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.Net Community Survey - Third Bug War

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This community has been taken through many jarring events within the past two months alone, but there is little sign of the men and women of the Upham having made it clear of this storm.


This community is a melting pot of different ideologies and definitions of 'fun', and the server is where all these new ideas and perspectives come together to not only experience and share in art of story telling, but to also have the opportunity to leave their own mark on those around them.  With all these different personalities, it can be difficult for a minority of the playerbase to think of numerous ways to address each problem as it arises.  Thus, we make sure to send out surveys throughout the year as a way of 'keeping pulse' on the community's ever-changing interests and ideas.


While this survey will have many of the typical governance/administrative questions, it will also have a new series of questions that we hope will give us a better insight into the type of missions that we should consider making more commonplace until the community's interests change once more.  We're excited to see the outcome of this new type of survey.




We would appreciate it if you would take 15 minutes out of your day to provide us the feedback that you believe will help better the community.




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The survey will be closing in a few days.  It takes less than 15 minutes to complete and ensures that sure your voice is heard.

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