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Basic Information: Stands at 5’10”, weighing roughly 120 LBs, has a noticeable French accent. She seems to always be smiling, whether small or large.


Name: Naomi Reel

    Age: 19

    D.O.B: 5/19/2279

    Gender: Female

    Affiliation: Mobile Infantry [Traitor]

    Role(s): Engineer

    Kin: Unknown

    Homeworld: Terra


    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Hazel

    Build: A little bulky with noticeable muscles at biceps.

    Rank: SPC


Backstory: Naomi lived on Terra for most of her life, moving to Germany when father found a better job. At age eighteen, she was kicked out of home for wanting to be in the Mobile Infantry and being bisexual. Two things her parents feared. Served one year in the 57th Engineering Corp before transferring to the 112th.



Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Deceiving, Protective


Wealth: Unknown


Other Information: Bisexual, prefers women.



Becoming a SPC in Engineering

Helping out friends





Losing Choi


Personal Relationships

The following info is written in a diary. The front of the diary reads "Naomi Reel - Do not look." Inside would have pages of peoples names, some people getting multiple pages of info on them and time she spend with them. The hand writing would be in French Cursive, making quite hard to read even to a Frenchie.




--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--


--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--

Amanda Winters - Amanda has been very kind and sweet to me when I first arrived. Leaving and coming back, she hugged me and took care of me even when I rejected the care. Now she's having a hard time and I hope I can repay the debt of kindness you showed me. Wish you'd talk to me more, I wanna help. Got married to Reacher, surprised but congrats.

Atichar Saiphan - Another Engineer, I do not know him too well but he's pretty nice guys. Should talk to him more to be honest, but knowing myself, probably be a while. 

Hecle Phan: Pretty good Engineer, helped take care of me when I fell ill and cared about me when I wasn't myself. Very friendly and nice, not the smartest though, but what can you do? Good friend I like to think.



Ashley O'dweyr - I think she's Scottish, quite nice lass. I like her, I think we are friends? Nice to be around, played a little charades when she couldn't talk. All around enjoyable woman to be with. I at least consider her a friend.


--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--


--[[Federation Marauders]]--

Katsuki Ito - She seems to be a nice person to be with. She is with Nejem which is pretty cool. She also has a peg-leg as a substitute leg, which looks awesome as hell. We've talked a little and she speaks French, making her 100 times more awesome. I know what she's planning for Nejem, I'm sure everything will be great for those two! I hope to talk to you and hang out with you more.

Something happened on the station, I don't know exactly what but it was bad; was too busy dying. When I woke up, you were an entire new person and not in a good way... You were devoid of life and... Just please... I want you back to my favorite Frenchie to talk to. Please come back Ito.

You are mostly back to normal, going through rough times but we spent some time together, talked and had tea. Talked your problems out and you seem much more relaxed. You are honestly one of my closer friends and I am happy to know you. I'd do anything for you and always available to help you out when needed.

Drivas Ajax: An amazing marauder, I enjoy my time with you and you are a great person to hang out with. You seem happy with your fleetie girl, good for you, I am happy you have someone you enjoy being with. Just remember to not leave your friends in the dust. I consider you like a brother.



--[[Federation Fleet]]--

Amanda Whitfield - Ah Whitty... My very first love. Had my head over heels for you... I enjoy your company, every moment I spent with you has been a blast. I'm sorry for leaving like I did but when I came back, you were more than accepting. You were someone in my life that I needed to hold on to. To be honest, I was disappointed but also happy to hear you were married, that boy is lucky to have you. Now that you are going through problem, I am here for you, you are more than just a friend to me. I hold you in a special place in my heart, right next to her.

I screwed up... I was in a haze but I... I still feel the pain. Please... Don't be mad at me... I know what I did wasn't good, don't leave me.

Roskana Nejem - I honestly had my doubts about her at first, hearing a few things from others. Once we spent sometime together, talking and working together, she actually really seems to be an enjoyable person. She's nice, sweet and pretty and we talk about our girls when we can. She had me help make a special item for Ito, it was so cute and sweet I practically died. I am glad to know you and I personally consider you as a friend!

I know it meant nothing, I wouldn't have thought otherwise... but your words... You don't always have to say what comes to mind.

You apologized... Thank you... You might not know it but it means a lot.


--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--





--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--




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