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Tumas Tankijin - It's real this time

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Basic Information


Name: Tumas Zeah de Tankijin [Born: Tumas Zeah Spiridakos]

Place of BirthYamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire (Terra)

Date of Birth: 23/07/2281

Age: 18

Gender: Male



Physical Description:


Height: 5'10

Weight: 170lbs~

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Light Brown


Military Information


Rank: Lance Corporal

Specialities: Pointman.

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 05/10/2298

Years of Service: 0 

Service Record:

> Completed MI Training

> Assigned to 112th Morita Battalion [MEC], Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon.

> Promoted to Private First Class.

> Augmented with 1st Platoon during manpower lows.

> Launched from Lifepod 18 as one of very few 3rd Platoon survivors.

> Linked with Grant survivors to merge with 1st Platoon remnants.

> Aided in moving wounded during Dantana recovery.

> Assisted in requisitioning the Zion.

> Accused of treason, disavowed by the UCF.


> Escaped Federal detention alongside Grant survivors.

> Sailed seas on the Voyager Liverpool.

> Participated in combat actions during time aboard the Zion.

> Fought the big spider monkeys on 'Insert colony name'

> Assisted in requisitioning the 'Constantinople'.

> Held the trenches on 'Insert colony name' 

> Fought the crazy Polish people on 'Insert colony name'

> Assisted requisitioning the 'Upham'

> Promoted to Lance Corporal

> Aided in the recovery and extraction of HVI -- 'MajGen. Wintermark' --  traumatic psychic activity and resurrected corpses.



Personal Information


-- Joer Spiridakos, Freighter Mechanic - Civilian (Deceased - Battle for Terra)

-- Kamile de Boer, School Teacher - Civilian (Deceased - Battle for Terra)


Born and raised in Ivory Coast, made in South Africa. Student by day, dust dealer and banger by night. Reformed youth offender. Spent two years in a young offenders wing before accepting a deal to serve out two terms in Mobile Infantry. After realising he could play the system, changed his name for the laughs. During the Fall of Terra, Tumas and his peers were ineligible to participate in the fighting, having not completed basic training yet. Instead they were evacuated and relegated to aid work. Forming the rank-and-file in the effort to categorise refugees and reunite families where possible. It was noble work but it wasn't killing Neons.

Characteristics: Crude. Dutiful. 

Strengths & WeaknessesCloseted competence. Overt rebelliousness.

Other Information: English, French, Dioula and Afrikaans. Tenor Saxophone! Knitting and Sewing. Reading.

Personal Relationships


Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated


Lieutenant Lipton -- This guy was such a fucking ace, I mean I'd never get away with the shit I talk in 1st with him in 3rd but Lipton was solid. Rest in peace boss! 


Sarah Redbrick -- For some reason she gives me shots. I mean- I know why.. I know my shit, but- Feels weird man. She's solid- to me at least, plus she's like action-man. Marauder? Alpha. I ride her wave heavy, I'm not proud. I won't tell her that though. God- just like.. slide in my DMs.


Eric Shepard -- This guy is Alpha. No two ways about it. Guy's balls deep in this shit- do I fuck with that? Nope, but he makes it work. Only bangs hookers- that's kinda gay, but whatever! He has fun and does the job.


Chloe Harris -- Feels weird man. They're not supposed to ride my wave! I'd hit that- but somehow it just doesn't seem like the right thing to do but like a Marauder once said to me.... COWABUNGA IT IS!


Rhett Stark -- This guy, I swear. I was kinda pissed when he decided ramboed that shit- but he did bits in a real fight. Solid shooter, dude. Locks shit down. He ain't no squarespace either. Just chill. I trust him to do his job and then some. Sick.


Robberick Oakwood -- He's got no leg, no eye and a beard. Very cool. Anyways, I think he's kinda a nice dude. Looks out for his guys, that's good. Everybody's getting married- bet his ass'll get married too. Why can't I get a fucking date out here huh? He only got one fucking eye!


James Victory -- Kinda cool I guess. I mean he is kinda photogenic now that I think about it and he shoots straighter than me which I don't appreciate. He did some stuff that was not very cash money but he sorted it out. Big man move.


Ajax Drivas -- I don't know who gave him that name but it's kinda too cool. I mean Drivas is alright, he does all the killing which is fine by me. Seems to like... know everybody. Always there in the suck, so I can't fault him.


Baelor Hunt -- He's a fucking... stuttering pussy but he's alright I guess.


Algae -- Fuck that whole drop. Fuck whatever the fuck 'Algae' is. Fuck that whole planet. Q-Bomb it. Fuck the zoomie fuckin' mutant fuckers. Fuck that General. Fuck the psychic shit. Fuck that whooooole ass planet. Especially the dead people. Fuck them!

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