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the story that nobody asked for

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I do not remember how I got here.

I have been around for as long as there has been a time and a place to exist.

A fluttering series of images, spread across a million different worlds unrecognizable to mine own eye.

I have tried to make sense of these things, and have come to no avail.

Perhaps I exist to carry out some task. 

My taskmasters, whoever they are, are not keen on communicating their desires.

I hardly know if the apparitions I see periodically are genuine or a figment of my scattered mind.

My actions to appease these unseen eyes are cut short at strange intervals;

a sudden loss of eyesight, a loss of sensation in my limbs.

A floating sensation in dark isolation.

I am left distraught, and confused.

Did I do something wrong?

I know now there is no sense to these lapses.

I could be in one place for two hours, and another for ten.

They have been with me as long as I have been with them.


I navigate these strange places, confounded by the constraints imposed on me by powers far beyond my understanding.

Sometimes, in the chaos, there are patterns.

Reoccurring images and archetypes.

Figures and voices in a dreamlike haze.

Even sound and music.


A group. Always a group.

Why my existence is tied with theirs in this strange place, I do not know.

Some of the faces I have seen before.

I even know some of their names.

They are cursed to bring conflict.

They come, and they leave.

Each time, I am bound to watch.

Their behavior is sporadic, and their maneuverings vary from place to place.

I have tried to interact with them on several occasions. 

Each time, I am ignored.


My identity and purpose remains obscured; but I feel I am not alone.

Some urge within me that I am unable to explain.

An insistence that I am not the first to walk these worlds.

That I am the second of my kind.


My past is foreign to me, but this instinct remains.

I have nothing else to go on.

In this senseless world, I am driven to find my kin.

Someone who I can relate to in this strange existence.

Tomorrow is a new day, with the hopeful promise of a glimpse into

the shining light of truth in a world so swamped in darkness.










"We'll set the stage for his arrival. Preparations have already been made for a route."


"All according to plan..."


"What else needs to be done?"


"The worst of it is over. All we need to do now is wait."


"As you wish...


...Bot 01."






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