don't know the Steam ID or Discord name)


Reason why I think I should be unbanned: Well It wasn't my fault like I said to Winters it was my brother however it's on my account and I didn't know he'd get me into this mess to begin with. Anyway I was banned for "Lying about my con roll" I do not know how or what happened due to me being at my residential and working on my collage work, if I do not get unbanned it would not matter as I have taken the blame and understood how it is my fault.


The char who died I believe was Artyom Pavlov. 

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You were talking to us in the Discord leading up to your death?

Why you lying STILL

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I issued the permaban after Cipher informed me that you had rolled below a 5 on a constitution roll and, thinking that we as admins couldn't check, proceeded to lie about it in a /report. 


As a matter of policy here at SSTRP you are responsible for your account and thus if it really were your brother then that unfortunately would not change the outcome. This is because we could not in any circumstance prove or disprove who was behind the screen and thus "it was my brother" would become a get out of ban free card. In addition to this I note that @Faded attests to the fact that you were in fact speaking in Discord right up until your PK which, respectfully, leads me to strongly doubt your version of the events.


I am sceptical to unban proven liars even in the best of circumstances. These are not the best of circumstances.


It is my viewpoint that the permanent ban should remain, though as always I shall defer to whatever XA decides to take up this appeal.


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As standard operating procedures goes, I shall be taking over the handling of this appeal.



The truth of the matter is that despite the ban taking place on a game server, you are, in reality, seeking to be allowed back into our community.  And while we are speakings truths, which may be a foreign concept for you, I wish to clarify that not a single community can trust a known and proven liar.


It is human nature to have a desire to feel safe and have a basic level of confidence in those around them, and to have trust in those in positions of authority of that community.  Because of your actions, no one wants to risk having someone of your calibre around.


Standard policy at .Net is to permit permanently banned users the most basic of forum privileges; restricting users to post only in the Complaints threads as to allow them the ability to continuously attempt to prove their worth in hopes of readmittance.  However, no one will mind if I entirely block you from even viewing the forums.


Your one and only post will forever be a lie.  That is your only contribution to this community.  Hollow.  Empty.  Dead weight.



Appeal denied.

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